Adam Lambert did his own chronicle of Bob Marley this week. But the genuine subject is this:

Did he do the reggae fable proud?

Down Under in Australia to foster his manuscript “Trespassing,” Lambert achieved inside Sydney’s Top 40 Live Lounge and astounded those in assemblage with his cover of “Is This Love,” a Marley the one preferred from 1978.

Give it a demeanour and a attend right away and hope for for Lambert to shortly strike the States with a tour:

Adam Lambert Covers Bob Marley 

Adam Lambert Covers Bob Marley

Adam Lambert to Release Live Album

Attention, Adam Lambert fans: this Grammy-nominated artist will recover a brand brand new manuscript on Mar 22.

Alas, it will not be comprised of any brand brand new singles.

Instead, the arriving CD/DVD will underline marks from a stop on Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour in Indianapolis on 8/31/10. You can watch most of those performances in the video living room for this gifted artist, and get a demeanour next at the lane list on the album.

Adam Lambert Album Art

  1. Voodoo
  2. Down The Rabbit Hole
  3. Ring Of Fire
  4. Fever
  5. Sleepwalker
  6. Whataya Want From Me
  7. Soaked
  8. Aftermath
  9. Sure Fire Winners
  10. Strut
  11. Music Again
  12. If I Had You
  13. 20th Century Boy

In Jul of final year, Adam Lambert faced a white picket from hate-minded members of the Westboro Baptish Church, as they protested his appearance in the American Idol Live debate with ill signs and undeveloped messages.

Now, the thespian is entering in to an additional unhappy firestorm.

During Idol

Lambert is scheduled to perform in Malaysia on Thursday, but which nation’s second largest domestic celebration is perfectionist the termination of the unison due to the artist’s ties to “gay culture.”

“Adam Lambert’s shows… have been outrageous, with licentious dancing and a happy opening which includes kissing masculine dancers,” Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) girl personality Nasrudin Hasan told Reuters. “This is not great for people in the country.”

In Malaysia, homosexual sex is deliberate a rapist offense.

There’s no denote from Adam which he’ll jump over the debate date. Despite his agreeance to follow discipline in the nation – singers contingency keep their garments on and sojourn at slightest twenty-five feet from the assembly at all times – PAS claims it will send one million supporters to criticism Lambert if the unison goes on as planned.

If this does go down, it wouldn’t be the initial time PAS has protested an American artist. Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani have all faced the group’s wrath.

Here’s to anticipating Adam stays clever in the face of such hate. Send him your most appropriate wishes, fans. He’ll need them this week.

Adam Lambert is Seeking SYPB

If Adam Lambert were to place an online personal ad, he obviously would not be looking a SWF with whom he could go on prolonged beach walks.

Instead, in an talk with Frontiers magazine, the thespian creates it transparent which he’s meddlesome in a SYPB. What does which mount for? By the finish of this article, you should be means to figure it out…

On the vigour of being an plainly happy musician: The thing I keep revelation myself at your convenience the vigour starts appearing is which I’ve been you do what I’ve regularly done, only on a incomparable scale now, so it’s not so bad! The opportunities which have come from American Idol have been amazing.

On stream low-pitched influences: I love a lot of the electronica things from the UK – Ive been gravitating toward which lately. I had my impulse when I was all about the classical stone years back, but newly it’s some-more about pop-electro stuff. I love Goldfrapp, La Roux. And all of the American cocktail divas, of course: Gaga, Christina, Madonna, Rihanna. I love all of them.

Adam Lambert for Frontiers

On the accepting he’s received: At initial I didn’t know if the happy village was unequivocally in to this or not, what I’m doing. And afterwards solemnly but certainly I was roving internationally and domestically and met a lot of happy group and women who were unequivocally vehement about what’s going on with my jot down and what I’m doing, and it feels unequivocally good for my village to admit it.

Lambert was afterwards asked if he’d rsther than nap with Ryan Seacrest or Simon Cowell, a waggish question. His response:

Ew. Neither one of them is my sort at all. They’re both as well old for me. I similar to flattering boys in their early-to-mid twenties. Make certain you imitation that.

