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After a third week of performances live on ABC, the Dancing With the Stars formula have been in for the second Monday night rejecting of the 17th season.

So who’s the peculiar male (or woman) out this time around?

Dancing With the Stars Cast Pic Season 17

Combining both scores from this week’s part and open votes from final week, the Dancing With the Stars results show is harder to envision than ever.

Heading in to tonight, the Bills (Nye and Engvall) brought with them the lowest scores, and clearly the lowest prospects for more advanced to subsequent week.

The Science Guy was additionally nursing a little ripped ligaments, serve dimming his prospects. Did possibly of them warn us? Let’s get to the DWTS formula …

Bill Nye has been eliminated, with partner Tyne Stecklein.

Joining them in the bottom 3 after Hollywood Week this dusk were Christina Milian and Mark Ballas, and Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd.

The struggling Science Guy was sent home at the finish of the night.

Bill Nye on Dancing With the Stars

After nutritious an damage and ripping his quad in final week’s competition, Nye was dynamic to get on the building this week notwithstanding his doctor’s orders.

He and Stecklein danced a jazz slight to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

“There’s people here who have been operative so tough and have been so great … I’m not going to be means to keep up. What breaks my heart is which Tyne’s not going to stay in.”

Stecklein had zero but regard for her partner, whilst Nye added:

“Thank you all unequivocally much, appreciate you for gripping me in this long.”

“These alternative people have been extraordinary, it’s unequivocally been cool.”

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The preference to move Amanda Bynes from the psychiatric sentinel of a vital sanatorium to a ritzy rehab core was done for her own good, her relatives say.

Amanda Bynes Moving Rehab Centers

Amanda Bynes Moving Rehab Centers

Rick and Lynn Bynes commented on a prior inform about their daughter changeable locations 3 weeks ago and withdrawal UCLA Medical Center.

Amanda’s brand new home? The Canyon rehab trickery in Malibu.

Her parents, around profession Tamar Arminak, contend the move was suggested by the doctors at UCLA, and which she is “making good strides towards recovery.”

Sources tighten to Amanda Bynes additionally settled which the vicinity at The Canyon have been preferable to what she was experiencing at UCLA. To wit:

“Amanda was stranded with people in most worse condition than her. She was intensely scared, fearful and did not leave her evident room area.”

The counsel adds which notwithstanding the “rehab” tab of The Canyon, Amanda “is removing specialized psych care, one on one treatment, not drug rehab.”

There, the 27-year-old is means to travel around the grounds, see the Pacific Ocean and float the horses. The cost tag? Approximately $55,000 a month.

If they’ve got it and it works, value each penny.

Bynes is pronounced to be “paranoid” which luminary report media paparazzi will find her, so obviously there’s a prolonged approach to go as far as treating her illness.

She’s not wearing her wig, at least.

Wilson Kipsang didn’t only win the Berlin Marathon this weekend.

He set a brand new universe jot down in the distance, ruinous the old symbol by an extraordinary fifteen seconds.

However, the Kenyan star was incompetent to all applaud the feat at the finish line since a little simpleton ran out of the throng and pennyless the fasten first.

Even worse? The rascal was wearing a shirt which promotes an online chaperon service, as you can see in the following footage:

Idiot Ruins Record Marathon Time for Winner

Idiot Ruins Record Marathon Time for Winner

It’s misleading at the impulse either German military arrested the rule-breaking attendee.

In semi-related news, Pamela Anderson will be using the New York City Marathon this year. We disbelief she’ll mangle any record, though.

Unless… is there a symbol for Most Jiggles Over A 26.2 mile Distance?

It’s annoying sufficient to simply fool around the tuba in tall school.

So suppose being a tall propagandize tuba player who gets held in a domino-like wreck during halftime of a football game, descending to the belligerent along with most of your associate instrument-playing bandmates.

That’s just what soppy down for Austin’s Lake Travis High School Cavalier Marching Band this weekend, but on the and side? They done it on to Good Morning America as a result!

That’s some-more than we can contend for ourselves. So may be we should close the heck up. Watch footage from this on-field fumble now:

High School Band Trips, Falls Over Each Other

High School Band Trips, Falls Over Each Other

Marina Shifrin not long ago give up her pursuit in the coolest approach ever – with a video of her dancing around the bureau and describing just because she needs to quit.

The 25-year-old, who formerly worked at Next Media Animation, posted this to YouTube with one elementary summary for her boss: I’m outta here!

