Getting Lindsay Lohan to do a cameo in Scary Movie 5 has turn a frightful distress for the film’s producers, who have been jerked around by the actress.

According to Page Six, anyway. As the date for filming approached, Lohan allegedly disappeared, blew off rehearsals and longed for her moody to the set.

She even bizarrely claimed she had on foot pneumonia … whatever which means.

Lindsay Lohan Twit Pic

Page Six claims LiLo “freaked” after saying the book was poking fun at her but did inform for work at the final notation after being in jeopardy with a lawsuit.

“Lindsay longed for each assembly she had for the film, together with book reads and habit meetings,” pronounced a Hollywood insider of the oft-troubled actress.

“Then she longed for her moody to Atlanta on Sunday to fire the movie. The producers were removing signs which she’s a mess, and would not be fit to work.”

Sources contend Lohan longed for to behind out given of the inlet of her role.

“It went flattering tough at Lindsay,” pronounced a source, adding the book facilities a lick with Charlie Sheen, and “she’d been freaking out about it for weeks.”

“She’s been sealed up in her room at the Bowery Hotel. She’s been in a tailspin. Even Charlie Sheen disturbed she competence not be means to do the scene.”

Another source says Lohan pronounced she couldn’t do the movie given she had “walking pneumonia,” and went to a sanatorium Sunday to get her lungs checked.

“She is underneath stipulate – so to get out of it, she had to infer which she was sick,” pronounced a source. “She attempted to infer she has on foot pneumonia.”

A repute for Lohan said, “These stories have been untrue, and she is frankly fulfilling all of her obligations.” Lohan’s rep? Definitely earning his paycheck.

Lindsay Lohan claims she’s been framed (there’s a freaking surprise) in the new thievery she’s suspected of, and points the finger at Andrew Knight.

Andrew is the son of Suge Knight, FYI. Tread carefully, LiLo.

Police contend Lindsay Lohan is a think in the theft, which took place at the intemperate estate of Sam Magid, a great crony of LiLo’s, a week ago Sunday.

See if you can keep up with this bizarre saga:

Lost Looking Lohan

  • Magid told cops Monday which dual of LiLo’s friends, one of whom is Andrew Knight, pronounced she handed them a bag with 2-3 stolen equipment wrapped in a shirt which night. 
  • The group returned those items; others have been still MIA.
  • Magid pronounced Lindsay told him she had dark a little of the alternative equipment around the residence given she was fearful they would be stolen.
  • Lindsay was on Ambien at the time and is misty about what happened, but right away claims Knight is the genuine culprit. Knight denies this. 
  • Magid gave cops Ziploc bags of the returned equipment and pronounced Lindsay contacted him not long ago to say, “I’m sorry. Please urge for me.”

Doesn’t demeanour good, but the rich Magid has dramatically altered his balance ever given military began questioning the thievery and Lohan specifically.

He’s texted Lindsay something to the outcome of, “I strictly told Detective Rodriguez you can’t take anything from me means what’s cave is yours.”

Sam additionally told LiLo which he told cops the culprits were men, and which whatever happens “I will quarrel for you.” Sounds similar to someone’s got a crush.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s ultimate caper?

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Lindsay Lohan is behind in surprisingly informed domain as the budding think in a rapist review … oh how we usually instruct we were kidding.

The uneasy star is rigourously a think in the burglary of $100,000 value of watches and sunglasses from an L.A. home this month, TMZ reports.

LiLo was not long ago at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid, who called the LAPD and reported a valuables burglary the night after an all-night party.

Cute Lindsay Pic

The 26-year-old star has been at the residence frequently, together with at the all-night residence celebration a week ago Sunday when Magid reported the crime.

Lindsay and her partner Gavin Doyle have been both suspects in the theft, with progressing reports suggesting which Lohan might have invited the robbers in.

Now it appears she’s being fingered as the limb herself.

