Following a array of scripted inebriated outbursts, Scott Disick has entered therapy.

In his try to strike a conflict with piece abuse, the douchebag baby father of small Mason Dash is right away reception await from an doubtful source: Kris Jenner.

Said Scott’s many outspoken censor (while, of course, you do broadside for deteriorate 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians): “I think which Scott has unequivocally come a prolonged way. My main regard is for my daughter Kourtney and my grandson Mason, and I think Scott had a little issues he was unequivocally grappling with and has come around.”

Jenner even told E! News which Disick is a “really great dad.” What’s next, will Levi Johnston have up with Bristol Palin? (Probably.)

Kris Jenner PictureScotty D

Chimed in Kim Kardashian, per her mother’s brand brand new viewpoint:

“I give her a lot of credit. It contingency be tough to watch the show [Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami] back. They’ve dealt with this months ago and have had time to heal, and afterwards you have to see it again and attend to everyone’s comments over and over again.”

We can at slightest determine with Kim on one thing: it’s VERY tough to watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Meanwhile, the brand brand new trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians teases a probable move to New York for Scott and Kourtney. Does this essentially take place?

“I’m not sure… you know as most as I do about which right now,” Kris said, causing THG to reply with:

LIAR! Episodes were filmed months ago! We’re flattering certain you do know where your daughter is vital these days. Man, this family sucks.

Scott Disick is still a douchebag.

But reports right away prove he’s a solemn douchebag.

Following his generally crazed, inebriated actions on Sunday’s part of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, sources contend Scott has had a “wake-up call” and entered therapy.

“Scott satisfied which Kourtney could club him from saying Mason if he kept drinking. That’s what in conclusion led him to get help,” the insider tells Life & Style.

Entertaining Couple

Another source gets some-more specific to E! News and adds: “Scott perceived outpatient rehab diagnosis and conversing for ethanol make use of and mental issues after his Miami outburst. He’s still being treated.”

This would be great, enlivening news… if we believed a singular word about this family was not constructed by a group of publicists.

In a brand new talk with Ryan Seacrest, Scott Disick admits he “has issues.”

Hollywood’s greatest douche afterwards went out and valid which yesterday, removing in to a brawl with a nearby resident since she criticized his parking job.

Multiple sources endorse which Disick stood to one side Kourtney Kardashian outward their home and screamed at the lady subsequent door:

“Look at you! You know I have to sell my residence cheaper since of you! You’re disgusting, I would kill myself if I looked similar to you… you whale!”

Hmmm… is it as well late to someway have Scott demeanour similar to her?

Quite a Douche

Despite Kourtney’s most appropriate efforts to ease her pitiable male down, cops were called to the scene. But no arrests were done or even citations handed out.

In the talk below, Disick follows the book since to him by being show writers and opens up to Seacrest. Do you buy a word he says in it?

Scott Disick Interview