Marina Shifrin Quits Work, Dances to Kanye

Marina Shifrin Quits Work, Dances to Kanye

In the video, she dances around the offices of the Taiwanese animator (you’ve seen their waggish headlines reenactments) at peculiar hours of the night. She laments:

“For roughly dual years I’ve sacrificed my relationships, time and appetite for this job. And my trainer usually cares about apportion and how most views any video gets.”

“So I figured I’d have ONE video of my own.”

Shifrin told the Huffington Post in an talk which the Taiwanese work sourroundings is really opposite from the American work environment.

She got no lunch break, her trainer was all the time becoming different her report and responsibilities, and her managers unsuccessful to assistance her. So she bounced.

But not prior to creation this overwhelming video.

“I accepted it was a risk, but I never declared the association or my trainer and I mean, have you seen my dancing? How can any one take which seriously,” she said.

Shifrin pronounced her initial move is entrance behind to the U.S. After that, she skeleton on seeking for jobs at companies which worth creativity and their employees.

Seems similar to a great fit formed on this effort, and we suppose which Kanye West, whose strain “Gone” desirous her here, would authorize of her gumption.

I do not swallow ones pride for anything.

So says Miley Cyrus in a brand brand new MTV documentary patrician “Miley: The Movement,” in which the thespian is asked about all her headline-generating songs, videos and Twerks from the past couple of weeks.

Miley Cyrus on MTV

It was “a vital prohibited mess,” Cyrus pronounced of her VMA opening with Robin Thicke. “If I longed for a raunchy sex show, I wouldn’t have been ready to go as a darned bear.”

Miley additionally bristles at the idea which she’s you do anything opposite than Britney Spears or Madonna have finished in the past, asking: “How most times have you seen this fool around out in pop?” and observant she’s simply “the next” thespian to mangle out of a younger shell.

“I am really gentle with my sexuality,” she tells the network,” explaining which she indispensable to “let go of the [Hannah Montana] past” in sequence to plunge into the subsequent theatre of her career.

How come?

She can be the “bad dog I am.”

Pharrell, meanwhile, chimes in and says fans will see a total brand brand new side of Miley when “Bangerz” is expelled on Oct 8. No, not a exposed side.

“Don’t be fooled,” says the artist who worked with Cyrus on the record.. “When people have been going, ‘Why is she twerking? Why is she you do this?’ Because she is a byproduct of America.”

We’re not all certain what which means. But, hey, we’re vehement for the CD!

As for reports which Juicy J got Miley Cyrus profound … see below:

Miley Cyrus Pregnant Rumor

Miley Cyrus Pregnant Rumor

America’s Next Top Model leader Whitney Thompson is behind in the spotlight, displaying voluptuous slip in the UK for Panache Lingerie’s code brand new Sculptresse line.

This is creation headlines since it’s a plus-size, graceful pick up offering in crater sizes trimming from D to J and rope sizes trimming from 36 to 46. Take a look:

Whitney Thompson Lingerie Photo

Thompson, the initial plus-size America’s Next Top Model winner, is a healthy fit to paint a full-figured, conform brazen customer, the code says.

“I feel delicate and voluptuous when I wear the pieces, that is critical for me and alternative curvy women. It’s about time we had a pick up similar to this for the genuine woman.”

It’s transparent she’s gentle in Sculptresse, too. See some-more pics below:

  • Whitney Thompson Model
  • Whitney Thompson Photo
  • Whitney Thompson Pic
  • Whitney Thompson Picture

A 26-year-old, 5’10”, Size fourteen Floridian, Whitney Thompson additionally not long ago proposed a dating site for plus-size singles called The Big and the Beautiful.

We see a healthy tie-in with these code brand new slip items. Synergy, people.

Last night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, that returned with small pushing conflicting the Breaking Bad culmination and each alternative show, camel toe was the story.

Khloe Kardashian being the arch offender. Kourtney and Kim Kardashian called out their small sister for her consistent habit malfunction down under.

Let’s get to that and some-more in THG’s +/- recap!

Khloe on Keeping Up

Kourt reveals during a pajama celebration with friends that whilst all women have a small issues with C-toe at times, Khloe’s is out of carry out on a unchanging basis.

“We’ve all had the camel toe moments but Khloe lets the camel be shown,” Kourtney said, afterwards gives her an equipment to assistance censor it. Plus 150 for sisterly love.

“It is what it is. I have a big p–sy, I can’t carry out it,” Khloe said. Plus 150 for owning that p–sy. Minus 300 for Lamar ditching it for Polina Polonsky’s “crack.”

