Taylor Lautner in GQ: Yummy!

In a brand brand brand new interview, Robert Pattinson joked which he wants a improved physique than Taylor Lautner.

Based on a brand brand brand new print of the latter in GQ, though, it’s no shouting have a difference when we say: mental condition on, Rob! We mean… seriously.

But you can take joy in this, R. Patt: couple of group on the world have a improved physique which Taylor:

GQ Hottie

In the Jul emanate of this magazine, Lautner expresses startle over his climb to celebrity (on the Oscars: “You’re seeking down and you’re articulate to George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio – and they’re listening to you!”), whilst additionally observant not most is opposite divided from the cameras:

“The thing I love is which my home hold up hasn’t changed. I still assistance out with the garbage. I still assistance out with the lawn.”

Since Twilight strike it big, Lautner has sealed on for a garland of brand brand brand new films, such as Abduction. But he says he tries not to get held up in anything but the work itself.

“If I begin thinking, Is this movie going to open? Is this movie going to do well? I’m not focusing on the job. The pursuit is to have a great movie.”

Anyway, we know what you’re thinking: sufficient reading. On with the ogling! Drool over brand brand brand new photos of Taylor in GQ below…

Double Gulp!Biker BoyUnusual TrainingVery Sexy in a Sweater

Hot in BedSo Serious and So SexyHiding While HotCute Cover Pic

Taylor Lautner to Star in Abduction

Taylor Lautner has only been abducted.

Director John Singleton has tapped the teenager to star in the brand new movie Abduction, according to reports. He will fool around a prohibited teenager werewolf with a supportive side.

Just kidding. Taylor will fool around the purpose of a teenager who finds his baby design on a blank persons website and discovers his relatives might not be his genuine parents.

Random? A little. But what follows sounds a lot similar to a Jason Bourne-style thriller – conspiracy, spying and radically using for his life. Now we’re talking!

The Twilight tale star is set to fire Abduction this summer, prior to returning to work with Robsten as the world’s most preferred werewolf in Breaking Dawn.

Taylor L. Pic

Taylor at his Valentine’s Day premiere. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

For most some-more images similar to this one, together with copiousness in that he is wearing fewer articles of clothing, follow the couple to THG’s art studio of Taylor Lautner pictures!

Taylor Lautner is on Team Edward

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

It’s a subject which has widely separated movie fans, and long-time friends, for months on end.

On this weekend’s brand new book of Saturday Night Live, Taylor Lautner got in to the debate… but you’ll never theory the side he took.

Okay, may be you will, formed on the title and this drawn-out tease. Still, it’s value examination the video next in sequence to see a really opposite side of this Twilight Saga star.

SNL Skit

Fans should additionally check out Lautner’s SNL digression now!