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A total lot of movie fans changed in to Hotel Transylvania this weekend.

The charcterised crack – that facilities the voices of Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez, between others –  warranted $43 million in the initial 3 days, according to college of music estimates.

The figure blows divided the prior jot down for a Sep opening, that stood at $35.6 million buy Sweet Home Alabama in 2002.

Hotel Transylvania Pic

Looper, an additional VERY well-reviewed movie, additionally fared well.

Here’s a demeanour at the tip 5 from a clever integrate days:

The weekend’s Top 10 movies:

  1. Hotel Transylvania, $43 million
  2. Looper, $21.2 million
  3. End of Watch, $8 million
  4. Trouble With the Curve, $7.5 million
  5. House at the End of the Street, $7.15 million

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy got severely in to it at the BET Hip Hop Awards final night, with sources even revelation TMZ shots were dismissed in in between the parties in the parking lot after the ceremony.

Here is what reportedly went down:

  • Rick Ross at the BET Awards
  • Young Jeezy Pic

The rappers verbally and afterwards physically assaulted any alternative backstage, forcing BET confidence and bodyguards for both to step in and apart the rivals.

The rumpus afterwards spilled in to the parking lot, yet reports talk about on what went down from there.

A spokes chairman for the Atlanta Police Department confirms which “shortly after 7:15 pm Saturday, a quarrel pennyless out in the parking lot at the Atlanta Civic Center in in between dual groups.

“Atlanta Police Department officers on stage responded to mangle up the quarrel and used OC mist in the process. Individuals fled the scene. There were no arrests or reports of critical injuries. Reports of shots dismissed crop up to be untrue.”

HOWEVER, a TMZ insider maintains which a part of of Ross’ environment did, indeed, lift out a gun and glow it at slightest once.

50 Cent additionally allegedly didn’t get along good import a little rapper declared Gunplay at the event.

Says a BET rep, vaguely, about the assorted incidents:

“Due to a little misconception of name attendees, it is hapless which sure incidents took place. BET Networks does not acquit any sort of violence. Local authorities have been operative to finalise the incident as fast as possible.”

Justin Bieber Throws Up on Stage!

On the initial stop of his “Believe” debate in Glendale, Arizona, Justin Bieber gave fans a show to remember.

By queasiness on stage!

The teenage prodigy grew ill on dual opposite occasions, withdrawal the theatre any time and apologizing to the crowd. But they still cheered Justin non-stop, even when he was forced to hook over and recycle his lunch.

Watch the hapless situation take place next and Selena Gomez, greatfully get a little duck soup ready:

Justin Bieber Vomits on Stage

Justin Bieber Vomits on Stage

Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill scored equally together Martha Patterson in Charlotte, N.C.

His bandmates – brother/singer Caleb, brother/drummer Nathan, and cousin/guitarist Matthew, attended the marriage Saturday, that additionally saw Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman married.

Followill, Wife

“Marrying my most appropriate crony today,” indication Patterson wrote. “I’m the luckiest lady in the world.”

“Today, I get married. It’s the greatest step I’ve ever taken,” Jared tweeted.

Jared Followill is the fourth and last part of of the rope to get hitched.

Caleb Followill scored equally together Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge, 26, on May 12, 2011; they have been relatives to daughter Dixie Pearl, 3 months.

Nathan Followill scored equally the tangle with singer/songwriter Jessie Baylin, 28, on Nov 2009; they have been now awaiting their initial child.

Matthew Followill and musician Johanna Bennett, 27, substituted vows in Nov 2009; they have been relatives to son Knox Cameron Patrick, seventeen months.

Congratulations to Jared and Martha – and the total family!

Anne Hathaway is married!

The singer and Adam Shulman, her longtime boyfriend, scored equally the tangle Saturday night in scenic Big Sur on the California coast, with some-more than 100 guest on hand.

Anne Hathaway, Adam Shulman

The couple, who have been together 4 years, got intent final November.

Their marriage week end proposed Friday with a operation cooking at the Ventana Inn and Spa. A circuitously in isolation estate was cumulative for Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s ceremony.

Valentino supposing a law gown, the engineer reliable final week.

The marriage taste was desirous by nature, with most branches used to emanate a rite and accepting to mix in with the stately Big Sur surroundings.

Hathaway and Shulman, an actress and valuables designer, formerly distinguished their rendezvous at a celebration in New York with 125 friends and family members.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Is Ryan Gosling set to fool around the lead purpose of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Not exactly. Or at all. But the gossip indent has run furious with this one. Why?

