Mariah Carey is in.

And… well… that’s about all we know when it comes to American Idol Season 12.

With rumors citing everybody from Adam Lambert to Nick Jonas to Diddy as intensity judges, a brand brand new inform says the show has staid on the 3 artists it would similar to to lay down to one side Carey.

Nicki Minaj in NYCKeith Urban on the Red CarpetEnrique Iglesias on Stage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers have been anticipating to cover each low-pitched gamut, from swat to nation to Latin. Along those lines, the tip choices would be:

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Keith Urban
  • Enrique Igelsias

One hold-up, however, is which Minaj is the brand brand new Pepsi orator and Idol is scandalous for the sincere promotion understanding with Coca-Cola.

Moreover, this party would be VERY expensive. Carey is already set to consequence $17 million for one year of work and luring in alternative vital names such as the ones listed on top of would need particular salaries in to the 8 figures.

But that’s a complaint for Fox. You discuss it us: How would you feel about Minaj, Urban and Igelsias as American Idol judges?

A night after the American Idol group took the stage, and THG live blogged the considerable vocals of Jacob Lusk and company, we’re back!

As the tip twelve women sing for your vote, stick on in next with comments, modernise often for updates and let’s see how the womanlike fare…

8:03 The throng seems generally jazzed for the judges. It can’t be due to J. Lo’s sparkly one-shoulder sight of a top, though.

8:04 We’re going true from twenty-four to 12. Five men. Five women. Two furious cards. Tomorrow night’s formula show? Gonna be tense.

8:07 Ta-Tynisa Wilson kicks us off with Rihanna’s “Ony Girl (In The World).” Certainly takes certainty to go with this voluptuous single. Ouch. She sounds unequivocally most off key, struggling to reason the last note. Steven and Jennifer simply contend she did a “good job,” but conjunction says it unequivocally convincingly. Randy “didn’t utterly get it” and J. Lo cuts him off again.

Tatynisa Wilson Does RihannaNaima Adedapo PhotoKendra Chantelle on StageKaren Rodriguez PicAshthon Jones Photo

Julie Zorrilla PicHaley Reinhart PhotoThia Megia PicLauren Alaina PicPia Toscano on Stage

8:15 Naima Adedapo written her own dress. That’s flattering cool. Going with “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald, Adedapo moves great on stage, smiling and enchanting the audience. J. Lo goes initial this time, job her an “exotic flowering plant in a rose garden.” Steven says he takes Adedapo “personally,” that sounds similar to an insult. But he equates to it nicely.

8:19 Talk about environment the club high: Kendra Chantelle chooses “Impossible” by Christina Aguilera, whilst I give up from creation a fun about either she got squandered prior to to the performance. Randy starts with an great Lauryn Hill reference. The judges have been unequivocally in to the comparisons with alternative singers this season, aren’t they? J. Lo finds it “amazing.” We often agree. Definitely one to watch.

8:27 Rachel Zevita sheds a witch-like garment prior to to removing in to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” She’s perplexing a bit as well tough to come conflicting as edgy, sauntering down at the back of the judges’ list and superfluous lethal serious. Steven says it’s “too Broadway” for him and afterwards stays wordless when Zevita that’s the usually genre she’s never sung. J. Lo thinks it was the wrong choice, Randy true up says: “it wasn’t good.”

8:31 Karen Rodriguez breaks in to Spanish for Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” Interesting choice. Would I be deliberate asocial if I pronounced it comes conflicting as pandering? Let’s listen to the judges’ take: a array of “wows” from J. Lo. Randy is right that she done the strain her own, whilst Steven sees her as “one of a kind” and we sense that Karen and Lusk have been BFFs.

8:40 It’s time for Lauren Turner. She breaks out an Etta James classic, “Seven Day Fool,” that draws absolute nodding from Randy. Fun strain choice, fun performance. We get an additional comparison: Amy Winehouse meets Florence and the Machine. Seems appropriate. Very plain all around.

8:49 Ashthon Jones sings “Love Over Me” by Monica whilst wearing the largest ring in Idol history. All 3 judges love it, praising her look, certainty and sound. She’s Diana Ross, Randy screams out.

8:58 Julie Zorrilla takes a vital chance, covering a singular by the strange champion, Kelly Clarkson. Can the Eva Mendes-lookalike do probity to “Breakaway?” Not really, according to J. Lo, who questions the frankness of Zorrilla wanting to mangle away. Once again, Randy says a competitor didn’t move anything strange to the rendition. We’ve gotta agree.

