Welcome to parenting in 2015.

So says one of the announcers in the following video, which facilities countless sisters from Arizona State University's Chi Omega sorority in attendance an Arizona Diamondbacks ball game.

Not which they're wakeful in the slightest which they're in attendance an Arizona Diamondbacks ball game.

The immature women have been as well bustling creation similar to Kim Kardashian, gnawing selfies from assorted angles at each opportunity.

As you can see here, the footage incited in to an unpretentious chronicle of Mystery Science Theater: 3000, as the women were held in the action and mocked mercilessly by the group job the game.

"That's the most appropriate one of the 300 cinema of myself today!" one announcer says.

It's unequivocally flattering extraordinary all around. See for yourself.

Sorority girls get hilariously slammed for receiving selfies at bas

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