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LeAnn Rimes’ inclusive Tweeting is assumingly something her husband, Eddie Cibrian, took emanate with prolonged prior to she sought diagnosis for highlight issues.

The 30-year-old thespian voiced she has entered trickery to provide “stress and anxiety,” carrying endured a relentless, sarcastic debate of cyber-bullying.

But could LeAnn Rimes’ romantic relapse have been prevented?

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

Even yet he’s been zero but understanding of his mother by this bullying ordeal, for Eddie Cibrian, this might be an I-told-you-so-moment of sorts.

From her over-sharing about Eddie’s kids to posting large swim suit pics and chatting with fans for hours on end, the actress has prolonged been concerned.

“Eddie hates Twitter and doesn’t wish LeAnn to be on there so much,” a source tighten to the integrate said, and this was prior to the star’s breakdown.

“He would ask her to not encounter people by Twitter and longed for her to get off of there … he suspicion she was out of carry out and not means to hoop it.”

Eddie was disturbed about his wife’s communication on the Internet with fans and detractors, and for great reason, as it looks to have taken a serious toll.

Two people LeAnn claims to have lengthened an olive bend to available her illegally and posted excerpts of their review online. She’s suing.

Bottom line … Rimes’ haters need to chill out and take it down a nick or 20, but LeAnn might wish to follow Eddie’s recommendation on this one as well.


When it rains, it pours for Kristen Stewart.

The Breaking Dawn star’s parents, Jules and John Stewart, have been job it quits. The former filed for divorce on Aug 17, finale their 27-year marriage.

Jules cited unsuited differences for the split. As for the date of separation, she says they have been disloyal given behind in Jun of 2010.

They have dual sons, Taylor and Cameron, in further to Kristen.

Kristen Stewart Hairstyle

K-Stew’s relatives both work in movie prolongation Jules as a writer/director and John as a writer and theatre manager. She has not commented on the split.

The headlines comes only weeks after an event in between tied together executive Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart rocked the luminary report world.

Kristen’s deviate expected noted the finish of a storybook intrigue with Robert Pattinson, yet both have been tight-lipped given her open mea culpa.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

Deneeta Pope, the African-American ex-girlfriend of Republican V.P. carefree Paul Ryan, wants zero to do with the arriving Presidential election.

She’s additionally a Barack Obama supporter, yet she wishes Ryan well.

Ryan referred to in an talk years ago which he’s gifted injustice in partial given he has a black sister-in-law as good as a black ex-girlfriend.

This came up again not long ago after a little of Ryan’s policies have been criticized – sincerely or differently – as unpropitious to the African-American community.

Deneeta Pope has given been ID’d … and wishes she hadn’t been.

Deneeta Pope PhotoPaul Davis Ryan

Pope pronounced yesterday, a day after Paul Ryan’s acceptance debate at the RNC, “I’m not meddlesome in talking. I do not know because everybody is calling.”

“I’m newly tied together and would only similar to to be left alone.”

Deneeta did verbalise quickly on the newly-minted V.P. hopeful, though, revelation the Daily Mail which whilst she stays an fervent Barack Obama backer, she can’t assistance but hearten for the #2 male on the GOP 2012 sheet at the same time.

Pope, 40, said, “I am in truth a Democrat. That’s no secret. But nonetheless I have a opposite domestic organisation to Paul, I await him and instruct him success.”

“Paul is a really good guy, a kind man and a family guy.”

Daneeta says which she stays in hold with the Wisconsin Congressman; Paul and his wife, Janna Ryan, were even invited to Pope’s marriage in May.

Wonder if she has a Paul Ryan shirtless pic or dual of her own.

Election 2012:

Michael Jackson’s kids Paris, Prince and Blanket threw out the initial representation at a teenager joining ball diversion in Gary, Ind., along with MJ’s sister La Toya.

The King of Pop’s 3 young kids done the outing to their father’s hometown on Thursday to applaud what would have been Michael Jackson’s 54th birthday.

Prince Michael, 15, Blanket, 10, and Paris Jackson, 14, any took the pile to flog off the Gary Southshore Railcats ball game. Check it out:

Michael Jackson Kids Throw Out First Pitches 

Michael Jackson Kids Throw Out First Pitches

“We’re here in Gary, and it’s a brand new knowledge for us. People have been so good here,” Prince said. “It’s extraordinary how most he was reputable and loved.”

Everywhere they go, the 3 kids enthuse zero but the same feelings as people see how well-adjusted and good they have been – notwithstanding all they’ve been through.

MJ would be proud.

Backstreet’s back, alright.

For the initial time in 6 years, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean and Kevin Richardson reunited as the 5 Backstreet Boys achieved live on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert array in New York’s Central Park.