9:01 We listen to again how Haley Reinhart wants to be a “visionary” all over the world. Lofty goal, followed by a tall bar: “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. Steven and J. Lo desired it, but we’re with Randy: you need to unequivocally brew up such a classical strain or else you’ll be compared to the implausible original.

9:10 Thia Megia takes the conflicting approach, going with a strain from Fame: “Out Here On My Own.” It’s strong, simple, quiet, zero showy. Steven gushes over her undiluted pitch, whilst J. Lo and Randy additionally desired it, nonetheless the latter goes overboard with the ultimate comparison: Michael Jackson.

9:14 It’s time to go nation with Lauren Alaina. Like Reba McEntire before, Lauren wants us to “Turn on the Radio,” obviously carrying fun with the performance. The judges have been full of regard and we’re on house the Alaina train, notwithstanding the peculiar anxiety to Ryan as “Peaches.”

9:23 We tighten to the show with a strain lonesome most times before: “I’ll Stand By You.” Did Pia Toscano have it her own? The judges think so, station in unanimity at the end of a absolute performance. It’s their initial station O of the brand new season.

Our tip 5 from the night:

  1. Pia Toscano
  2. Ashthon Jones
  3. Naima Adedapo
  4. Thia Megia
  5. Kendra Chantelle

After one night of group behaving on American Idol, 3 favorites have emerged in the eyes:

  1. Jacob Lusk
  2. James Durbin
  3. Casey Abrams

Earlier today, we posted any of their semifinalist performances, which can be noticed HERE, HERE and HERE. But alternative tip twelve contenders additionally stood out.

Brett Loewenstern astounded us with an try to stone out to The Doors. Paul McDonald showcased a singular style/voice. Robbie Rosen went with a poetic ballad and Clint June Gamboa attempted to infer which karaoke isn’t regularly a four-letter word.

Sit behind and taken in a slew of auditions from final week below. Which of these group have a plain shot at the finals?

Clint June Gamboa – Superstition

Brett Loewenstern – Light My Fire

Robbie Rosen – Angel

Scotty McCreery – Letters from Home

Paul McDonald – Maggie May

Welcome to THG’s initial American Idol live blog of deteriorate 10. With the tip dozen group receiving to the theatre tonight and singing for your vote, we’re here to suggest explanation and discernment along the way.

Leave comments, modernise mostly for updates and let’s do this…

8:07 Contestants can select any strain they wish, Ryan tells us. Kicking the show off? Clint June Gamboa, karaoke host extraordinaire. He chooses “Superstition” and concludes with a roar which would have Steven Tyler proud. He gets dual “brilliants,” one from Tyler, one from Randy.

Not only helpful difference from the judges. They’re off to a severe start.

Clint June Gamboa on StageJordan Dorsey on StageTim Halperin on StageBrett Loewenstern on StageRobbie Rosen on Stage

Scotty McCreery PhotoStefano Langone PhotoPaul McDonald PhotoJacob Lusk PhotoCasey Abrams on Stage

8:14 Jovany Barreto abs alert! Over-played strain preference alert! Jovany goes with Edward McCain’s “I’ll Be.” I found it bland. Tyler found it… “Holy shipyards!” J. Lo is “happy” since Barreto “did it.” Randy essentially says something inestimable for once, revelation Jovany he brought zero strange to the performance. True dat, dawg.

8:18 Jordan Dorsey breaks out a little Usher and, OMG, it sounds like… someone perplexing to receptive to advice similar to Usher. Minus the physique and reduction the dance moves, which is. Heck, I can shake up my shoulders.

The judges have been essentially critical, nonetheless J. Lo compares him to Nat King Cole for a little reason. All 3 disliked it. And Lopez won’t stop interrupting Randy.

8:27 You won’t hold this, but Tim Halperin says everybody gets along well. The guys over there? They have been similar to his brothers! We aren’t shopping which for a second, but we competence be purchasing batch in Halperin. The thespian puts his own hold on a Rob Thomas classical (yes, those exist), and afterwards faces critique from the judges.

Tyler and J. Lo thinks he’s “special,” but the latter at slightest says he has one of the many appropriate voices she’s ever heard. Yes, ever. Yes, she pronounced that.

