As formerly reported, Robert Pattinson wants to sell the home he common with Kristen Stewart.

Because it reminds him as well most about his unfaithful ex? Partly. But additionally since Robert is “thinking prolonged and tough about returning to London,” an insider tells Radar.

Robert Pattinson Strutting

Pattinson “never fell in love with Los Angeles,” the source adds, and was essentially reminded of how most he loves England when he visited Stewart there during her filming of Snow White and the Huntsman. Ironic, we know.

“Despite creation friends in America, Robert longs only to have a pint with the friends he grew up with in a internal west London pub. He’s only a unchanging guy,” reports Radar. “He misses [his family] really most and they’ve pronounced they’d acquire him behind with open arms.”

Well… d’uh! Why wouldn’t they?

While he determines where to go next, at slightest Pattinson competence have an additional regretful choice to consider. Sources contend Rihanna has been texting the star!

It’s official: Robert Pattinson is the anti-Kim Kardashian.

Sitting for his initial live talk given the Kristen Stewart liaison broke, the actress told George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning America currently which he stays in isolation since “I’ve never been meddlesome in perplexing to sell my personal life,” adding:

“You get in to [this business] to do movies. That’s the usually approach to do it.”

Robert Pattinson on GMA

Will he ever regulate to the stupidity which accompanies his each coming and utterance? Pattinson hopes not.

“If you begin removing used to [the attention], it equates to you’re going crazy. It’s nice. It’s similar to being on the craziest thesis play ground ride. It’s sparkling but in the future you have to have a break.”

As he did in his sit-down with Jon Stewart, Robert refused to insult Stewart in any way. Her name never even came up. But the Twilight Saga star did have a summary for his supporters.

First: “They appear flattering vehement about kinda whatever. I live for them.”

Second, in courtesy to his the one preferred cereal: “I’d similar to my fans to know which Cinnamon Toast Crunch usually has thirty calories a bowl.”

We will post video of this talk as shortly as we have been able. In the meantime, we do have video of Pattinson vocalization to HLN and labeling new rumors about him as “weird.”

UPDATE: And here is the full interview!

Robert Pattinson Good Morning America Interview 

Robert Pattinson Good Morning America Interview

Apparently all it took to put a big grin on the face of Robert Pattinson was a outing to The Big Apple.

As formerly reported, the actress Robert Pattinson laughed by an coming on The Daily Show final night. He even ate a little ice thickk cream with host Jon Stewart.

He afterwards attended the red runner premiere of Cosmopolis.

Today, meanwhile, Pattinson rang the opening bell of the New York City Stock Exchange to one side executive David Cronenberg. Watch them do so here:

Robert Pattinson at New York Stock Exchange 

Robert Pattinson at New York Stock Exchange

What is Pattinson’s state of thoughts these days? He might be great on the inside, but witnesses at the Cosmopolis afterparty final night pronounced Rob “looked happy.”

“He was accessible and spoke to everybody which pronounced hello,” an insider tells Us Weekly, adding which Pattinson drank a bit and smoked electric cigarettes on the rooftop club of Dream Downtown. “There was no speak of Kristen. He was smiling and shouting a lot.”

Sorry, Today Show. But we have a feeling Good Morning America will kick you in the ratings once again subsequent week. At slightest on Aug 15.

Robert Pattinson has requisitioned his initial talk given Kristen Stewart reliable to the universe which she deceived on him progressing this year with executive Rupert Sanders. He’ll lay down with the CBS module subsequent Wednesday in graduation of the movie Cosmopolis.

R. Patt Photograph

It seems rarely doubtful which the actress will be asked any questions about his personal life, but the talk will be conducted live and it might be as well formidable to the show to conflict throwing a little Stewart-related subject Rob’s way.

We’ll positively be tuning in to find out.

Sources contend Pattinson was out at a club in California Friday night, seeking solemn and often in great spirits. However, an insider tells Us Weekly which “Rob’s a sum mess, perplexing to figure out because Kristen did this.”

Will we get any discernment at all in to his mental state subsequent Wednesday? Or will be in full-on movie graduation mode? Viewers around the nation have been already counting down the seconds until we can see for ourselves.

It looks similar to Robert Pattinson has Kristen Stewart kick in at slightest one regard: the actress many expected showered on Friday.

Amidst reports which Stewart is an careless mess, sources contend which Pattinson essentially done a open coming over the weekend, interlude by The Deer Lodge in Ojai, California on Friday night with a couple of friends.

Smirk from Robert Pattinson

An worker of the cowboy-themed investiture confirms which he listened the same, revelation Radar Online which he was not operative which evening, but “several people” sensitive him “Pattinson was here enjoying the music” and seemed to be in “good spirits.”

The club is located about 90 mins from the home Rob and Kristen common in Los Angeles and would have clarity as a locality for Rob to visit at the moment, deliberation he’s rumored to be residing in Reese Witherspoon’s eighth month home. It’s situated in Ojai.

