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Yet another in-law is vocalization out opposite Josh Duggar and his unfaithful ways.

First, Anna Duggar’s brother Daniel Keller slammed Josh on Facebook, job for his sister to divorce the 27-year-old former being star.

Now, Michael Seewald – the father of Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald – has taken to his personal blog to lash out at Josh and reject him for his “evil” lifestyle. 

Anna, Josh Duggar Photo

“It distresses me to contend which Josh Duggar’s biggest impiety is a byproduct of the sum total of his personally corrupted lifestyle,” Seewald wrote.

“That is, which by his hypocrisy, he blasphemed the name of God. He claimed to be a Christian, but by his deeds he has referred to otherwise. With the name of God on his lips he lived a growth and endless lifestyle of evil.”

Yes, whilst the Duggars themselves have been still fortifying Josh’s actions, it seems those which have been usually scored equally to him by matrimony have been feeling far reduction forgiving.

Seewald goes on to insist how he was happy to give Josh a second possibility after it was suggested which he molested 5 immature girls (four of whom were his sisters).

However, he says which after the explanation which Josh cheated on his mother with at slightest one prostitute, he now feels which the father of 4 simply hoodwinked his family, friends and fans:

“After conference of Josh’s liaison when he was a teenager, I publicly settled which Josh appeared to be a altered man, was on foot on top of reproach, and vital out the conviction which he professed,” Seewald writes.

“I stood in solidarity, enlivening him to make use of the liaison to set up piety and grace. Sadly, he had cheated us all…Josh was a pretender.”

Seewald says he believes which “forgiveness can still be obtained,” but adds which “the consequences of Josh’s sins will be with him the rest of his life.”

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Taylor Swift competence have taken home a little hardware final night, but the 2015 VMAs were dominated by Miley Cyrus, who hosted, and Kanye West, who gave such an insanely prolonged debate that it proposed to feel similar to he was hosting.

But whilst she couldn’t contest with the song world’s most egotistic weirdos during the show itself, the after-party was Taylor’s time to shine.

Taylor Swift, Squad: 2015 VMAs

Taylor’s lady patrol came out in force for the awards (nine gal pals joined her on the red runner in lieu of beloved Calvin Harris) and afterward, they all showed up to let lax at the swanky West Hollywood hotspot Ysabel.

In a little ways, it was similar to a get-together you competence host at your own crib: 

Partiers enjoyed sushi and Fireball shots, and at slightest one guest got white-girl wasted. 

In alternative ways, it was some-more similar to the kind of celebration you wish you hosted at your crib:

A-list celebs were everywhere, and they drunkenly dished mud on that associate entertainers they only can’t stand.

Fortunately, one attendee common all the sum of Taylor’s chicky class whack with Radar Online.

First off, let’s palm out the Drunk Chick of the Night Award. Selena Gomez, event on down!

“[Selena] proposed removing flattering f–ked up,” says the source, adding that the thespian downed 4 vodka shots in the camber of a couple of minutes. “She was flirting big time with Nick Jonas.”

It seems Selena got so beaten that she proposed plainly bashing Miley Cyrus, and a comparatively solemn Taylor (who stranded to sipping Ketel One vodka on the rocks) assimilated in.

“I can’t hold I used to be friends with her,” Selena reportedly pronounced of Miley. “I should’ve reached out that night she cut her hair and posted the pic on Twitter.”

The insider says the girls even listened to Miley’s brand new album, that reportedly had them “in stitches, doubled over laughing.”

From the receptive to advice of things, Swift was in a flattering warlike mood via the night. 

The source says she systematic her confidence guards to keep Ariana and Frankie Grande divided from her, and she even snapped at Empire singer Serayah McNeill for receiving as well most selfies.

But hey, in the finish it was all good: Taylor picked up the add-on for everyone’s drinks, food and travel home. 

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Kanye West for President?

Don’t giggle (okay, giggle a small bit)… the rapper essentially pronounced he was using for the Oval Office during his wayward 12-minute debate at the MTV Video Music Awards final night.

Kanye and Kim at the VMAs

But prior to Kanye truly thinks about either or not to find the United States Presidency in 2020, MTV management team reportedly wish him to cruise a somewhat reduction critical gig:

2016 Video Music Awards host!

According to TMZ insiders, producers were anxious with West’s malediction on usurpation this year’s Video Vanguard Award.

Despite usually dispersal Kanye dual mins for his debate at initial (two minutes? Had they ever listened Kanye West verbalise before?!?), those in the carry out room were told to mount down and let him wind once he started… since West was only so damn entertaining.

Afterward, a network higher-up even followed Kanye behind to his sauce room in sequence to discuss it him what an overwhelming pursuit he did.