8:31 Brett Loewenstern is embracing who he is. That equates to an try at classical rock, apparently, and a chronicle of “Light My Fire.” It sounds similar to a teen perplexing to receptive to advice hardcore in my view, but the judges can’t get sufficient of the hair flipping, and the personality, and J. Lo tries to have a fun about Beyonce and Loewenstern leaves the theatre as well early, usually to lapse and discuss it Ryan “I love you” and I’m already raw by this guy. He comes opposite as feign cute, not natural, David Archuleta cute.

8:40 It’s time James Durbin to creates similar to Adam Lambert. He keeps revelation us we’ve got “another thing coming,” which leads to the initial Steven Tyler abuse difference of the evening. Was which unequivocally the initial Judas Priest strain in Idol history? Can someone demeanour which up for us?

Certainly a confidant matter from Durbin, who raises his fist and eggs on the crowd. This is not someone who fears the spotlight.

8:49 Ryan introduces Robbie Rosen as the “pride of Long Island.” Isn’t JWOWW from there? She contingency have been a tighten second. We’re in the arms of an angel for this minute-plus, which only causes me to design Sarah McLachlan revelation us to save the animals.

Tyler and J. Lo love the ballad and it unequivocally helps Rosen mount out. His heart was unequivocally many in to the performance. Randy, though, stability in his try to be contrarian, says the records didn’t all connect.

8:57 Man, Scotty McCreery’s voice is deeper than a Maya Angelou poem (no? How about the Phillies starting rotation?). For non-country lovers, this is “Letters From Home” by John Michael Montgomery. Tyler is right which it’s the undiluted strain choice, whilst J. Lo gushes over the rendition. That’s been a monument tonight, I know. Scotty doesn’t even know what to contend when Ryan asks for his reaction.

9:01 Stefano Langone creates the inapplicable designation of selecting one of the many played songs on the radio, “Just the Way You are.” He mixes it up a bit, land on to a couple of records and showcasing his range, but I never think a competitor should select a strain everybody can right away review to the original. Or listen to the subsequent sunrise on their expostulate to work. Hard to mount out which way.

Still, a plain opening of the Bruno Mars single. Ryan deduction to put Stefano on the spot, who dedicates it to “all the ladies out there.” Smooth.

9:10 Paul McDonald hurdles Durbin for many assured audition. He goes with a Rod Stewart classical and sounds unequivocally many similar to the song icon, enlivening the throng to applause along. Doesn’t many opposite than the original, but McDonald obviously has talent. I similar to how he wandered around the stage, in his own universe.

9:14 Ryan refers to Jacob Lusk as “understated.” Oh, Ryan. Another soulful performance, good runs, but, forgive me, Steven? Did you only contend “divine intervention” brought Lusk here? And did J. Lo unequivocally follow which up by observant “Luther Vandross is gone… but right away we have you.”

Sorry, Charlie Sheen, but the judges have obviously motionless you won’t be the WINNER on American Idol. I similar to Lusk a lot, but this is an horrible lot of regard to store on someone so early in the competition.

9:23 Casey Abrams is putting a spell on us. A unequivocally heated spell. The man is positively putting it all out there, growling in to the mic until finale on a verbatim tall note, unequivocally removing in to the spirit. I love it. Standing ovation. Tyler says it was as “good as it gets.” J. Lo says he’s “sexy” and will “redefine” the total thing. Wait… will it no longer be a singing competition?!? How will Randy impute to it then?!?

My tip 5 from the evening:

  1. James Durbin
  2. Jacob Lusk
  3. Casey Abrams
  4. Scotty McCreery
  5. Paul McDonald

It’s usually been dual weeks.

But it’s wholly probable which viewers have already been introduced to the 10th American Idol. Might he/she be one of the early favorites listed here?

Lauren Alaina PhotoChris Medina Photo

Travis Orlando: Bronx native, lived in a preserve for years. (AUDITION)
Paris Tassin: Mother to a special needs child. (AUDITION)
Chris Medina: Cares for brain-damaged fiancee, following her comfortless car accident. (AUDITION)
Adrienne Beasley: From Kentucky, adopted daughter of dual farmers. (AUDITION)
Lauren Alaina: 15-year old Georgia resident, has sung at fundraisers for her sick cousin. (AUDITION)

Who has done the most appropriate American Idol sense so far?

As the republic prepares for the lapse of the the one preferred TV show, there has been consistent conjecture about the state of American Idol.