We’ve finished so, Adam. Single, Young, Pretty Boys, cruise yourselves lucky!

Ready to lapse to the set of Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You?”

Earlier this week, we gave fans a demeanour at the artist’s arriving song video for that single, around this array of photos from it.

Now, we’ve returned with even some-more individualist shots of Adam and his fill-in singers/dancers. An insider describes the video as “Willy Wonka meets Thriller meets Interview With The Vampire,” that sounds similar to the arrange of thing Lambert would come up with.

Looks similar to it, too…

If He Had You

Video StillUniquely Dressed Up

Click to increase the photos on top of and check out Adam in all his decked-out glory.

Below, meanwhile, we’ve posted a video of Lambert on set. He’s deliberating the thesis at the back of “If I Had You” (i.e. hold up is meaningless but the one you love) and entrance opposite as his standard well-spoken, calm, cool, droll self.


Music Video Preview

Adam Lambert did not move any lasers to the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards on Apr 17.

But the thespian did move his standard energy, bent and altogether interesting self to the event. He achieved a delivery of “Music Again” that you can suffer below:

Music Again

The singular is pleasantness of the star’s entrance album, “For Your Entertainment.” So is “Fever,” that Adam additionally rocked out to at the event.

Watch it now.

Adam Lambert: GLAAD To Be Here!

Looking brazen to the GLAAD awards tonight! I might only have to swish it up a bit.
– Adam Lambert Tweet, early Saturday afternoon

Did the thespian successfully “swish it up” at this eventuality final night? Check out the photos next and you discuss it us, fans.

Lambert was the main captivate on the red runner of the awards, and after on stage, where he rocked out with renditions of “Fever” and “Music Again.” We can’t find a video of the performances, so greatfully send them in if you’ve come opposite any!

Performing Star

On Stage, Being AwesomeGLADD Media Awards PerformanceIn Large ShadesAt the GLAAD Media AwardsAdam, PosingBig Shades

[Photos: Splash News;]

Click on the cinema on top of to increase any one, and check out the video next to see what Adam had to contend on the red carpet.

Red Carpet Mania

In late February, it was reported that Adam Lambert would perform on American Idol.

Now, we can endorse that the former runner-up won’t only sing “Whattaya Want From Me” on the Apr fourteen results-show radio programme – he’ll offer as a coach to the finalists on the night before!

No word nonetheless on what thesis the contestants will plunge into during the special visit, but this most is certain: if any one can piquancy up this muted organisation of singers, it’s Adam Lambert.

Pretty Boy

Lambert will be the initial former Idol to action as a coach reduction than a year after he left the show.

Many will hold he’s as well fresh for the gig… but Miley Cyrus took on the same purpose a integrate weeks ago and she’s younger than each stream competitor solely Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly.

Do you think he should be a mentor?

While you contemplate that question, click on the photos below, all of that have been pleasantness of Adam’s new outing to London:

Adam in LondonGetting Very HairyLambert Photograph


Adam Lambert: Unplugged, Fantastic

VH1 won’t air the premiere of the brand new Unplugged, featuring Adam Lambert, until Apr 9.

But fans of this thespian do not need to wait for until afterwards to check out a integrate acoustic versions of Lambert singles.

Below, you can watch Adam serenade the assembly with “Whatdaya Want From Me” and “Down the Rabbit Hole.” What do you think of these stripped-down renditions?

Whatdaya Want From Me Unplugged

Down The Rabbit Hole Unpluged

Adam Lambert Sings with Students

We do not know where the following video is from.

We do not know because Adam Lambert is sitting with a garland of students and singing along with their credentials song to “Whataya Want From Me.”

But we do know this: it’s only an additional e.g. of because we love this former American Idol finalist. Anything but pretentious, he’s a male of the people… as prolonged as nothing of them roar in to their cell phones.

Lambert in School

P.S. No, stream Idol semifinalist Alex Lambert is NOT associated to Adam. They share a love of music, not any DNA.