Speaking of Lamar, he done a short cameo, prior to his epic downward turn took place. He did appear a small out of it, but zero similar to what’s to come.

Back to Khloe, mom Kris Jenner does what any beneficial parental figure would and claims credit for the trait. “Mine looks flattering damn good,” Kris tells Khloe.

Plus 200, again, since you gotta OWN the camel toe, and since she adds that Khloe shouldn’t let her sisters action similar to they’re “the p–sy police.”

At the finish of the day Khloe declares, “I have to go behind to the mindset that if you see it, that’s my benefaction from me to you. And it’s a pleasing gift.” Holla.

Plus 200 since she coined the acronym CTC, to mount for “Cover That Camel,” and Plus 200 more since we’ve seen A LOT some-more of Kim’s.

We’re articulate about the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Plus 250.

Kris Jenner, Gun

Aside from CTC, the thesis of the night was Kim’s baby shower, that she claimed she didn’t eventuality wish as she took unconstrained selfies with her phone.

Minus 400, Kim, for being the conflicting of self-aware.

“My conceiving physically as got a lot of disastrous courtesy for me and the baby and I do not need a baby shower,” the destiny prohibited mom of North West bemoaned.

“Let me only relax and not have a small big, blown up event,” she combined and naturally, her sisters did not go along with it and naturally, Kim was pissed. 

But she altered her thoughts after saying a video of her mom’s showering featuring her late father, afterwards paid for all the equipment from the registry for herself.

“If people wish to give something they can benefaction to the children’s hospital,” she pronounced after her surprisingly free display, adding. “Kanye would similar to that.”

He would? Plus 300 in that box for their generosity.

The family afterwards acted astounded when sum of the showering were miraculously “leaked” to the media and it becomes a outrageous spectacle. Shocking.

Minus 500 for behaving similar to there was a genuine leak.

Finally, Kris and Kylie devise to draw up of Bruce Jenner’s gun, that he says his mother looks “hot” whilst holding, but he’s carrying nothing of their plan.

The devise backfires when Bruce buys Kris an additional as a present. “There will be a gun in this house, bottom line,” he insists. Bruiser FTW, and Plus 100.


She got important by using in slow-motion on the beach, Baywatch style.

But Pamela Anderson is right away creation title for her skeleton to run in a really opposite manner: but a red showering suit, but for a really great cause.

Pamela Anderson in Paris

“I’m using the New York Marathon this year and raising supports for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization,” the 46-year old Tweeted yesterday, adding:

“Together, I goal we can lift at slightest $500,000 and have a outrageous stroke in this enchanting country. Keep checking my page and Facebook and Twitter to find out about all sorts of contests I’ll be using from right away until Nov – I will give updates on my precision too.”

Why is the shapely blonde receiving to the streets of The Big Apple for 26.2 miles on Nov 3 on seductiveness of this uneasy nation?

Why not only poise for some-more charming swim suit photos?

She explained on Twitter:

“Poorest republic in the Western Hemisphere. Just a one-hour moody from Miami. How have been we not some-more involved? Desperate need for things we take for postulated – purify water, protected propagandize structures, healing facilities, puncture rooms, reforestation possibilities – conservation, education…the opportunities have been endless.

To outlay time in Haiti is to tumble in love with Haiti…It has been distressing to declare the misery between people in what should be a really abounding country…It feels great to assistance and it heals us too…I conclude your seductiveness and support.”

It should prove the huge ego of Walter White to know which he went out in a fire of record-setting glory.

The array culmination of Breaking Bad – which finished with Walt pardon Jesse, murdering a lot of Neo-Nazis and flitting divided from a gunshot wound inside a meth lab – cracked array ratings on AMC, garnering 10.3 million altogether viewers.

Breaking Bad Says Goodbye

Breaking Bad Says Goodbye

That’s an strange 300% enlarge over final year’s finale, with 6.7 million of those viewers residing in the advertiser-friendly demographic of 18-49-year olds.

Said AMC President Charlie Collier in a statement:

“Breaking Bad is simply unique. It all starts with Vince Gilligan who unequivocally usually ever asked for one thing – the event to finish the show on his own terms. That is just what Vince did final night and, as always, brilliantly so. Congratulations to Vince and to each singular chairman concerned in this conspicuous journey.

“We’re unapproachable which AMC will perpetually be well known as the hearth and home of this iconic show and, at the same time, we tip the Heisenberg shawl to the fans who done this a indeed common experience.”

Did you catch the Breaking Bad finale? Hand out a class for it now:


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