Just what changes have been essentially in store? Will the show essentially have similar to Big Brother? Will there be a turn of 24? Entertainment Weekly spoke to producers of the foe and can endorse the following contribution about deteriorate 10.

Judges in Vegas

Will there be a strain video challenge? No.

Must contestants sing songs from assorted genres? Yes. Says Nigel Lythgoe: “If you do Motown, afterwards I’m not certain [how] you’re going to sing an R&B strain and give it your nation flavor… it’s not going to be similar to that. They’ve got to be crafty with it.”

Will choosing by casting votes move online? No.

How will the show reinstate the tip twenty-four round? With a remarkable genocide Top twenty round. In Hollywood, it will slight the contestants down to twenty crooners, and afterwards will viewers opinion in a turn which will name the finalists from between dual groups of ten.

How most finalists will there be? 10 or 12.

Will there still be gender parity? No. Says Ken Warwick: “If I’ve got 6 illusory boys and 4 normal girls, I’m positively not going to throw out a illusory child to put in an additional normal girl, or vise versa.”

American Idol Recap: DeWyze Choice

Asked to take on Billboard #1 hits, a cloudy thesis which gave them scarcely giveaway rein, Lee DeWyze done an surprising preference but delivered on American Idol final night.

Lee respected the late Alex Chilton, who upheld divided final week, with the Box Tops’ “The Letter,” and was met with ubiquitous regard from Simon, Randy, Kara and Ellen.

It competence have even warranted him THG’s tip spot, but when Crystal Bowersox channeled Janis Joplin on “Me and Bobby McGee,” she reminded us because she’s the favorite.

Big Mike was his typically plain self on “When a Man Loves a Woman,” as was final week’s star Siobhan Magnus on “Superstition.” Singling out the tip 4 was easy.

As for the bottom 4 …

Lee DeWyze on Idol

Lee DeWyze’s strain preference and opening bumped him up with the contenders on final night’s American Idol. Can he set up on this movement going forward?

Meanwhile, Paige Miles and Tim Urban will be opposed for a sheet home interjection to their particular performances on “Against All Odds” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

Clearly not up to standard or estimable of a outing back, but one of the dual will hide by … if not both. Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia didn’t as well most to assistance their causes.

Agree with the assessment? Who do you see going home tonight? Here’s how we arrange Tuesday’s American Idol performances (with final week’s rank):

  1. Crystal Bowersox, “Me and Bobby McGee” (2)
  2. Lee DeWyze, “The Letter” (5)
  3. Michael Lynche, “When a Man Loves a Woman” (3)
  4. Siobhan Magnus, “Superstition” (1)
  5. Casey James, “The Power of Love” (8)
  6. Aaron Kelly, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (4)
  7. Didi Benami, “You’re No Good” (6)
  8. Andrew Garcia, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (10)
  9. Katie Stevens, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (9)
  10. Paige Miles, “Against All Odds” (7)
  11. Tim Urban, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (12)

Click to increase photos of the finalists in action

Katie Stevens PerformsDidi Does itBowersox PowerA. Kelly PicBig Big MikeTurning the PaigeAndrew Garcia Rocking OutCasey James JamsSiobhan Sings itAn Urban Myth

Place your bets… place your bets…

The day prior to American Idol goes live and the tip twelve women take to the stage, SBG Global Sportsbook has suggested any contestant’s contingency to be the subsequent Carrie Underwood or Kris Allen.

Top twenty-four Photo

After his argent behaving of “Straight Up,” it’s no warn to find Andrew Garcia as the early favorite. A garland of guitar-playing women follow, with little-known Joe Munoz bringing up the rear…

  • 9:2 – Andrew Garcia
  • 13:2 – Katie Stevens
  • 7:1 – Didi Benami, Ashley Rodriguez
  • 15:2 – Crystal Bowersox
  • 8:1 – Casey James
  • 12:1 – Siobhan Magnus
  • 15:1 – Janell Wheeler, Jermaine Sellers, Todrick Hall
  • 18:1 – Haeley Vaughn
  • 25:1 – Lacey Brown, Tim Urban, Tyler Grady
  • 33:1 – Paige Miles
  • 35:1 – Alex Lambert, Michael Lynche
  • 40:1 – Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott
  • 45:1 – John Park, Michelle Delamor
  • 50:1 – Aaron Kelly, Lee DeWyze
  • 65:1 – Joe Munoz