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Back prior to he won American Idol, Lee DeWyze did a small bit of flirting with the dim side. In fact, her available Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People and left the strange lyrics untouched. Which equates to there was utterly a bit of impiety involved. While his delivery is some-more John Mayer than Marilyn Manson, the strain never done the cut on any of Lee’s old albums.

Times have of march altered and DeWyze’s old jot down tag has only expelled Lee’s delivery of “Beautiful People” — rounded off one year after Lee available it behind in Chicago.

Let us know what you think of it.

Kristen Stewart has been at the core of debate in American this week.

First, she compared the paparazzi to rapists and took her loathing of celebrity to a new, low level.

Then, she debuted on the FHM list of the Sexiest Women in the World, all the approach at number-six. Think this ranking was deserved?

Stewart hasn’t been around to answer questions about these developments, however, since she’s travelling the creation compelling Eclipse. The singer and co-star Taylor Lautner many not long ago answered questions at a Q&A event in Australia. Cute pics follow…

Down Under Stars

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner PictureDoing PromotionSmiling in SydneyTaylor PoseLucky Fans

[Photos: Splash News]

Think Kim Kardashian has an easy life? Just cruise the formidable final couple of days this being star has endured…

First, she had to arise up and hoard page views for her blog by posing with nephew Mason.

Then, she was forced to mount to one side her sisters on the cover of Vegas magazine.

From there, it was off to a Shape print shoot, where Kim stood around in a swim suit whilst organisation members scrambled and essentially were put to work all around her.

After that, she was a guest star at the Indy 500 and acted for photographs on the red runner of an Atlantic City event.

For all these efforts, Kim had to verbalise nary a word or show off a singular bent – and she expected pocketed over one million dollars. Consider yourself warned, readers:

THG might have to shortly star in the own sex tape. After all, the small action of removing railed by Ray J can outcome in a prolonged career as… a veteran celebrity. Relive Kim’s week below.

Another Bikini Picture

Kim in Atlantic CityShape PhotoVery Much in Shape

At Indy 500Vegas GirlsCute Nephew

Lauren Conrad: Summer Style Star

We cover a lot of luminary conform all-stars, but if you had to collect a star to emulate, you can’t go wrong incorporating elements of Lauren Conrad’s summer style.

Not usually can she skirt for any occasion, her simple philosophies on accessories (sunscreen is #1) and makeup (less is more) have been shining in their simplicity.

Contrast which with Heidi Montag and her ilk, or even to a obtuse extreme, the most celebrities who feel they need to churn on covering on covering of makeup 24/7.

Rather than the bimbo route, take your cues from a lady who knows how to do some-more with less, but still manages to demeanour in vogue in a far-reaching accumulation of looks …

LC the Cutie

SoCal local Lauren Conrad knows how to skirt for summer.

She’s a healthy beauty, that’s for certain. For some-more on the former Hills star’s most warm-weather looks, click to increase tons some-more Lauren Conrad cinema …

Conrad CutenessA Lauren Conrad Bikini PhotoKiller ConradBlue BeautyLC Fashion LineLauren on the BeachLC HairstylesBlue and PurpleLauren Conrad and Kyle Howard PictureLauren Conrad at Spencer-Heidi Wedding

The not wholly intolerable break-up of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt has nonetheless to beget a grave reply – or even a heading Tweet – from the latter.

Some rebuke the headlines as an additional PR stunt, but TMZ pennyless the story citing tighten sources, together with Heidi’s own rep, observant things had turn relocating of late.

Stunt or not, it looks similar to she’s relocating on.

“This is going to be the most appropriate summer of my life!!!!” Heidi Tweeted, and an old companion / The Hills co-star claims the ‘Tag’s summer skeleton have been already in place.

“Heidi and I have been relocating in to a Malibu beach residence this summer,” pronounced Jen Bunney, who adds which she and Heidi Montag will be filming a brand new being show.

“We’re unequivocally vehement to do girly things and show people who we unequivocally are, which we’re unequivocally fun, honeyed and constant girls.” So constant you embankment your husband?

Jen Bunney PicNot Heidi Pratt

BRING BACK THE BUNNEY: Heidi Montag reportedly will – to hold up and TV.

Jen Bunney combined which Speidi have been not “legally” separated, but “she is relocating in with me. It’s only her being means to have a little leisure from marriage.”

Sounds similar to a subdivision to us … we think. Even yet Heidi not long ago admitted she has no friends, it looks similar to she has at slightest one. A great one, too.

“Our show is going to concentration on the friendship, removing by things with any alternative similar to matrimony things and beloved stuff,” adds the Bunney, rivetingly.

Friday, Heidi’s repute pronounced she was relocating out “due to all the feign bad press which Spencer Pratt controls” and “wants to concentration on her behaving career” alone.

Probably for the best. Things were removing bad.

The integrate hired ex-Marines to ensure their L.A. home, outlayed $400,000 on recovering crystals and even called the cops on Heidi’s mom, Darlene Egelhoff.

Whose side have been you on?

