Forget who Justin Bieber might be dating. And dont think about any brand new Justin Bieber song which might be on the way.

Former Lost writer Damon Lindelof usually cares about one thing: the preference of headgear this thespian done while abroad this week.

Indeed, the following shawl spawned a Twitter coming out the likes of which we’ve frequency seen yesterday. A couple of of the most appropriate Lindelof gems:

Justin Bieber Hat

Bieber: ‘How most for the outrageous yellow shawl with spikes which looks painful?’ Clerk: ‘Fourteen Million Dollars.’ Bieber: ‘Sold, bitch!’

Yellow glossy spikes. I wear you golden love crown. Ooh baby baby. #BieberHatHaiku”

‘That shawl is f–king ridiculous.'” — Johnny Depp, to Bieber, while wearing a passed peacock on his head.

That shawl looks similar to Pac Man wandered in to the happy club from Police Academy.

FACT: The shawl did NOT exist prior to the Russian Meteorite. Coincidence? GOOD LORD I HOPE SO.

What do YOU think of Justin’s hat, THGers?


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