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As a result, Kanye actually hosting this eventuality is presumably “on the table” for subsequent year.

Which might a little funny to some.

But remember Miley Cyrus at the VMAs in 2013? Could you presumably have illusory which she’d be hosting only dual years later?!?

Moreover, deliberation which we’d simply watch Kanye dance around to The Weeknd for hours and hours… it’s protected to contend we’d many really balance in for a Kanye West-hosted Video Music Awards.

Wouldn’t you?

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It would be a large understatement to contend that Miley Cyrus has been bustling lately.

In the past twenty-four hours, Miley hosted the VMAs, expelled a warn manuscript and feuded with dual of the greatest names in music.

And nonetheless somehow, she still found time to allegation her face in assorted gelatinous fluids and movie it.

Miley capped off final night's violent philharmonic by debuting her brand new single, "Dooo It!"

Just moments later, a video for the song, that facilities one prolonged tighten up of Miley's mouth lonesome in all demeanour of goo, appeared on YouTube.

We're guessing a some-more discriminating video will be expelled at a little point, but we're articulate about Miley here, so who knows?

She competence have taken one demeanour at the stage where she spits out sparkly muck in retreat and said, "Got it! Let's go fume eighteen blunts."

Miley cyrus cooking sparkly muck in dooo it strain video

As many everybody knows by now, Justin Bieber cried on theatre at the finish of his MTV Video Music Awards opening on Sunday night.

But the thespian wasn’t the usually one to be brought to tears of a little kind over his brand new track, “What Do You Mean?”

Lena Dunham in a Colorful Dress
Justin Bieber at the VMAs

Lena Dunham took to Twitter on Monday and cried foul over sure lyrics in the track, receiving emanate with what she believes have been difference or phrases mostly compared with date rape.

“Let’s do divided with cocktail songs where a lady nods approbation when she equates to no and clamp versa, k?” Dunham wrote on amicable media.

As you can see, Dunham did not bring Bieber or his ultimate singular by name.

But it’s flattering transparent she’s referencing Bieber here, deliberation the timing of the Tweet and a little of the lyrics in “What Do You Mean,” such as the following: 

What do you mean?/When you curtsy your conduct yes/But you wanna contend no/What do you mean?

Justin Bieber Performs on MTV VMAs, Breaks Down in Tears
Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean” Music Video

Bieber has pronounced the strain is about how women can be wishy-washy, revelation Ryan Seacrest a couple of weeks back:

“Girls have been mostly flip-floppy. They contend something and they meant something else. So … what do you mean? I don’t unequivocally know, that’s because I’m asking.”

That’s fair. And we do not think Bieber is essentially espousing any kind of passionate attack here.

But it’s not tough to see Dunham’s point, either.

Words have been important. Language is important. And we’re extraordinary to see if Justin responds to this critique or not. Do you think it’s fair?

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Back in April, Kim Richards was arrested after drunkenly kicking a patrolman at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

For a while, it looked similar to she competence do prison time, quite after Richards ditched rehab in sequence to attend her daughter’s wedding, and afterwards unsuccessful to lapse to treatment.

Kim Richards VIP Gala Pic

Today in an LA County courtroom, however, a decider took forgiveness on Kim and condemned her to 3 years of probation, 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and thirty days of village service.

The judgment creatively compulsory thirty days of village labor, which might’ve had Kim picking up rabble on the side of the freeway.

Kim’s counsel argued which the 50-year-old being star is incompetent to perform primer work due to feet injury. The justice gave her dual weeks to yield healing papers to behind up her claim.

If she fails to do so, she competence breeze up rocking an orange jumpsuit along the 405.

Kim was arrested for shoplifting from Target progressing this month. She has nonetheless to mount hearing for which allegation, so there competence still be prison time in her future.

The decider combined one final chapter prior to permitting Kim’s lawyers to come in their defence deal:

She’s no longer authorised to set feet in the Beverly Hills Hotel. We think that’s substantially for the best.

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As a tellurian being with functioning eyes and or ears, you’re substantially already wakeful that Miley Cyrus hosted the VMAs last night, and she was each bit as vast and divisive as we had hoped.

As expected, a little hated on Miley, whilst others desired each notation of her manic tree nymph show.

But in any case of your own feelings on final night’s spectacle, you’ve got to confess that it’s considerable that the lady still had appetite left to stir up some-more play this morning.

Miley Cyrus VMA Fashion

Miley criticized Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video earlier this month, and right away she’s at it again in a newly-released apportionment of her new talk with The New York Times:

“I’m not perplexing to be in the squad,” Miley pronounced when asked about Taylor. “None of my friends have been important and not since of any alternative reason than I only similar to genuine people who have been vital genuine lives, since I’m desirous by them.”

