Can’t a man go to the locale tumble collect legal holiday in assent anymore? Yeesh.

You gotta watch the shave next and see the demeanour since by a frightened and entirely confused baby to a contributor perplexing to “interview” it for the internal news.

This is essentially the countenance many of us have when we see reporters …

Reporter Scares Baby 

Reporter Scares Baby

The Mad Men expel has been Rick Rolled. Sort of.

In a waggish brand new video creation the approach around the Web, Jon Hamm and association perform Rick Astley’s 1987 pound “Never Gonna Give You Up” by dancing around and receiving turns uttering difference which supplement up to the lyrics of this classical tune.

It’s a fun technique we’ve seen most times before, together with with Barack Obama and Justin Bieber.

Watch and suffer now:

Mad Men Cast - "Never Gonna Give You Up" 

Mad Men Cast – “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Hermione. Katniss. Lisbeth. Buffy. Bella.

Female cocktail enlightenment icons galore have been movin’ in, kickin’ donkey and takin’ names together in the BAMF Girls Club, a viral travesty of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

What happens when the dear heroines from The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Breaking Dawn and alternative drive-in theatre solve in at a medium home in suburbia?

Find out below:

BAMF Girls Club 

BAMF Girls Club

Highlights embody Buffy perplexing to set Hermione up with her crony Willow, Katniss stealing out in a tree, and ubiquitous dispute over assorted vital habits.

Just wait for for the subsequent part of BAMF Girls Club and requisite references to the Kristen Stewart intrigue scandal. We predict trampire taunts.

Are you white? And seeking to date alternative people who have been additionally white?

Then wow, you’re in luck, since whitesonlydating (dot) com is here! An ad for the feign online attribute site was posted on Reddit progressing currently in all the Caucasian glory.

The many waggish partial – on top of the surprisingly in-depth relapse of the opposite shades of white – is which to a non-white individual, this is substantially what many ads for bona fide dating sites appear similar to … as good as The Bachelor.

Whites Only Dating 

Whites Only Dating

Cutest video of the day? Hands down.

Watch next as dual small 11-month-old identical tiwn girls “sing” and dance along to their dad’s guitar playing. The demeanour they share when he starts is one of uncontrollable joy, and their reply to the song is zero short of adorable.

We plea you not to grin ear-to-ear:

Twin Girls Dance to Guitar 

Twin Girls Dance to Guitar

ATTENTION, GUYS: If your partner is anything similar to this chicky … or this chicky specifically, you might wanna have a run for it. Immediately if not sooner.

Of course, that’s pointless, as she’s on trial to have already trustworthy a GPS tracking device to your car … and presumably sewn one in to your jeans.

Witness insurance module might be your usually hope.

Overly Attached Girlfriend 

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Basically, those funny eyes have been regularly examination you, your friends, your Facebook updates, anything. Hope she’s great in bed, ’cause you’re stranded with her!

Overly Attached Girlfriend debuted dual months ago, Jun 6. But she still deserves a little love here, as a open use proclamation if zero else.

Fellas, and ladies … if your poignant alternative creates which face at you, only throw your phone in the nearest physique of H2O and transport ass. Work out the sum later.

If it wasn’t obvious, she’s spoofing the strike strain “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, but with a little engaging brand new lyrics divulgence her middle clingy psycho.

Overly Attached Girlfriend has additionally turn a renouned Reddit meme.

Getting incited down from a pursuit typically isn’t a lot of fun, but the father of an eight-month-old not long ago found a china backing when he tore up a rejecting letter.

You never know what small kids have been going to giggle at, but who would have guessed simply ripping a piece of paper would outcome in a LOL-tastic experience?

We brave you not to giggle hysterically yourself at this cuteness …

Baby Laughs at Ripping Paper

Happy New Year from The Hollywood Gossip! As the monthly calendar flips over to 2011, we goal which you find your suggestion renewed. Or at slightest slept in.

Did you have any New Year’s resolutions this year? How about ones you devise on gripping for some-more than 48 hours? If so, most appropriate of fitness with that.

