As many everybody knows by now, Justin Bieber cried on theatre at the finish of his MTV Video Music Awards opening on Sunday night.

But the thespian wasn’t the usually one to be brought to tears of a little kind over his brand new track, “What Do You Mean?”

Lena Dunham in a Colorful Dress
Justin Bieber at the VMAs

Lena Dunham took to Twitter on Monday and cried foul over sure lyrics in the track, receiving emanate with what she believes have been difference or phrases mostly compared with date rape.

“Let’s do divided with cocktail songs where a lady nods approbation when she equates to no and clamp versa, k?” Dunham wrote on amicable media.

As you can see, Dunham did not bring Bieber or his ultimate singular by name.

But it’s flattering transparent she’s referencing Bieber here, deliberation the timing of the Tweet and a little of the lyrics in “What Do You Mean,” such as the following: 

What do you mean?/When you curtsy your conduct yes/But you wanna contend no/What do you mean?

Justin Bieber Performs on MTV VMAs, Breaks Down in Tears
Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean” Music Video

Bieber has pronounced the strain is about how women can be wishy-washy, revelation Ryan Seacrest a couple of weeks back:

“Girls have been mostly flip-floppy. They contend something and they meant something else. So … what do you mean? I don’t unequivocally know, that’s because I’m asking.”

That’s fair. And we do not think Bieber is essentially espousing any kind of passionate attack here.

But it’s not tough to see Dunham’s point, either.

Words have been important. Language is important. And we’re extraordinary to see if Justin responds to this critique or not. Do you think it’s fair?

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