Yes, Kendra Wilkinson is featured on the legal holiday cover of Playboy.

And, yes, this is the same Kendra Wilkinson who pronounced a week ago which she would not be posing for the repository again.

But, no, such an strong counterbalance does NOT have her a hypocrite. We’ll let Kendra explain, around a blog entrance from today:

Kendra and Her Men

I longed for to transparent something up unequivocally quick! A lot of you saw on my show which I was struggling to confirm either to poise for Playboy again or not. I AM on the Dec cover of Playboy but it wasn’t from a new shoot. The photos have been from a fire I did 2 years ago when I was still vital in the mansion.

Ah, creates undiluted clarity now. Perhaps Kendra will subsequent insist her clarification of singular parenthood, as ridiculously summarized in this interview.

How worried is Kendra Wilkinson over the recover of Kendra Exposed?

We’ll let the sex fasten star herself discuss it us, pleasantness of quotes from this Monday’s being show episode, that deals without delay with the shameful video:

“It bothers me since people have been going to decider me and stuff,” Kendra says. “I usually goal to God nobody looks at me identical to a porn star or something. I usually goal they do not press fool around since that’s not me. I mean, that was me, but that’s not me now.”

It’s true. Since the fasten was filmed by ex-boyfriend Justin Frye, Wilkinson has acted exposed for Playboy and used her physique to have income off countless publication covers. She’s a all altered woman!

Kendra W.Kendra Exposed

Doing her most appropriate to fake identical to she didn’t fool around a vital purpose in the video’s release, Kendra lashes out at Frye:

“It pennyless my heart since how can you do that when I have a baby? I have a kid. I have a husband. It usually sucks. It’s the hardest thing to understanding with right now, and it’s tough on Hank. It’s tough on him since it involves an additional man and it’s tough on him since of the son.”

Speaking of a hard-on… nevermind.

Kendra additionally creates the indicate that she filmed the video prior to apropos a celebrity, someway claiming this creates her opposite from Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and others that have been usually important because they starred in identical tapes.

In conclusion, Wilkinson is comforted by her father revelation her they contingency reason hands by this crisis, that will “probably be the hardest time in the lives.”

Honestly, K Dubs? Shut the eff up. Everyone’s hardest times should embody a $680,000 payday.


Kendra Wilkinson Interview

An unknown source has reliable the hold up of a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape.

Speaking to OK! Weekly, this insider – who is someway unknowingly that Kendra is good known only for removing exposed and compelling her personal hold up – says he was “shocked” to watch the video since it’s so “obvious” that Kendra stars in it.

As for what goes down on it (aside from Kendra!), he said: “The fasten is an extraordinary striptease from her, and afterwards at the finish of the fasten she blows a lick to the camera.”

[Resisting titillate to have a fun about what else she blows…]

Because the tape, that Vivid Entertainment skeleton to dub Kendra Exposed, is “very, really sexual” and “definitely hot,” the source concludes: “It’s going to be a large seller.”

A Pretty Self-Promoter

Meanwhile, some-more and some-more justification points to the actuality that Kendra HERSELF done efforts to call upon the fasten inside of the final dual years. cites writings that endorse Wilkinson set up a association called Home Run Productions LLC. Its commercial operation indication was “to take and permit video rights to element featuring Kendra in insinuate situations.”

This took place in Nov 2008, good in to her attribute with Hank Baskett and even after the couple’s rendezvous was revealed. Moreover, these writings indicate that Kendra has done some-more than one tape.

Honestly, we do not even censure Kendra for wanting to distinction off her own passionate exploits. That’s the age in that we live. If she can have critical bank, and make use of it to await her child, from offered her own video, some-more energy to her. Just do not distortion about it.

Don’t fool around the plant card. Play the “I have outrageous breasts and excitable group will compensate a lot of income to see me naked, so because not take value of their loneliness?” label instead. We’d apply oneself her a lot some-more if she did.