Miley Cyrus had something a lot some-more dire to be concerned about final night than critique of her brand new hair.

Law coercion sources endorse to TMZ which a male with scissors in palm was arrested in the singer’s skill after he jumped over her blockade and pronounced he longed for to encounter the 19-year old.

Miley Cyrus New Hair Pic

According to reports, military responded to a 911 call early Saturday sunrise and arrived to find a male on the premises declared Jason Luis Rivera. He was arrested for trespassing.

Miley did not place the call and was not even at home when the situation occurred. Rivera was taken in to control and it’s misleading at the impulse if he stays there.

Cyrus, of course, has been in the headlines for fashion-related reasons this week. Did you see her demeanour at the MTV Video Music Awards? What do you think of it?

Miley Cyrus continues to mount up for her code brand brand new haircut.

Despite a unreasonable of critique over the really short blonde locks, the thespian is unapproachable of her code brand brand brand new look. She without delay addressed the critics in a integrate Twitter posts yesterday, and right away she’s published a code brand brand new self-portrait along with a couple of moving words.

Short Miley Cyrus Haircut

“Self love is the biggest of all flatterers,” Cyrus wrote underneath this headshot, that includes an up-close demeanour at her nose ring and dim red lips.

She after added: “Energy flows where the goal goes . . . Create your day.” And afterwards she published nonetheless another print of herself, this one a full physique shot. Click on it right away to increase and afterwards opinion in the poll:

Miley Cyrus, New Look


Miley Cyrus has undergone an impassioned makeover, and she’s perceived a little impassioned recoil in response.

Not prolonged after the thespian debuted a in essence short haircut on Twitter, fans and celebrities comparison common their perspective on the light locks, most of them negative.

Tyler the Creator, for example, Tweeted to Miley “Your coiffeur is an a**hole.” He after deleted the message.

Miley Cyrus Hair

But Miley is receiving the critique really most in stride, essay this afternoon.

“My father Billy Ray Cyrus used to discuss it me, ‘opinions have been have been similar to a**holes –everybody has one.’ LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free.”

We’re essentially on Miley’s side on this one. All the way. Way to mount tall and unapproachable of who you are!

As for any one who can’t keep his/her opinions to themselves? Cyrus is progressing a singular greeting to these haters of her hair: “Giving face all day.”

We’re not certain what which means. But what do you think of Miley’s brand new ‘do?

Following weeks of teasing, we no longer need to ask about The Big Bang.

What is it? It’s a singular from Rock Mafia, the strain video for which facilities Miley Cyrus removing erotic with actress Kevin Zegers… set opposite a car crash.

“Rock Mafia is my family and there’s zero which equates to some-more than formulating with them,” Miley said. “The video is singular and, honestly, was a hold up becoming different experience. This strain equates to a lot to me.”

Check it out next and carillon in: What do you think?

The Big Bang Video

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus told us which she isn’t perplexing to skirt “slutty” and which she wants people to buy her manuscript “because of my music.”

Okay then. Let’s take Miley up on this premise.

The subsequent singular she’ll recover off “Can’t Be Tamed” is patrician “Liberty Walk” and it encourages listeners to “say goodbye to the people which scored equally you up.”

Its target is to be an moving anthem, revelation people “all which unequivocally counts have been the stairs you take.” Listen next and afterwards receptive to advice off…

Liberty Walk

What do you think of this song?

Miley Cyrus: I Am Not a Slut!

Miley Cyrus competence be bad at singing, but she’s great at listening.

And the immature star is sleepy of all the debate surrounding her brand new image. She told The Associated Press today:

“I’m not perplexing to be slutty. I’m not perplexing to be, like, go to the bar and get a garland of guys. What I’m perplexing to do is have a indicate with my jot down and demeanour consistent, in the approach my jot down sounds and the approach I dress.”

Okay… and which indicate would be what, exactly? In “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley sings which she’s “hot similar to that” and “every man everywhere only gives me insane attention.”

As vicious as THG is of Cyrus, we essentially never have make use of of difference such as “slut,” “skank,” “whore” or alternative nouns practical to her opposite the Web. But what indicate is she perplexing to have with those lyrics and these outfits?

The allude to on top of might receptive to advice smart to some, but it doesn’t essentially say anything.