The quintet sang “Incomplete,” “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” Check out their GMA reunion unison next and see what you think:

The Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America 

The Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America

Afterward, the show’s headlines anchor, Josh Elliott, referring to absent co-host Robin Roberts – who on Thursday both over the show to proceed healing treatments and mislaid her mother, 88-year-old Lucimarian – said, “Robin, which one was for you.”

Be well, Robin, and stay strong.

The Honey Badger is one crazy, nasty donkey creature. As one extravagantly renouned and waggish video once warned us, you do NOT wish to disaster with this animal.

He doesn’t give a you-know-what. He will simply take you and yours down!

Remind you of an additional (unfortunately) dear specimen? One whose recognition continues to tower and who might consequence some-more votes than the Republican hopeful for President?

Yes, we’re articulate about Honey Boo Boo and her scary similarities to the Honey Badger. See what we meant in the following video:

Honey Badger Meets Honey Boo Boo 

Honey Badger Meets Honey Boo Boo

Britney Spears is NOT ready for the finish of summer.

The cocktail star has done this transparent with a integrate of swim suit photos of late, and whilst we share which sentiment, Labor Day is unequivocally usually the unaccepted finish … generally if you live in SoCal with the year-round regard and sunshine. But we get the point.

“Having a little fun in the sun… do not wish summer to be over” she Tweeted yesterday afternoon, presenting this pic to some-more than 19,900,000 followers:

Britney Spears Green Bikini Pic

The prior Britney Spears swim suit pic we posted voiced a identical perspective of life. With the X Factor starting up, she is going to be most busier soon.

Speaking of, check out the brand new Britney-centric promo. Dare we contend it … the lady looks similar to she competence be flattering interesting on the Fox competition:

X Factor Promo: Best of Britney 

X Factor Promo: Best of Britney

Full speed… behind?

Following a matter from Summit Entertainment in which the college of music pronounced it was relocating “full speed ahead” with the strange outline for the arriving Breaking Dawn press debate – notwithstanding a sure publicized dissection – skeleton crop up to have changed.

Ashley Greene might be stepping in for Kristen Stewart.

Image of Ashley Greene

“The studio’s land out to see if [Robert Pattinson and Stewart] get behind together,” an insider tells The New York Post. “But I do not think any one is promissory note on which happening… At this point, the press plan would have been mapped out. It’s customarily unequivocally organized, but at this time it’s undecided.”

With assorted premieres set to take place around the nation and the world, management team could simply separate Stewart and Pattinson up. Greene would afterwards crop up to one side the actress for interviews and junkets.

She couldn’t be a bigger air blower of Rob, revelation The Daily Mail a integrate years ago which the star “has been one of my greatest inspirations. As a person, he’s not similar to any one I’ve ever met in Hollywood, and as an actress he’s a finish natural. He has no ego.”

Sorry, Kristen, but which unequivocally does crop up to be true. You’ve mislaid one of the unequivocally great eggs here.


Clint Eastwood’s Invisible Obama slight was the speak of the 2012 Republican National Convention, and it held the courtesy of the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Before Mitt Romney’s RNC debate final night, the actor, executive and fervent GOPer done a wayward debate that featured him articulate to “Obama” in an dull chair.

The President’s response? A design – sent from @BarackObama, run by his debate – of him sitting in a chair noted The President. The caption: “This seat’s taken.”

The President

Eastwood’s unusual debate now spawned memes galore, not to discuss an @InvisibleObama Twitter account, that already has some-more than 47,000 followers.

No word if Clint and/or Mitt have friended the invisible POTUS on there, but his bit – for improved or worse – was undoubtedly a prominence of the RNC.

“So I’ve got Mr. Obama sitting here … Mr. President, how do you hoop promises you’ve made?” the 82-year-old Oscar leader asked the chair at one point.

You can see for yourself next … but spoiler alert, it gave no response.

Clint Eastwood Republican National Convention Speech 

Clint Eastwood Republican National Convention Speech

Decision 2012:

Kim Kardashian has an critical summary for her Facebook and Twitter fans: demeanour at my large breasts!

The being star has posted a span of brand new photos to her amicable networking comment over the final integrate days, and any gives group around the universe a reason to go on following her. Two reasons, really…

Kim Kardashian at WorkKim Kardashian, Snack Trays

Kardashian, who essentially hopes for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame someday, has been posting self-portraits similar to it’s her commercial operation this summer. Because, let’s face it, this is her business.

Sometimes, she’s only posing in a bikini. Other times, she’s sanctimonious to try on a marriage dress.

But each time she’s creation a ton of income off sponsors and supporters who someway think they have been essentially Kim’s friend.