There’s an peculiar twist, though, in which Magid has given recanted his story and right away says zero was stolen. Police aren’t shutting the investigation, however.

Officials hold eccentric witnesses can uphold their idea which Lindsay and Gavin have been the thieves and move charges even but Magid.

It’s not transparent because the rich Magid would shift his story.

LAPD detectives contacted lawyers for Lindsay Lohan and Gavin Doyle today, asking for an talk with the dual suspects; the ask was denied.

Lindsay, of course, is already on trial for a identical offense – her purported valuables heist from a store final year. An detain here would demeanour very, really bad.


Lindsay Lohan is assumingly being indicted of permitting dual dudes who attacked a Hollywood Hills palace to come inside during a residence celebration there.

Police have interviewed Lohan in the thievery review following the break-in Sunday, but she is not a think … at slightest not right this minute.

You never know with Linds.

Lindsay Lohan Sunglasses

The situation occurred at a multi-million dollar mansion. The owners invited LiLo, who had brought her hermit Cody, her partner and dual alternative guys.

The celebration lasted all night, and Lindsay left at around noon Monday, right after the owners satisfied costly watches and sunglasses were missing.

He told everybody to stay and afterwards called the police. When they arrived, he told them that he believed the guys Lohan brought ganked the stuff.

The cops began asking questions of Lindsay, to that she replied, “Am I a suspect?” An military officer answered, “No.” Then Lindsay peaced, TMZ reports.

The box is still underneath investigation.

If the title on top of concerned any alternative celebrity, you’d all be similar to whoa.

When it’s Lindsay Lohan, you hardly even blink. Her relatives contingency be proud.

The uneasy star was interviewed by military Monday per an strong thievery at a Hollywood Hills home, but she insists she had zero to do with it.

Li Lo Pic

Lindsay slept over at the home in subject Sunday after a get together, along with multiform guests. Expensive valuables was reported blank in the morning.

Law coercion sources contend they were called to the home and interviewed everybody inside, together with zero alternative than occasional rapist Lindsay Lohan.

The singer was mild but claimed she had zero to do with any blank valuables and NOT deliberate a suspect. The review is ongoing.

We’ll give her the good of the disbelief in this case, but you have to consternation how one particular ends up in so most situations similar to this to proceed with.


Lindsay Lohan: I’m Rich, B!tch!

Lindsay Lohan might still be a sum mess, but she’s a financially receptive to advice one.

Nearly pennyless from authorised fees and couple of profitable gigs around the time her shoplifting box was eventually resolved, things have incited around for her since.

She’s done scarcely $2 million in the past year and counting!

Lindsay Lohan Driving

December’s Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos alone netted her about $1 million, but their loyal stroke might have been revitalizing seductiveness in the actress.

Between starring as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, filming The Canyons and signing on for Scary Movie 5, she’s promissory note an additional half a million.

In addition, LL guest starred on Glee, is the brand new face of Philipp Plein, endorses Jag Jeans and gets paid big bucks to Tweet for alternative brands.

Bottom line … she’s rich, biatch. Good for her. Now PLEASE, girl, make use of a little of which income to compensate for a freaking motorist rught away if not sooner.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Lindsay Lohan is roughly mislaid in the trifle these days.

With Charlie Sheen hidden all of her publication thunder, the sight mutilate and purported valuables burglar can’t even get any vital PR for an talk on Extra.

The uneasy starlet certified to the luminary headlines module which she’s got a prolonged approach to go prior to reclaiming a mark atop the Hollywood food chain.

Maybe Charlie can entice her to shed up with himself and the goddesses. Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly positively appear similar to welcoming people.

Courtroom Goddess

Lindsay Lohan en track to justice recently. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Currently up on a transgression burglary assign in tie with a $2,500 necklace she’s indicted of lifting, Lindsay says she feels “great” and “happy” these days.

“There’s regularly bumps which we have in the road,” she said. “As prolonged as I’m focusing [on my recovery], I’m you do great and that’s many critical for me.”

