Are you ready to encounter the brand brand new hero?

Her name is Sarah Harris and she's the co-host of Studio 10 in Australia.

Harris was vocalization with her associate panelists this week when courtesy got incited to a couple of repository photos of her profound body, privately the disastrous things idiots wrote online on saying them.

"I did feel flattering horrible about the comments and the pictures," Harris certified on air. "But afterwards I thought, you know what? Bugger it. I'm flourishing a baby."

You discuss it em, Sarah!

"This is me, this is how I get around once I leave work," she continued. "I take off my flattering frocks, the complicated make-up and the hair, I take off my Spanx, that I'm still wearing. That's what I demeanour like, and it's OK."

Harris went on to lamentation the vigour on awaiting mothers to demeanour a sure approach and the vigour on brand brand new mothers to strew their baby weight quickly. She concluded:

I wish to contend to the haters, get stuffed.

And we wish to contend to Sarah Harris: Can you be the most appropriate friend?

Awesome headlines anchor to physique shamers get stuffed

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