Did Lindsay Lohan essentially take a spirit and comprehend she needs to equivocate the menagerie of enablers, leeches, hangers-on and altogether low lives which approximate her?

If so, she owes her ankle ornament on the arm a big appreciate you.

The uneasy star eventually satisfied she needs to equivocate “those people,” i.e. the ones formulating outrageous temptation, according to confidants. Not a impulse as well soon.

Lindsay is spending the prolonged week end with a tighten crony by the beach in Venice, Calif. Why? “She needs to get divided from which stage … and she knows it.”

Yeah, we’ve listened which prior to – but here’s hoping.

Lindsay on the Mend?

Is Lindsay severely on the mend? [Photo:]

For Lohan, it’s her own friends as most as the clubs which emanate the risk of relapse – and interjection to a hard-ass judge, which relapse would meant prison now.

“The people who cling to around her have been such moochers, and bad energy,” says one friend. “She needs to cut them out and I think she’s starting to realize.”

As for what Lindsay Lohan is doing? Sleeping, shopping, examination TV and movies. Interestingly, some-more than one chairman says she desperately needs sleep.

Riding the rails for months at a time will do that.

People tighten to her contend it’s really as well early to tell, but Lindsay has at slightest at the moment incited a dilemma and is healthier than she’s been “in a prolonged time.”

We’re pulling for her! Lindsay Lohan belongs in

Dennis Hopper longed for really bad to divorce mother Victoria and indicted her of wanting him dead. Now which he is, will she get the Hollywood iconoclast’s money?

The 74-year-old actress might have died peacefully over the weekend, but the fight over his estate might be anything but, interjection to his marrying Victoria Hopper.

More specifically, interjection to his incapacity to divorce her in time.

Dennis had been desperately perplexing to finish the matrimony – he filed for divorce in Jan – but time ran out and the subdivision was not last when he passed.

Under their prenup, Victoria gets twenty-five percent of Dennis’ happening and a $250,000 hold up word payout – if they were tied together and vital together when he died.

Victoria Hopper Picture

Dennis did not have great things to contend about Victoria Hopper by the end.

That second partial is vicious given Victoria has been vital in a apart residence … on the same skill as Dennis. The clarification of a authorised gray area.

Victoria Hopper will certainly disagree which given she was on the property, she was in truth vital with Dennis, and is to illustrate entitled to the big monetary payout.

Dennis’ tall powered profession Joe Mannis would not be astounded in the least, observant “She pronounced she would plea it, and I entirely design her to do so.”

His side could opposite which Victoria Hopper attempted to have him killed … a teenager hurdle. Victoria’s purported methods of offing Dennis never did come to light.

The probate conflict over the estate should proceed any day now.

Celine Dion: Pregnant with Twins!

Celine Dion’s heart will go on. Now her DNA will as well. 

The singer’s mental condition to enhance her family has eventually come true, as the 42-year-old became profound with twins after undergoing her sixth in-vitro fertilization bid.

She sadly had a premature birth late final year, but she additionally incited to pain-killer to urge her chances of a pregnancy, her repute confirms. Looks similar to it worked

Dion, mother to 9-year-old son René-Charles, is fourteen weeks along. She will find out the gender subsequent month. “We’re ecstatic,” her husband/manager René Angelil said.

“Celine is only anticipating for a full of health pregnancy. She was anticipating for one baby and the headlines which we have been carrying dual is a stand in blessing!”

Celine Dion, Husband

Congratulations to Celine Dion and René Angelil!

KLCB12SCO3_0013Here’s Miley Cyrus during her opening at Rock in Rio in Portugal on Saturday (May 29) and if you’ve ever wondered what hillbilly porn would demeanour similar to on stage, this is as tighten as you’d get. Ok, may be a couple of cousins have been blank from the stage, and them slip certain looks to be costly and all, but the rest is as it should be. Including Billy Ray in the assembly yelling “honey, show them grub moves dad taught you. Oh, and do which pretence where you pick up them dollar bills from the building but regulating your hands! Oh, yeah, that’s my baby girl!”.


Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is confronting allegations of passionate attack and battery after being indicted of grabbing a make-up artist whilst wearing a peaked chest plate.

A polite legal case has been filed in Los Angeles by Victoria Jackson who claims he groped her when she was operative for ESPN Sports Center whilst he was wearing one of his Kiss costumes.

She purported which Simmons approached her in “a lascivious and inapt manner” observant “I similar to you”. He afterwards shook her hand, grabbed and hugged her, with his costume’s peaked chest image jabbing her in the face, she claimed.

After she resisted his embrace, Jackson claimed, Simmons proposed harsh in to her, afterwards eventually expelled her.

Jackson described the purported situation as “degrading, intolerable and humiliating”.

Simmons’ spokesman, Allan Mayer, pronounced pronounced the thespian “categorically denies” the allegations and Jackson is perplexing to get “compensation from him for nonexistent injuries”.

He pronounced his dress was similar to a fit of panzer division and would have done it unfit for him to grub in to Jackson.

“Mr. Simmons intends to urge himself aggressively and looks brazen to refuting Ms. Jackson’s charges in the courtroom,” he said.