Not at grammar, but oh well. Lindsay, whose forgive in the valuables heist box might be advanced by notice footage, only wants to get behind to work.

Asked if there’s any stars she’d similar to to work with, Lohan pronounced she’s in no place to find privileges similar to which right now, but these things will reappear in time.

“I have to set up myself behind up and I get that,” she said, surprisingly maturely. The full talk front tonight … unless Sheen does something crazier.

Who knows if it will convince the D.A., but a notice video at slightest to some extent backs up Lindsay Lohan’s comment of her infamous, purported valuables thievery.

The indicted law-breaker was in no precipitate to shaft Kamofie & Company the day she allegedly ganked the thing, blabbing with the owners for a bit prior to peacing out.

According to sources who have watched the tape, Lohan wore the $2,500 necklace she’s indicted of hidden roughly the complete time she was in the store.

Casing the Joint?

What goes on in the thoughts of Lindsay Lohan? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Video obviously shows Lindsay perplexing on the necklace, checking herself out in the mirror, and looming to ask her crony and the owners for their opinion.

There is no audio on the tape. Reports contend Lindsay took off her own necklace to try on the store’s necklace, which she never took off in 45 minutes.

According to sources, prior to on foot out of the store, Lindsay put her own necklace behind on, but not in a approach which blocked the store’s necklace.

Even improved for the sight wreck, with the store’s necklace still in solid view, Lindsay is seen articulate to the owners for a integrate of mins prior to leaving.

Doesn’t receptive to advice similar to the actions of someone which attempted to take a necklace, right? Or is she only which working out to have it demeanour similar to a misunderstanding?

In rejecting a defence discount final week, Lindsay indicated certainty which she will be irreproachable by the authorised system. Perhaps this is a big reason why.

Of course, a trial defilement could land her in prison regardless. This is what happens when you’re a sum disaster and all the time run afoul of the law.

What do you think of her story in light of this report?

Lindsay Lohan and a little of her pals had a celebration in rehab, according to reports. There is NO justification Lindsay was drinking, but this is still a good story.

The sight wreck’s roommates had a celebration a week ago final Saturday night, one in that the drink was issuing and got the girls in to a store of trouble.

Staying at a heavenly body residence at the Betty Ford Clinic, Linds and her buds were “drinking heavily” when the Betty Ford peeps found out and destitute them.

Drunk Lindsay Lohan

A GREAT SHOT: This is an old Lindsay Lohan photo. It was not taken during the aforementioned celebration in rehab. Still flattering droll and appropriate, we felt.

The roommates were changed behind to the main facility, that has some-more supervision. Later, Lindsay was told she could not leave the area for Christmas.

Again, there’s no justification LiLo was drinking. Let’s be transparent there.

Just the same, the uneasy singer finds herself behind at the main Betty Ford trickery too, not for punishment, supposedly, but for “intensive therapy.”

Extra organisation should assistance with the stalker situation, too.

Lindsay Lohan: Free For a Day

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a proxy remit from rehab this weekend. On the calendar for the troubled, recuperating actress? Coffee and cigarettes.

Guess caffeine and nicotine arrange flattering far down the list of Lindsay Lohan vices. Kicking her addictions to heroin and ethanol have been tip priorities.

Here’s LiLo at a internal Starbucks nearby Palm Springs …

Free For a Day

Lindsay’s seeking (mostly) full of health these days. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

The 24-year-old outlayed Thanksgiving with her dad. While she and Michael Lohan have been on improved terms, he hasn’t been means to get Linds to give up smoking.

Last month, when the reunited dyad began to mend fences, MiLo sent her an electric cigarette as partial of a caring package, assumingly to no avail.

Oh well. Maybe that’ll come after she completes her army in rehab, that has been going on for dual months-plus and seems to be operative wonders.

What do you think? Can she stay purify this time?

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