Exposing Skin

Cyrus one after another to urge her provocative function and attire, adding:

“I’m unequivocally gentle with my body, I work unequivocally tough to be fit and to know which I can wear whatever creates me many comfortable.

“I feel some-more gentle sauce with a small less, which is only how I’ve regularly been… Now I’m means to do which a small some-more openly and, also, I’ve only grown up to be this approach too. It’s not similar to this was me 5 years ago. It’s me now, presently.”

In conclusion, Miley says she is not perplexing to have make use of of sex to sell albums. That’s not her “schtick.”

“I wish people to buy my jot down since of my music.”

If that’s the case, Miles, put on a small pants, grab a guitar and only sing. You’re obviously courting this controversy, so do not bemoan about. Prove to us you’re a critical artist and not a unsatisfactory hack.

Over the past integrate weeks, THG has been harsher than common when it comes to Miley Cyrus. We’ve referred to her scantily-clad European performances as pitiable and desperate.

To their credit, Miley fans have stranded up for their gal. They’ve argued which she isn’t behaving any otherwise than past artists who have longed for to strech an comparison assembly by shedding their wardrobe or harsh with girls.

So, since has THG singled out Cyrus in such a manner? Simply put: because she’s squandered an event to be a opposite kind of purpose indication to immature women around the world.

The second we met Britney Spears as a veteran singer, she was wearing a Catholic schoolgirl’s outfit and singing about sex. She done it transparent from day one which she was a provocative artist, one whose miss of constant singing capability meant she’d be relying on raunchy acts to sojourn relevant.

It’s identical for Lady GaGa. She’s plainly certified which she was a floundering artist until she came up with a singular name and look.

Miley Performance

But Miley is different. Thanks to Hannah Montana, she already has an determined air blower bottom of millions. Unlike Britney and GaGa, there’s no need for Cyrus to startle and flash in sequence to have headlines and sell albums.

That’s what creates this mutation so disappointing. This is a Nashville proprietor which says she hates cocktail music. She had an event to sing the kind of songs she essentially likes, receiving her intensely constant supporters along for the ride. They’ll follow her anywhere, so since not take them down an original, beautiful path, as against to this lame, surplus schtick?

In Billboard, Miley says she’s “grown up a lot,” but wouldn’t which have been the grown-up thing to do? To have branched out and essentially been her own woman, rebellious the kind of singles she claims to hold in?

Instead, Miley Cyrus has turn usually an additional generic, booty-shaking, scantily-clad, same-sex kissing act.

Miley’s fans urge her by observant to “leave her alone” since she’s “only 17.” But do these people even attend to the artist herself?

Cyrus has left to good lengths to speak about her majority and how surpassing her song is. She even refers to it as art.

Putting in reserve how incredibly pretentious she mostly sounds when she creates these statements, Miley obviously has a summary when giving interviews and (especially) when wearing sure outfits: I’m not usually 17!

It’s viewable which Miley would be some-more annoyed than any one when compared to an normal teenager. She sees herself as A LOT some-more than that.

Limo Riding

In the seductiveness of full disclosure, I have a small sister and I was anticipating to see Miley as a lot some-more than that, too. My sister grew up worshiping Hannah Montana. Her room is still ornate with Miley posters.

So, what only am I ostensible to discuss it her when she asks since Cyrus “got to initial base” with an additional dancer final week? Should I lay my sister down and insist it was all usually a selling ploy, and, see, Miley didn’t essentially lick the lady since which technicality gave her the possibility to burst online and ride her nose at those which dared to credit her of such an act?

It’s joyless which I need to even cruise this question. When creation her career transformation, Miley had a choice: Be similar to Taylor Swift or be similar to Britney. She chose the latter and that’s where my beating stems from.

I have a feeling most Miley defenders might even stick on me in the nearby future. After all, demeanour where Britney is now. If that’s Miley in a couple of years, I’ll try my hardest not to contend “I told you so.”

In a Billboard cover story, Miley Cyrus sounds both grown up and cocky.

First, she admits which she’s come a prolonged approach given she auditioned for Hannah Montana at the age of 12:

“I’m only at a sure place where I’ve altered a lot as a person. I’ve grown up a lot, which everybody does.”

