Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile have damaged up, according to a brand new inform observant which the singer and her partner partner strike a severe patch.

Kristen Stewart, Alicia Cargile Pic

Reports of Kristen Stewart dating Alicia Cargile emerged progressing this year, notwithstanding the Twilight star’s delicately artistic persona of wanting privacy.

It positively felt similar to Kristen was slightly open about the actuality – or at slightest not denying – which she was in a lesbian attribute with her tighten confidant.

They were mostly seen really friendly with one another, land hands, cuddling, etc., and Kristen even spoke – gasp! – about how tighten they’d gotten.

One publication even went so far as to inform which the integrate personally married, citing a allude to from Stewart (allegedly overheard proclaiming as much).

That was obviously absurd, but still, the dual seemed similar to they were concerned in a bona fide intrigue … until reports flush this week which it’s over.

Media reports explain which Kristen put the brakes on her attribute with Alicia and they split; the integrate hasn’t been seen together in weeks now.

These separate rumors have not been exclusively verified. Then again, conjunction have reports restraining the integrate together in the initial place. So …

Can a possible, unconfirmed, non-couple even “break up”?

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