Best. Breakup. Ever.

Taylor Swift will betray the central song video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” tomorrow night, and formed on the hide look expelled currently by the artist, it looks similar to she won’t be shedding any tears over the theme of which singular any time soon.

In the glance below, we see Taylor and her friends merrymaking it up (including an attendee ready to go similar to a squirrel?), with Swift’s pals in the credentials singing along to the familiar carol whilst they throw shine in the air.

Watch now:

Taylor Swift Video Tease 

Taylor Swift Video Tease

Taylor Swift is a bustling immature woman.

She’s dating (Conor Kennedy), she’s essay songs about other people she’s antiquated (Chord Overstreet?), she’s releasing a code brand brand new manuscript in Oct and she’s additionally the face of a code brand brand new fragrance, “Wonderstruck Enchanted.”

She’s featured in a code brand code brand new ad for it here:

Taylor Swift Fragrance Ad

“I’m wearing this extraordinary robe which I desired as shortly as I put it on,” Swift tells People of the poster. “It’s a classical look, and that’s been my new character obsession. Anything classical and timeless.”

The color intrigue is appropriate, too: Taylor’s subsequent college of music manuscript will be patrician “Red.” But behind to the perfume’s name…

“Wonderstruck is about which impulse when you now feel a tie to someone, but afterwards there’s which feeling of being utterly smitten – fascinated – when you know a small some-more about which someone and still feel which clever connection.”

The incense comes out in Sep and will sell for $49.50-$59.50, with physique unguent accessible for $29.

Taylor Swift might be spending a lot of time with brand brand brand new beloved Conor Kennedy these days, but the thespian isn’t lazy on her low-pitched laurels.

She done it really transparent during a Web discuss this week, during that Swift voiced a brand brand brand new manuscript and additionally debuted a brand brand brand new single: she’s about to explosion behind on to the charts.

As partial of the graduation for “Red,” that comes out on Oct 22, Taylor has expelled a lyrics video in respect of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Check it out now:

Taylor Swify Lyrics Video: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Fans, of course, have been both enjoying the strain and asking questions about it, namely:

Which ex-boyfriend is at the core of a lane whose difference embody “You would censor divided and find a little assent of thoughts with an indie jot down that’s most cooler than mine?”

Our most appropriate guess: Chord Overstreet, who quickly antiquated Swift in 2011 and who left Glee for a duration in sequence to jot down a piece for one person album.

Sound off right away with your take on who Swift is singing about:

This only in: Taylor Swift is really popular.

The ultimate box in point: Swift’s fans (T-Swizzlers?) have valid to be some-more assertive and eager than twenty-five million Little Monsters, as they helped Swift consequence a brand new iTunes record.

She bested Lady Gaga in the process.

Within 50 mins of the recover final night, Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” shot to the tip of the iTunes singles chart, knocking “Born This Way” from the roost as the fastest-selling singular in digital history.

Taylor Swift - "We Are Never Getting Back Together" 

Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

While fans try to establish only which ex-boyfriend Taylor is singing about this time around, the artist rebuilt them final night – during a live Web discuss – for an additional romantic album.

Speaking of October’s “Red,” the luminary previewed:

“All the opposite emotions which have been created about on this manuscript have been all flattering most about the kind of tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relations which I’ve gifted in the final dual years.

“All those emotions – travelling from heated love, heated frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of which – in my mind, all those emotions have been red. You know, there’s zero in between. There’s zero beige about any of those feelings.”

Oh yes. It’s protected to contend things have been removing really critical really fast in between Taylor Swift and her brand new boyfriend, the 18-year old son of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Not prolonged after Swift and Conor Kennedy became an central couple, the thespian introduced the important brood to her relatives in Nashville – and right away she’s creation a move toward his family. A vital one.

As initial reported by People, Taylor has purchased a $4.9 million palace in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, right opposite the travel from Conor’s grandmother, Ethel Kennedy. It has 7 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and the perspective looks similar to this:

Taylor Swift Mansion

The chateau is located on right on a in isolation beach and comes with a guesthouse and a in isolation highway with anniversary security.

Asked by members of the press this month how she’d conflict if Swift essentially tied together Conor, Ethel replied: “We should be so lucky!”

It might be a tad premature, but this is a poignant step in which anticipation essentially apropos a reality.

Following an implausible 2009, Taylor Swift took a little time off.

But the thespian is ready to take the strain universe by charge again, and has voiced sum for her arriving album:

  • It will be patrician “Speak Now.”
  • It will be expelled on Oct 25.

Why which title? Swift answer the subject in a live Web discuss today, revelation fans it “pertains to the manuscript as a concept, and as an complete thesis of the record, some-more than I can even discuss it you.”

A THG Favorite

Taylor combined which she’s been penning singles for the manuscript given “Fearless” came out in 2008.

She said. “Thankfully, in the past dual years I’ve gifted a lot of things which I’ve been failing to write about. A lot of things which I’ve longed for to contend in the impulse which I didn’t… Track by track, any strain is a opposite admission to a opposite person.”

The initial strain off the CD will strike the air wave in mid-August. Titled “Mine,” Swift says it’s about “my bent to run from love. It’s a new tendency. Every e.g. of love in my hold up has finished in goodbye. The strain is about anticipating the difference to that.”

We’re only unhappy which difference didn’t embody Taylor Lautner.

** In alternative arriving manuscript news, David Archuleta has already suggested the expelled date for his subsequent CD.

Great news, Taylor Swift fans:

The recover date for the stretched book of the singer’s pound strike CD, Fearless, has been changed up… from Oct twenty-seven to Oct 26!

In Nov 2008, the strange manuscript debuted at number-one on the Billboard 200. Fearless Platinum Edition, meanwhile, facilities 6 brand new singles from the extravagantly renouned star. The finish lane list is below.

Taylor Swift Album

Swift, of course, has been in the headlines utterly mostly over the final couple of weeks. Kanye West acted similar to a burro in front of her at the MTV Music Awards.

She’s set to host Saturday Night Live on Nov 7; and she competence be dating Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner!

Check out the songs which will be accessible on this CD now:

1. “Jump Then Fall” (NEW!)
2. “Untouchable” (NEW!)
3. “Forever & Always (Piano Version)” (NEW!)
4. “Come In With The Rain” (NEW!)
5. “SuperStar” (NEW!)
6. “The Other Side Of The Door” (NEW!)
7. “Fearless”
8. “Fifteen”
9. “Love Story”
10. “Hey Stephen”
11. “White Horse”
12. “You Belong With Me”
13. “Breathe (Featuring Colbie Caillat)”
14. “Tell Me Why”
15. “You’re Not Sorry”
16. “The Way I Loved You”
17. “Forever & Always”
18. “The Best Day”
19. “Change