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Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp has been a Hollywood star that has anxious audiences with his infrequently quirky, infrequently eccentric, infrequently droll and infrequently thespian roles. You never know just what you will get with Johnny Depp and nonetheless he has never won an Academy –>
 Award, he has been nominated 3 times and has won a Golden Globe to go along with his People’s Choice Award collection. Here have been his all-time most appropriate films:Top Ten Johnny Depp Movies- #1: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003): Johnny Depp was incited down from the Matrix movie since he was suspicion to be incompetent to pull audiences for a big bill flick. Depp shows that he can in truth lift a big bill movie and strech mainstream audiences whilst still gripping with his repute of being anything but boring. This Disney movie has stellar performances from an roughly different expel and an unrecognizable Johnny Depp whose description of Jack Sparrow is innovative. Depp warranted his initial Academy Award assignment for this. The movie was fun, desirous and left audiences wanting more…but be clever of what you instruct for as it led to a little hideous sequels.Top Ten Johnny Depp Movies- #2: Edward Scissorhands (1990): The movie is lively and overwhelming to demeanour at. It is the strangest of love stories that never gets old and can be watched over and over. This rare movie showed how interesting the afterwards immature Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp could be in a story that Beauty and Beast has zero on. The movie is so great that it desirous a droll Seinfeld part and a classical porn movie (or so I hear).Top Ten Johnny Depp Movies- #3: Finding Netherland (2004): The behaving in this movie is tip nick as Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp emanate the sort of sorcery together that is estimable of a story full of grace as it retraces the roots of Peter Pan. This movie warranted Johnny Depp a good deserved Academy Award nomination, that was his second.

While Kim Kardashian is already seeking forward to 2011, around a hide look at her calendar, she’s additionally formulation for a successful 2010.

On the final day of the year, Kim has taken to her blog and voiced her resolutions for the twelve months ahead. Kardashian writes:

My New Year’s fortitude is to stay fit, examination harder and try to eat healthier. I would additionally similar to to have some-more time for my family and friends!

That final one could infer difficult. After all, Kim is all the time bustling blogging, station on red carpets and anticipating tops which intensify her breasts.

Kim Kiss

Do you have any resolutions, THG readers?

Lady Gaga Suffers Flower Attack

Bankruptcy. Heartbreak. Rumors which she is a hermaphrodite. Flowers hurtling by the air and distinguished her in the head. Nothing can confuse Lady Gaga!

During her opening of “Poker Face” in Atlanta, Ga., Tuesday, the thespian was strike upside the conduct with a fragrance of flowering plants from an overexcited fan.

She hardly even reacted. These things occur when you’re Lady Gaga.

Check out the droll shave next (the floral attack happens around the one-minute mark) and see the powerhouse actor only shrug it off …

Gaga Gets Domed

Have a Happy New Year, Everyone!!


For those of you but plain skeleton for toll in the New Year (and by “solid” we meant anything which doesn’t engage reheated pizza or Chinese take-out and chewed up old porn magazines-hey your dog can have fun with nipples too), here’s Alessandra Ambrosio’s epic Vogue print fire to hearten you up. Seriously, if these cinema ever dead from the internet it would be the homogeneous of a hulk black hole sucking in the souls and branch them in to a million damaged pieces…that’s how absolute it is.


Here’s Christina Aguilera during a brand new selling outing sporting her brand new hairdo and a neck permanent skin stain of her own name which she substantially got so which Dopey The Dwarf (we’re articulate about her husband) does not inapplicable designation her for Lady Gaga when he tries to have little sex with her, and to illustrate get all excessively sensitive and frightened and redress his thimble of a penis…but we’re only guessing here.


For those which contend Hollywood usually produces bad purpose models, we desire to differ. Here’s George Clooney still lounging around in Mexico subsequent to a 24/7 bikini-clad Elisabetta Canalis checking out alternative bikini-clad chicks with his binoculars and spasmodic receiving a mangle to boink Elisabetta in the swimming pool, on the hacienda’s porch, in the hot-tub, at the back of the garden’s cacti…somebody stop us, we can go all day with this!

And for those whose sexual organs have been prolonged burnt down to remains and flashed down the toilet similar to a passed fish by their amatory wives or partners, here’s your purpose model: Brad Pitt lugging around the spawns of his inebriated sperms and the alternative discovered small slaves he calls his UNICEF group in frozen temperatures in NYC to watch Angelina fire her brand new movie, Salt.