A pointed shot, but a shot nonetheless. 

Miley went on to report Taylor’s organisation as a common of “musicians, actresses, models, entrepreneurs,” prior to reiterating that she prefers the association of “real” people.

This is an mention from the same talk in that Miley dissed Nicki Minaj, to illustrate environment the theatre for final night’s VMAs showdown.

To recap: in the past twenty-four hours, Miley Cyrus has hosted the VMAs, expelled a warn album, and perpetuated feuds with dual of the greatest names in music.

She can’t stop; she won’t stop. 

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As expected, it was tough to take the spotlight from Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs.

Remarkably, Kanye West managed the attainment with his weird 11-minute Video Vanguard acceptance speech, but no one else in the star-studded throng stood a probability at snatching center theatre from the dual many outsized personalities in complicated music.

Not even bust – usually the many surefire approach to grab a crowd’s courtesy – could contest with the Kanye and Miley Show.

Of course, which didn’t stop a handful of Twitter pervs from obsessing over the probability of a Selena Gomez nipple:

Selena Gomez: Nip Slip?

You can get out the magnifying potion and demeanour for yourself, but frankly, we do not see it.

Apparently, Miley’s passage trip wasn’t sufficient for a little people.

Look, we’re all for astonishing nakedness on TV, but if you’re examination an eventuality hosted by Miley Cyrus and you find yourself desperately seeking some-more skin, it competence be time to find veteran help.

Selena competence have essentially been wearing the many regressive outfit of the night, and nonetheless folks have been still seeking for a spirit of nip.

But hey, at slightest we can all determine she looked fantastic. may be that’s because her ex-boyfriend proposed great on stage.

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From Miley Cyrus sharpened fume out of her arm to Kanye West sharpened from the hip whilst usurpation the night's many critical trophy, a lot went down at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Was Justin Bieber violation down on theatre the many noted VMA scene? Nicki Minaj job Miley a really bad word?

Click by the many impressive/offensive/shocking speeches/performances/moments next and relive a show we'll never forget:

1. Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Duet at VMAs, Put Feud to Rest

Nicki minaj and taylor quick open 2015 mtv video strain awards
Feud? What feud?!? Nicki Minaj was assimilated by Taylor Swift to open the 2015 Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

2. Justin Bieber Suffers Total (Fake?) Breakdown at VMAs

Justin bieber suffers sum feign relapse at vmas
Justin Bieber didn’t only perform his brand new strain at the Video Music Awards. He pennyless down in tears shortly afterwards.

3. Kanye to Run for President!

Kanye west accepts video vanguard endowment at mtv video strain award
Kanye West accepts the prestigious Video Vanguard Award in this video. Then, he announces his skeleton to run for President!

4. Nicki Minaj SLAMS Miley Cyrus During Acceptance Speech

Nicki minaj slams miley cyrus during acceptance speech
Serious. Shade. Thrown. Nicki Minaj doesn’t only accept a Video Music Award in this speech. She says something really meant about Miley Cyrus.

5. Tori Kelly Slays First-Ever Video Music Awards Performance

Tori kelly slays initial ever mtv video strain awards performance
Tori Kelly owned the theatre at the MTV Video Music Awards. This was the most appropriate opening of the night, hands down.

6. Rebel Wilson: Police Brutality Joke Ignites VMAs Controversy

Rebel wilson military savagery fun ignites vmas controversy
Rebel Wilson done a fun about the emanate of military savagery at the VMAs. Many feel the stand up comic went as well far.

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Candice Accola has a really special reason to be vehement right about now.

The countdown to The Vampire Diaries Season 7 opener, which front on Thursday, Oct 8 at 8/7c? Not quite.

Candice Accola Pregnancy Announcement

The actuality which the singer is awaiting her initial child!!!!

The 28-year-old beauty suggested the vital hold up headlines by pity a print of her baby strike on Instagram.

The design additionally facilities her father Joe King, her dual step-children and a homemade t-shirt which says “Baby” surrounded by a heart right over her stomach.

“Sometimes a Saturday is most appropriate outlayed portrayal t-shirts and receiving an overwhelming family photo,” Accola wrote as a heading to the heartwarming image, adding:

“Happy Monday everybody! #ThatAintNoBurritoinMyBelly Thank you to the crony @softspiritstrong for entrance over and gnawing this honeyed pic.”

King is a part of of The Fray and, as you can see here, he donned a relating white T-shirt which had “SUPERDAD” created on it.

This will be the couple’s initial kid together.

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