An unnamed enthusiast additionally reliable the large sighting, Tweeting afterward:

“Awesome night in Ojai. Got to cling to with a unruly garland of Brits & one of them happened to be Edward… He wasn’t moping and the girls were really only his friend… I stood subsequent to them at the bar. He wasn’t drunk. Just receiving in the scene. Smoked subsequent to him outside.”

The countdown, meanwhile, is on for Pattinson initial central open appearance: it will take place Aug thirteen in NYC at the premiere of Cosmopolis.

We already know how he looks as a vampire, but what about as a seducer in Paris?

In Bel Ami, scheduled for a 2011 release, Robert Pattinson plays publisher Georges Duroy, who sleeps his approach to the tip of France.

One of the women he conquers is played by Uma Thurman, and you can watch Pattinson work his charms on her HERE.

You can additionally check out the actress in this brand new purpose below. He might not flicker in sunlight, but he looks damn great in a 3 square suit, doesn’t he?

Bel Ami Still

They might skirt really differently, but Lady GaGa and Robert Pattinson have something in common:

Each has been immortalized as a comic book hero.

Bluewater Productions has come out with a preview of the brand brand new line, Fame. The initial monthly payment featured GaGa, whilst the ultimate will concentration on the world’s many renouned feign vampire.

This 32-page novel doesn’t comes out until May, but as the Web’s inaugural source for Twilight Saga headlines and gossip, THG has an early demeanour at R. Patt in this brand brand new form:

Comic Book Rob

The emanate delves in to the celebrity’s music, displaying and movie roles. Said writer Kim Sherman:

“I chose to conceptualize A-lister Robert Pattinson from a singular perspective, immersing the reader in to the hold up of the gifted actress over his many important role.”

Will you buy this comic book when it comes out? Or have been we inching dangerously tighten to overexposure for the large star?

Don’t do it, Robert Pattinson!

You have so most going for you: the hair; the pleasing girlfriend; the adoring air blower base; the successful movie franchise.

We plead you not to press your fitness and try what so most alternative actors have unsuccessful at: the college of music album. In a brand new talk with Austrailia’s The Daily Telegraph, Pattinson hints which a CD might be on the way.

“I’m not quite meddlesome in releasing it, but I’d similar to to do a little gigs,” he said. “I theory the usually approach to do which is to get an manuscript out.”

Would you squeeze this CD?

For Vanity Fair

Among alternative topics overwhelmed on in the interview: Pattinson’s relatives and his levels of fame. Here have been a couple of excerpts:

On his parents: “They’re regularly observant I should be unequivocally unapproachable of myself, but I say, ‘It’s luck, all is only luck.'”

On his originality with the Twilight Saga: “I didn’t know any one who’d review the book prior to the movie came out. I was utterly undeveloped of the total Twilight thing.”

On luminary report photographers: “The paparazzi vigour (is hard) since you have a garland of people who wish to see you do something stupid. Sometimes when you’ve finished a 16-hour day, you only wish to go and have dinner, but they’re watchful for you to have an simpleton of yourself. It takes the fee eventually.”

As Twilight fans know well, it’s a swoon-worthy steer to see Robert Pattinson on the big screen.

Now, tighten your eyes… and suppose him in your vital room!

When asked at the Emmy Awards this week if Saturday Night Live would ever wish the British star to host an episode, conduct bard Seth Meyers replied with the unrestrained of a 16-year old girl.

“Yes, absolutely. We would love to get Robert Pattinson,” he said. “We’re essentially anticipating if [Rob’s] not available, at slightest his hair will come by and host.”


Added SNL star Kristen Wiig, per Robert: “Oh yeah, he’d be great!”

Here’s what you nee to do, readers: have your voice heard! Make it well known which you wish Robert Pattinson to host Saturday Night Live. Leave a criticism (or dual dozen) on the site and let’s get the word out to Rob and his handlers.

After all, if the iconic module can prove group everywhere by employing Megan Fox as the deteriorate premiere host, doesn’t it owe the ladies Pattinson in return?

Robert Pattinson Has Gone Global

Bad news, American teenagers:

You have foe around the creation for Robert Pattinson.

In only a integrate years time, the actress has left from a pointless repeated impression in the Harry Potter array to an A-list star which anchors the many renouned movie authorization on the planet.

He was featured progressing this week in Premiere, a French publication, vocalization on his “Zen” perspective towards fame.

Now, he’s the cover by for a Belgian magazine. We’ love to discuss it you what it’s called, or what the title reads, but it’s formidable sufficient for the staff to assimilate Britney Spears’ speak. Please do not ask us to appreciate an additional language.

Just stare flirtatiously divided at Pattinson similar to common and equate down the days until New Moon hits theaters…

Big in Bulgaria