Ryan Gosling Movie Premiere Pic

According to reports, writer E. L. James’ father Niall Leonard thinks Gosling would be undiluted and he is right away the frontrunner for the role. Only those reports aren’t accurate.

“As usual, it’s all been misreported,” she said. “What happened is which his internal paper … reported on my father being the impulse for Christian Grey.”

“Underneath, they put a design of Ryan Gosling. So, that’s how which came about.”

James, meanwhile, says she has 3-4 actors in thoughts for the erotic role, but declines to name any names. Maybe she should check out this air blower done Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

The purposes of Christian and Ana have been “a prolonged way” from being expel in the extravagantly expected movie adaptation, nonetheless Carla Gugino did measure a small but key purpose in the movie.

At the finish of the day, James told Ryan Seacrest which the total knowledge of essay the renouned books has been wild. “I wasn’t rebuilt for all this [attention],” she says.

“This total drum coaster float has been utterly mind-blowing.”

Would Gosling be mind-blowing as Christian? Vote below!


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brand brand new book and 60 Minutes’ square on him have been not sitting great with his disloyal mother Maria Shriver, with a source tighten to her job it a outrageous “blow j– for Arnold.”

Maria’s main beef, on top of the total Mildred Patricia Baena love kid thing? That 60 Minutes never contacted her for criticism on Arnold’s brand brand new discourse Total Recall.

Arnold on 60 Minutes

Arnold on 60 Minutes

According to TMZ, producers called friends of Maria final Monday, after Schwarzenegger’s 60 Minutes talk was shot, to see if she had a ubiquitous criticism about it.

The writer wouldn’t give specifics about what The Expendables 2 actress pronounced in the interview, however, or the book – which she hasn’t even seen a duplicate of.

The square was already done, and Maria Shriver had “no interest” in commenting.

A Maria source says, “The square is a blow j– for Arnold. Lesley Stahl only fawned over him … She knows the book is a big PR attempt to get behind in the public’s great graces.”

As for either Maria will review the book … do not gamble on it.

“What Maria has already been by … zero surprises her anymore,” the source says.

Arnold and Maria distant final year following revelations which he knocked up house keeper Baena some-more than a decade ago. They have 4 young kids together.

Shriver and Schwarzengger sojourn tied together … technically.

Amber Rose, her baby strike and her fiance have been all featured in the ultimate emanate of XXL.

The indication and Wiz Khalifa have been awaiting their initial kid a little time prior to the finish of the year, and the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West says she’s really ready to be a mother.

Amber Rose Pregannt Pic

“I’m going all-natural,” Rose tells the magazine. “I’ve motionless which I’m going to have an all-natural H2O birth. No medicine. I wish those showing off rights! The subsequent time Wiz has a stomachache or anything, I’ll say, ‘I popped out a baby all-natural.’”

What captivated Amber to her man?

“[H]e’s only a genuine honeyed guy,” she says. “And I only said, “You know what, I don’t caring if he’s a rapper.” I don’t caring if people say, “Oh, you’re a gold-digger.” I don’t caring if people say, “Oh, you went from one rapper to another,” or whatever.

“I love him. I don’t demeanour at him as a rapper. I demeanour at him as Cameron Thomaz, not even Wiz Khalifa. I only fell so deeply in love with him, I didn’t caring what any one says.”

That’s essentially really sweet. We say: Good fitness you two!

The October/November emanate of XXL hits newsstands on Oct 9.

Got ya, Selena Gomez!

This singer/actress, who will shortly lapse to Wizards of Waverly Place, appeared on Ellen this week and suspicion she had avoided the host’s law shock tactics.

But afterwards Selena was articulate about Justin Bieber and trips she takes with her beloved and the throng could see someone with a chainsaw unctuous up at the back of Gomez and… well…

… watch for yourself:

Selena Gomez: Scared on Ellen!

Selena Gomez: Scared on Ellen!

Forget Rock of Ages. Malin Akerman will shortly be singing Rock-a-Bye Baby.

The singer is pregnant!

Malin Akerman Photograph

The beautiful star’s repute confirms to People which she is awaiting her initial kid with father Roberto Zincone, the drummer of The Petalstones. The integrate got tied together in 2007.

Akerman has additionally starred in Wanderlust and Watchmen, but will shortly pointer on for the many critical purpose of her life: mother.