From Billboard

That’s positively true, but not everybody talks about her song as if it’s full of heart, essence and surpassing definition which simply can’t be found in the cocktail world. Check out how Cyrus describes her arriving album:

“I attend to 0 cocktail music, which is unequivocally uncanny for someone who creates cocktail music. My 13-year-old self would have knocked about up my 17-year-old self since she would be like, ‘You’re a sellout!’ But that’s not what it is.

“It’s not dance song that’s only about, ‘Ooh, I’m in the bar and everyone’s seeking at me.’ It equates to something. I’m not only sitting here perplexing to sell glitz and glamour… since no one lives which life. A lot of [pop] songs have been super shallow, but this song isn’t.”

Actually, Miles, your song is EXACTLY similar to that. The lyrics to “Can’t Be Tamed” embody these lines: Have to get my way/24 hours a day/‘Cause I’m prohibited similar to that/Every man everywhere only gives me insane attention…

That’s some-more super shoal than many kiddie pools.

Covering Billboard

Miley Cyrus has attempted to advise people: she can’t be tamed!

According to a brand new report, this was never truer than at a hang celebration final year for The Last Song. Radar Online states the singer gave writer Adam Shankman a trail dance at the eventuality – and a fasten of the opening is now on the market!

“The video was taken about 7 months ago,” a source says. “The misfortune partial is which there were small kids at the celebration and the dancing in between Miley and Adam was so unwashed which a small of the relatives essentially left the celebration and took their kids home.”

Not Billy Ray Cyrus, we presume. He substantially desired his daughter’s unwashed work.

The New MileyAdam Shankman

Those which have witnessed the video have relayed the contents:

  • Shankman is allegedly on the dance building with a splash in hand, harsh opposite Miley’s back end.
  • She reciprocates the move.
  • Soon, Cyrus turns around to face the writer and unbuttons the tip covering of her shirt, fooling around Shankman and those around her.
  • In a apart scene, Miley is giving Shankman a trail dance whilst young kids underneath the age of 10 lay only a couple of feet away.

When photos of this relocating and jolt appeared on Twitter in late 2009, Shankman (who is gay) shielded Cyrus and wrote:

“Miley is a honeyed angel who functions tirelessly and endlessly, and is authorised to have fun in the have up room! Lighten up or no some-more at the back of the scenes pics! She’s my small angel sister.”

Others, however, fright which Cyrus won’t be really radiant for most longer.

“[She’s] streamer down the same trail as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears,” an insider said, scornful Miley in flattering most the misfortune approach possible.

We’ll have some-more on this video as headlines breaks and unknown sources exhibit some-more sum about it.

She’s ragged harlot boots and danced on a stripper poll, all whilst starring as Hannah Montana and behaving similar to an trusting Disney creation.

But Miley Cyrus has strictly changed on to the subsequent theatre of her career. Just call her Britney Spears 2.0 now.

The much-hyped strain video for Miley’s “Can’t Be Tamed” has been expelled online, and we assimilate because sources warned us awhile ago which it would “blow the minds.”

Relly Can

As seen below, Cyrus dons a $25,000 corset. She’s additionally surrounded by scantily-clad enclosure dancers, whilst ready to go similar to a peacock and sitting in a hulk nest. Seriously.

Said Miley about the risque video: “The video isn’t about being voluptuous or about who can wear reduction clothes. It’s about explaining the strain and vital the lyrics.”

That’s fine, solely the lyrics include: Every man everywhere only gives me insane attention/Like I’m underneath inspection/ I regularly get the 10s/‘Cause I’m built similar to that. So do not try to fake the video isn’t about sex, Miles.

Check it out and afterwards import in with your thoughts:

Can’t Be Tamed

What’s the take?

While THG has mostly been vicious of Miley for promulgation a bad summary to her immature air blower base, we’re essentially excellent with this transformation. We simply take emanate with artists which action provocatively one moment, and afterwards fool around genuine the subsequent moment. Don’t be a hypocrite.

In this case, Cyrus is obviously have a preference to strech a opposite audience. More energy to her. Now relatives know what arrange of picture she’s promulgation out and can decider either her strain and movies have been suitable for their young kids accordingly.

What do YOU think? Miley’s video is…