It took a last-second idea by Alex Morgan to send the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team in to the Gold Medal matchup opposite Japan, but no such heroics were compulsory to consequence the Yanks a revenge-filled feat today:

Yes, we did! By a measure of 2-1, America took down the group which repelled us in last summer’s World Cup finals.

Soccer Team

Carli Lloyd scored in the eighth and 54th mins of the game, with Yuki Ogimi concealment a shot in the 63rd minute, and the U.S. hold on for the esteem it had been aiming for over the past dual weeks.

An Olympic jot down throng for women’s soccer (80,203) at Wembley Stadium watched Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and association raise on to any alternative when the last alarm sounded, as bars and offices opposite the county pennyless out in to chants and toasts only a couple of moments ago.

Canada, meanwhile, degraded France progressing in the day to consequence the Bronze.

He did it in 2008 in Beijing.

Could Usain Bolt lift off the attainment again in London?

A couple of days after his dictatorial opening in the 100 Meters, Usain Bolt took to the lane again currently and attempted to turn the initial competitor in story to consequence Gold in both the 100 and 200 in back-to-back Olympics. Read on to sense if he had reason to celebrate…

Usain Bolt Pic


Bolt once again blew the margin away, heading a Jamaican brush of the tip 3 spots by finishing in 19.32 seconds. Yohan Blake and Warren Weir took second and third, respectively.

The lightening discerning contestant can right away next to his opening from 4 years ago if he leads his nation to Gold in the 4X100 relay. Do you brave disbelief which he will?

Said Bolt after the race, whilst acknowledging his apply oneself for Michael Johnson: “I’m right away a legend. I’m additionally the biggest contestant to live.”

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings took to the beach volleyball justice in London currently seeking to get ahead a indeed strange feat:

Winning 3 uninterrupted Gold Medals, all whilst superfluous undefeated altogether in Olympic fool around – and usually dropping a singular set over the march of 3 Games.

Did the twin finish this goal? They took on the group of Jennifer Kessy and Apr Ross in the finals, definition the lectern would be filled with Stars and Stripes in any case of the outcome.

Stop celebration of the mass right away if you instruct to watch which result reveal for yourself on NBC tonight…

America vs. America

They did it! Treanor and Jennings won the Gold with a 21-15, 21-16 feat which cements their fable as dual of the biggest Olympians of all-time.

We could have chanted even if they lost, but it feels generally suitable with such considerable winners on the side: U-S-A! U-S-A!

American fans might still be celebrating Alex Morgan’s game-winning goal, which sent the United States in to a Gold Medal showdown with Japan on Thursday.

But Christine Sinclair, who netted a shawl pretence for Canada in this semifinal soccer matchup, has a really opposite greeting to the outcome. She feels screwed by the referees.

Canadian Star

“We’re unhappy and upset. We felt which the arbitrate took it divided from us,” the Canadian captain tells the AFP. “We feel similar to we didn’t lose, we feel similar to it was taken from us. It’s a contrition in a diversion similar to that, which is so important, which the ref motionless the outcome prior to the diversion started.”

Sinclair’s beef stems from dual key penalties called opposite Canada: First, a really surprising time-wasting chastisement was called opposite goalie Erin McLeod. It resulted in a giveaway flog for the U.S., which led to another argumentative call, this one a palm ball.

“In an critical compare it’s a beating which the arbitrate had such an stroke on it. We feel cheated,” Sinclair said.

Canadian manager John Herdman backs up his star, referring to the alarm blows as “bizarre” and adding: “If the United States were honest, they’d know they got lucky.”

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is staid for the rematch the been watchful for given final summer. But it took all this group had to get there.

The Stars and Stripes overcame a shawl pretence by Christine Sinclair and degraded Canada 4-3 this afternoon, with the winning idea entrance off a header by Alex Morgan 3 mins in to damage time.

Earlier in the game, Megan Rapinoe scored in the 54th and 70th minutes, whilst Abby Wambach scored equally the compare in the 80th for the Americans.

Soccer Celebration

Okay, there’s one thing some-more sparkling than Alex Morgan bare pics.

Next up for the considerable squad? A Gold Medal showdown opposite Japan, who repelled the U.S. on chastisement kicks and won the 2011 World Cup.

That compare will take place at 7:45 p.m. internal time in London. United States adults competence have sat down from entertaining by them. Let’s go, team! Bring it on home!