Jon Gosselin: Looking For a Job!

The retrogression is attack everybody hard. Even Jon Gosselin. The former being star and d-list luminary is seeking for a brand brand new approach to move home the bacon.

Limited in conditions of options interjection to a allotment with TLC which effectively forced him to STFU legally, is now on the track for career opportunities.

Anyone in the marketplace for an overweight, impoverished father of 8 with large kid await and a harem of common girls at his disposal? Anyone?

“He knows he can’t do any alternative TV shows [because of the settlement] but would similar to to get out there and work to yield for his family,” a source said.

Jon still pays ex-wife Kate Gosselin kid await for their kids.


While he has been approached to do multiform projects similar to deposit in brand brand new companies or be the face of a product, Jon wants something some-more substantial.

Even if which equates to operative … wait for for it … a 9-to-5 pursuit again! Hey, it’s substantially a improved move in the eventuality of a money woes than stalking abounding cougars.

“Absolutely, 100 percent,” a source responded when asked if Jon would cruise going behind to a “normal” day job. “He’s deliberation opposite options.”

“He’s not seeking for something short term.”

Jon, who used to work in the IT margin prior to he strike being TV fame, is simply seeking for “something he can do well.” That alone might extent his choices.

“He’s removing his hold up behind together a small bit at a time. He has a fast attribute with someone (Ellen Ross) who has a job, he has his own place.”

“He’s sportive again, he’s in a great place.”

Again? He did before? Who knew.

The ultimate stop on Jon Gosselin’s query for positive PR middle peace: A hilariously staged print fire at a yoga college of music at a Los Angeles road house Nov 5.

The 32-year-old father of 8 wants us to think he is putting his days of boozing, merrymaking and skirt-chasing at the behind of him in preference of alternative activities.

Yoga might assistance him “find change in his life,” says his instructor, Michelle Demus. “With all which has been going on in Jon’s life, things have been out of whack.”

Instead of knocking behind drinks and drumming Hailey Glassman, the embattled Jon “has got to let go of outmost distractions and daub in to his spirituality.”

Jon Smokin

Jon Gosselin is looking earthy and devout enlightenment. Yeah, right.

Maybe the kids will additionally get involved. Yoga “is a good approach for kids to sense how to cope with pressure” they have been expected confronting during their parents’ divorce battle.

Jon has a lot of work to do, though. According to experts, his physique seems “closed off” and “holds a lot of tension.” He and Hailey contingency unequivocally have damaged up.

Follow the burst for a video montage of yoga-loving Jon

Jon Does Yoga

We unequivocally love the jobs.

You’ll never listen to us contend you should review reduction luminary gossip, or which the lives of stars from A-to-Z-listers aren’t forever interesting to follow.

But seriously, the crowds backing up twenty low for a glance of the self-aggrandizing apparatus well known as Jon Gosselin yesterday in L.A. unequivocally need hobbies.

Jon strike up Millions of Milkshakes, where he basked in the heat of stardom done a law milkshake with 8 flavors, one for any Gosselin child.

He after went to Ivy, the many scandalous paparazzi mecca in Hollywood, for lunch, and again found himself swarmed by a sea admirers far and wide.

Think he’s enjoying his luminary standing only a small bit? This arrange of thing certain gives him a lot of credit when he pretends to caring about his kids.

It’s tough to discuss it who’s some-more pathetic, Jon Gosselin, or someone who goes out of their approach only to see and showering regard on Jon Gosselin. Tough call.

Check out the burro obviously amatory each second of it

Jon Swarmed in Hollywood

The ranks of the common girls claiming to have bending up with Jon Gosselin go on to grow. Which is flattering amazing, as he’s usually been singular a couple of months.

Even if they’re all lying – Kate Major, Stephanie Santoro, and right away self-proclaimed “Vegas girl” Samantha Sterling – Jon’s feign bedpost is removing a genuine workout.

Samantha Sterling tells In Touch Weekly which she had a trio with “sex-crazed” Jon Gosselin whilst he was in Las Vegas in August. Her discernment from this?

“Jon likes removing sex from opposite places,” she says.

“He positively thinks which he can have any lady he wants,” pronounced Sterling. “If his friends mark a attractive girl, he asks them for a print of her breasts.”

No consternation Hailey presumably went and got a follower job.

Jon Gosselin Ho Train

HOLDING COURT: The King of Pimps Jon Gosselin presides over his mediocre, lax womanlike subjects whilst hosting a celebration in Vegas. [Photo:]

Ex-babysitter Stephanie Santoro, the prior lady to lay which Jon nailed her, says America’s many authorised bachelor competence be creation up for mislaid time.

Like 10 years of mislaid time.

For the record, Jon denies the claims from both Stephanie and Samantha, observant around his repute which whilst he’s “flattered,” he’s usually been with Hailey Glassman.

Of march he’s going to contend that, though. This is what players do – splash as well much, try to strike it with whomever you can, afterwards be concerned about the fallout later.

Come on, who can conflict Jon Gosselin? We all know chunky dudes with Bluetooths, Ed Hardy t-shirts, no jobs and 8 kids have been similar to catnip to singular girls.