We’ve listened what the stars have been anticipating for this year too. Or at slightest what they should. Here have been a small of THG’s luminary New Year’s resolutions:

Twice the Miley

Girl, put on a small garments and put down the camera.

Miley Cyrus: Keep pants on, quotes to a smallest and bongs at home.

Kelsey Grammer: Go twelve months but filing for a divorce.

Kate Middleton: Remain grounded. Register at Target.

Kristen Stewart: Smile in public.

Amber Portwood: Settle an evidence but violence. Try. At slightest once.

Taylor Momsen: Brood silently, skirt similar to a goth, action all “damaged,” spasmodic take off your tip in concert. Actually, stop the final partial until you spin 18.

American Idol fans: Choose a leader which isn’t a white city slicker in his 20s who plays the guitar. Think we can conduct which one of these years?

Kanye West: Stir up a small dispute for once. Make things interesting!

Barack Obama: Gravitate toward the domestic center.


We design an additional ensign year for Charlie.

Charlie Sheen: Make the 29th outing to rehab count.

Spencer Pratt: Keep up the fame-whoring schemes.

Britney Spears: Appear a small reduction robotic.

Brad Womack: Get intent this time. Or else.

Brett Favre: Keep it in your pants.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic: Keep perplexing to conceive. Or adopt.

Crystal Harris: Act similar to you’re in this thing for love.

The Jersey Shore cast: Fist siphon and mangle $h!t.

Mel Gibson: Simmer the f*%k down.

Photo of Levi

MR. MAYOR: If THG had the way, it would happen.

Levi Johnston: Restore mercantile discipline, make firm the manage to buy and mount up for the operative electorate of Wasilla, Alaska; Impregnate Sunny Oglesby.

Kim Kardashian: Become gifted at something. Seriously. Anything.

Mason Dash Disick: File for parental emancipation.

Bruce Jenner: Seriously man. Run far, far away.

Chris Brown: Spend reduction time on Twitter.

Taylor Lautner: Work out more.

Tiger Woods: Reconcile with Rachel Uchitel.

Justin Bieber: Continue to be awesome.

Lindsay Lohan: For the love of G*d, get her $h!t together!

It doesn’t get any some-more pointless and waggish than this.

A slew of definitely pointless celebrities – from David Faustino to the non-Britney Jason Alexander to Alfonso Ribeiro to Tonya Harding – have collected to foster a Norwegian TV show patrician Gylne Tider. That translates to “Good Times.”

Which is just what’s on the setting for all who watch this video.

Let It Be Promo

After over dual decades of traffic with bold airline passengers, Steven Slater eventually mislaid it today.

The JetBlue moody in attendance was aboard a recently-landed craft in New York’s Kennedy Airport when a lady got up betimes to remove her container from the beyond bin. Slater approached the individual, usually to be conked in the had with the container and told to “f-ck off.”

He responded by removing on the intercom and saying: “To the f—ing a–hole who told me to f— off, it’s been a great twenty-eight years. I’ve had it. That’s it.”

Slater afterwards non-stop the puncture hatch, grabbed his dual carry-on bags – and dual beers! – and jumped down the inflatable transport slip to safety. At slightest temporarily.

Steven Slater

According to The New York Daily News, Port Authority military were alerted to the situation and showed up at Slater’s home in Queens, where they found him in bed with his boyfriend. A nearby resident says Slater was smiling as the cops walked him divided in handcuffs.

He’ll be charged with 2nd-and 4th-degree rapist mischief; 1st- and 2nd-degree forward endangerment and rapist tamper in the 3rd degree; and faces up to 7 years in jail.

Sources, and Slater’s own MySpace page, endorse which he’s battled piece abuse. His father additionally not long ago died and he’s been receiving caring of his critically-ill mother. Both relatives worked for the airline industry.

Let’s all goal Steven Slater walks divided from this rumpus a giveaway man. After all, as Phil Catelinet, a newcomer on the flightn pronounced afterwards: “I instruct we could all give up the jobs similar to that.”