At a Tuesday opening in Amsterdam, Lady Gaga took a impulse to catch her breath … and by catch her breath we meant breathe a little critical pot smoke.

As she sat at the corner of the stage, a box of cigarettes held her eye which she was unimpressed by, but a cosmetic bag containing pot and a lighter? Sweeeeet.

“Holland, is it real?” Gaga asked prior to inhaling and exhaling it and confirming which it was in actuality marijuana. Then she illuminated up the corner and took a couple of hits. Check it out (2:00):

Lady Gaga Smokes Weed on Stage 

Lady Gaga Smokes Weed on Stage

Gaga pronounced which volume was “not enough” to get her high. She did note which she’s a big air blower of “wondrous marijuana.” In fact, you can appreciate it for her material!

“I wish you to know it has all altered my life,” she said. “I’ve unequivocally cut down on drinking. It has been a all devout knowledge for me with my music.”

We can see that. No approach she wasn’t befuddled when she conceptualized the “Born This Way” video. Wonder how her quasi-rival Madonna would feel about this …

Attention, Prince Harry. Lady Gaga will see your bare pics, and lift you a video.

After ogling the Prince Harry exposed photos now receiving the Internet by storm, the cocktail star tweeted, “HOLY MOTHER HARRY LOOKS FIT.” Indeed.

But in standard (and most reduction surprising, for her) fashion, Mama Monster has left a step serve herself with a video posted on her YouTube channel.

A mellow Gaga can be seen introducing home videos taken at assorted times – one of that includes her flashing her breasts for the camera. Peep it:

Lady Gaga Flashes Little Monsters 

Lady Gaga Flashes Little Monsters

The alternative video clips show her personification with her godson Zachary and rehearsing for a concert. But the third clip? Full-on Lady Gaga topless action.

Momentary, but still. Gaga can be seen unresolved with her sister and mother on Yuletide as she dances around lip-syncing to her strain “Sheisse.”

Then, but warning, she raises her lax black shirt multiform times … prior to her mother walks out of the kitchen and starts dancing with her.

That’s Lady Gaga for you. She additionally uses a Yuletide attire as a mic at one indicate in the impromptu, differently family-friendly dance-a-thon.

We have no serve comment, alternative than approach you to the art studio of Lady Gaga cinema for some-more of her classical moments … NSFW and otherwise.

Lady Gaga is all about manicures.

One of the underrated reasons for this, she writes in her monthly mainstay for V is that they leave you improved rebuilt in box the need for a handjob strikes.

Writes the Gaga: “Having a undiluted manicure now creates you feel pleasing and clean.” Also, “You’ll be ready for sex, or to put a penis in your hand.”

Hey, you can never be as well prepared.

Lady Gaga Nude in Vogue

Not certain how most guys ask if their partner has had a manicure newly when a HJ is on the horizon, but great to know, Lady Gaga. Good to know.

Also, Mother Monster feels manicures accelerate self-esteem, plan an picture of success that is great for biz, and assistance a lady to demonstrate herself.

You know, in further to on condition that smoother palm relief.

To the warn of no one, the exquisite Lady Gaga has been declared the #1 many free star of 2010, according to DoSomething (dot) org.

The Grammy leader is well known for her strike songs, risque photos and vast fashion, but additionally for throwing her weight at the back of munificent projects.

A relentless disciple for LGBT rights, Gaga has additionally helped lift income for Haitian relief, without a country youth, HIV/AIDS and environmental causes.

Meaty Gaga

You’ll frequency beef a some-more free star than Lady Gaga!

The runner-up, Alicia Keys, has additionally clinging unconstrained time and appetite to the conflict opposite HIV and AIDS, and should be commended for that.

Other celebs in the Top 10 embody Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Jonas, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber.

All of them merit vital props for regulating their star energy for good, and special interjection for environment which kind of e.g. for fans to demeanour up to.

Rob Fusari, a songwriter, strain writer and ex-boyfriend of Lady Gaga,  is suing the thespian for $30.5 million, claiming she owes him which most in royalties.

He filed his legal case in a Manhattan justice on Wednesday.

In justice papers, Fusari describes how he took notice of the quirky thespian and “saw a star” when she initial sang in his New Jersey college of music behind in Mar 2006.

Fusari says which over the march of multiform months, he worked with her every day and “radically reshaped her approach,” co-writing a little songs on her album.

“Paparazzi” and “Beautiful Dirty Rich” have been between those songs he claims he worked on, and, he says even referred to she conform the theatre name Lady Gaga.

Granny Panty Style

Can Rob Fusari explain credit for those panties too?

The cocktail star herself claimed in a 2009 talk which she came up with the Lady Gaga persona about “five years ago, but Gaga’s regularly been who I am.”

The collaborators became regretful around May 2006 and combined a corner commercial operation try to foster her, in which Fusari would get twenty percent of profits.

He says he scored her a jot down understanding with Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records, and as a result, The Fame has sole over 3 million annals to date.

He did not explain credit for planting the hermaphrodite rumors.

Although Fusari has a producing credit on the Grammy-winning album, he says he’s owned twenty percent of strain royalties and fifteen from merchandising revenue.

“All commercial operation is personal,” the filing by the writer reads, observant which his commercial operation attribute with Gaga run-down after their personal one fell apart.

Lady Gaga Suffers Flower Attack

Bankruptcy. Heartbreak. Rumors which she is a hermaphrodite. Flowers hurtling by the air and distinguished her in the head. Nothing can confuse Lady Gaga!

During her opening of “Poker Face” in Atlanta, Ga., Tuesday, the thespian was strike upside the conduct with a fragrance of flowering plants from an overexcited fan.

She hardly even reacted. These things occur when you’re Lady Gaga.

Check out the droll shave next (the floral attack happens around the one-minute mark) and see the powerhouse actor only shrug it off …

Gaga Gets Domed