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What do you get for the Vampire Queen of Louisiana when she ties the knot? That subject is right away applicable since True Blood‘s Evan Rachel Wood got hitched to actress lover Jamie Bell!

The small rite took place on a Tuesday in California, with usually tighten family and friends in attendance. Wood’s repute reliable has reliable the marriage. 

  • An Evan Rachel Wood Image
  • Jamie Bell Image

Bell and Wood initial met about 7 years ago when on the set of Green Day’s song video for “Wake Me Up When Sep Ends.” Despite an on/off intrigue and Wood’s 2010 rendezvous to rocker Marilyn Manson, the twin reunited. Their skeleton to marry were reported in January.

“Words cannot report the complacency I am feeling. Overwhelmed,” Wood Tweeted in courtesy to the marriage.

Congratulations and we instruct these dual the really best!

Miley Cyrus is going as a informed face for Halloween this year.

And a informed conduct of hair. And donning a informed individualist wardrobe.

Indeed, the thespian has suggested her legal holiday dress around Twitter: it’s Nicki Minaj!

Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj

“You a foolish hoe,” Cyrus wrote as a heading to this photo, referencing Minaj’s strike lane of the same name.

She isn’t the usually luminary sauce as another celebrity, either, as Ellen DeGeneres creates an considerable Sofia Vergara.

How does Miley’s outfit review to which of alternative important folks? Sort by the art studio of luminary Halloween costumes right away and name yoru favorite!

We’re still removing over the shock, and so is Sabrina Bryan.

Just twenty-four hours after earning a undiluted measure on Dancing with the Stars, the thespian and partner Louis Van Amstel were voted out of the ABC competition.

Sabrina Bryan and Louis outpost Amstel: Perfect 30!

Sabrina Bryan and Louis outpost Amstel: Perfect 30!

“It sucks to go home, and nobody’s going to contend it doesn’t,” Bryan told People backstage final night.

“Obviously this is a stinger, but you move on from things similar to this. Dancing with the Stars is awesome. And yes, would I wish which damn sparkly counterpart ball? Of course. Why did I pointer up? Obviously I wish it. But at the same time, I comprehend how sanctified I am for all I have.”

Adding which she’s “grateful” for guidance from a pro such as Van Amstel, Sabrina pronounced she’s right away rooting for her “little twin,” Shawn Johnson.

“Love which girl,” she says. “Man, she’s awesome.”

But we aren’t over Bryan’s ousting yet. Do you think it was the correct call?


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Tim Tebow is nonetheless to measure as a part of of the New York Jets.

But reports have been surfacing which the next normal quarterback is scoring off the margin with singer Camilla Belle… if you know what we mean!

  • Camilla Belle Image
  • Tim Tebow Off the Field

The rumored brand new integrate was speckled out in Jacksonville Tuesday night, as Tebow and Belle bowled and partied at Latitude 30. Witnesses discuss it TMZ they were land hands via the dusk and have been “definitely an item.”

Belle, of course, famously antiquated Joe Jonas in 2009 and is presumably the lady for whom which artist left Taylor Swift. She has additionally been related in the past to Robert Pattinson.

Tebow, meanwhile, competence be the many important pure on the planet. But, hey, at slightest Belle can stare flirtatiously this video of Tim Tebow shirtless all day long.

No some-more Mr. Nice Jay?

On final night’s book of The Tonight Show, the host went generally tough after President Barack Obama on dual issues:

Barack and Jay

His doing of the disaster in Libya, where 4 Americans were killed and emails showed the White House was finished wakeful of sum it unsuccessful to fast have public.

“Well, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is back,” Leno cracked. “Not for gays in the military. It’s President Obama’s brand new process for questions about Libya. Don’t ask, do not tell.”

The new Lena Dunham debate ad in that she equates choosing by casting votes to one’s initial time carrying intercourse.

It’s kind of clever. It uses play on words to try and woo immature womanlike voters,” Leno says, office building up…

“Like one line says. ‘Your initial time shouldn’t be with only anybody. It should be with a good man who unequivocally understands women.’

But, on the alternative hand, if it is your initial time, you competence wish to do it with someone who doesn’t need 8 years to get the pursuit done.”

Boom, roasted! We consternation who Jay Leno is choosing by casting votes for on Nov 6.

Damn. Looks similar to Weight Watchers is profitable off for one former cocktail singer!

Jessica Simpson, her large bust and her darling family all got ready to go up for Halloween this year, as the 34-year old brand new mom Tweeted a shot of herself as a debauch along with the simple caption:

Happy Halloween!

Jessica Simpson Halloween Costume

Simpson has been struggling with her figure given giving bieing born to small Maxwell a couple of months ago, but it’s rsther than transparent she’s been losing weight.

The shapely blonde looks great. As for the outfit, however? Eh. Can’t contend it’s one of the the one preferred Halloween costumes ragged by celebrities this week.

Cat Woman and Aaron Cross will take to the Saturday Night Live theatre subsequent month.

The iconic blueprint humerous entertainment show voiced currently which Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner will host the program’s Nov 10 and Nov seventeen episodes, respectively.

It will symbol the actor’s initial time as speaker and Hathaway’s third go-around.

  • Anne Hathway with Short Hair
  • Jeremy Renner on the Red Carpet

Joining the Les Miserables star will be low-pitched guest Rihanna (in graduation of her manuscript “Unapologetic”), whilst Adam Levine and Maroon 5 will stick on Renner.

Louis C.K., duration hosts this Saturday and has filmed a couple of waggish promos for the installment. Watch them below:

Louis C.K. SNL Promos

Louis C.K. SNL Promos

Taylor Swift Album Sales: HUGE!

The numbers have been in and, to the warn of positively no one, Taylor Swift sole most albums over the past 7 days.

“Red” changed 1.2 million copies in the initial week of release, the top sum for any CD given Eminem’s “The Eminem Show” in 2002.

Taylor Swift Goes Red

The manuscript is additionally the initial one to mangle the one-million symbol given Lady Gaga and “Born This Way” in 2011, according to Billboard, and is the second-largest entrance for a womanlike artist ever, following the sale of 1.319 million copies of Britney Spears’ “Oops! …I Did It Again” in 2000.

In alternative words: peeps love themselves a little Taylor Swift!

Swift, meanwhile, continues to foster the heck out of “Red.” She sang her dermatitis strike about never removing behind together with a sure someone on Dancing with the Stars final night.

Oliver Stone has set his sights on both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The award-winning executive spoke to HuffPost Live yesterday and voiced impassioned fear which conjunction claimant has unequivocally addressed the subject of meridian shift in his discuss for the Presidency.

Oliver Stone Picture

“I was a small unhappy at the third discuss when conjunction of them talked about meridian carry out and the inlet of the incident on earth,” Stone said, adding of Hurricane Sandy and the measureless damage:

“I think there’s a kind of a uncanny matter entrance right after it. This is a punishment. Mother Nature cannot be ignored.”

Of course, this “storm will pass” and “the discuss will pass,” Stone said. “But unfortunately the inlet of this benefaction universe incident will not.”

Stone, who only expelled “The Untold History of the United States,” has been really vicious of the stream administration’s delay of most George W. Bush policies – but he combined in the discuss which he voted early and for Barack Obama in this election.

A span of large-breasted celebrities attempted on a span of cat costumes this month in the name of Halloween.

First, Kim Kardashian Tweeted a print of herself and her disruption in what a little would cruise a purrrr-fect outfit for the being star.

Then, Fergie went forward and did the same, giving fans a good perspective of her really flattering tail. We meant which literally, people!

Study the Halloween costumes right away and decide: Who creates the sexier feline?