The usually thing in usual these dual have these days is the uncontrolled white-haired beards they have been sporting. Period.


Miley Cyrus took initial mark (42 percent of votes) in a check for AOL’s (Just So You Know) website directed at 9-15 year-olds, pulling Britney Spears and Kanye West in to second and third places, respectively, in a territory on misfortune luminary influences of the year.

Which positively baffles the resting minds since we can’t think of any bona fide reason for all this hatin’. Poor thing usually done a 20-year old indication think of hold up for a flattering child at the back of bars each singular day (especially on after-church Sundays), mocked the “slanty eyed” Asians, pole-danced on a teenager awards show, and got a permanent skin stain underneath her jailbait boob.

Here she is at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England on Monday molesting a container trolley (hey, if it looks similar to a stripper stick and functions similar to a stripper pole, since let it go to waste, right daddy?) and using around with churned thickk cream drizzling down her arm (because she’s so not in to giving already guilty-ridden group ideas on what to do during their gangling time) when a antic she pulled on one of her dancers backfired…just since we’re perplexing unequivocally tough to infer the bias of it all.

PS to Kanye West: Better fitness subsequent year. Drunken attacks directed at trusting white small girls don’t appear to cut the grained mustard these days.


Megan Fox has been declared the WORST singer of 2009 violence Beyonce in a check conducted by Tranformers:Revenge of the Fallen was additionally voted Worst Movie of 2009, followed by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno.

While we have been peaceful to plead which examination Megan action is the inventive homogeneous of violation in to her residence and examination her poo, here’s a small representation of cinema which infer because we’re all peaceful to put up with her psycho brain, her diarrhea-filled latrine of a mouth and her behaving skills which have us instruct they never did divided with wordless movies.

You might never essentially reside on Pennsylvania Avenue, but many Americans contend they wouldn’t thoughts vital subsequent doorway to Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Bo.

President Obama, his mother and dual daughters came out on tip of a new check which asked people who would be their many fascinating luminary neighbor.

On the alternative finish of the nearby resident spectrum?

A being star similar to Octomom and her fourteen kids, or Jon and Kate Gosselin and their fruit of 8 would be a big spin off, according to the spontaneous survey.

In associated news, Amy Winehouse is unstable.

The First Family Picture

THEY’RE #1: Politics aside, the Obamas certain appear similar to good people!

Barack and Michelle Obama were followed by Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi, who scored equally with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and family at #2.

The check by genuine estate site additionally found which luminary family groups with large broods, similar to unchanging people, were deemed the misfortune expected neighbors.

Nadya Suleman, the singular mother who this year combined octuplets to her existent fruit of six, surfaced the misfortune luminary nearby resident check with seventeen percent.

Octomom was followed by Jon and Kate Gosselin, who opportunely have been no longer together. Or unfortunately, as their awfulness has right away branched out.

Solo ActNadya Suleman PictureJon G. Pic

KEEP OUT: No one wants to live subsequent to these people.

In a thoughtfulness of her polarizing nature, former Republican V.P. contender Palin was a renouned choice, but additionally came in third in the misfortune nearby resident category.

She was no compare for Octomom or Jonny Boy, though.

Amy Bohutinsky, V.P. of communications, astutely remarkable which “Apparently Americans have been against to vital subsequent doorway to a fruit of immature children, quite those which come with a radio organisation and paparazzi.”

Paris Hilton

Proving that Doug Reinhardt is a eccentric illegitimate with a illusion for enormous feet and murky vaginas in apocalyptic need of a super-pumped car wash, or at the really slightest a great vacuuming, Paris Hilton energetically common the report with Hello Magazine that she’s not the usually sow pity a bed with him and that a certain micro-pig called Miss Piglette provides the fry pig in their each night sandwich.

Other notable report from her interview:

Her 6 dogs have their own Yuletide tree in their two-tiered home (which we’re certain they adorn by pissing on it a dozen times a day)

She has a stripper stick in her palace ‘That sees a lot of movement at my parties.’ ‘You can’t get Hugh Hefner off it when he comes turn – he has the continuation of someone in his twenties.’ (and by “can’t get him off of it” she equates to paramedics have to chase his fractured physique tools from the stick each time he attempts to lift a leg past the 2-inch threshold).

Seriously, because this lady hasn’t been lonesome by Time repository in a 20-page underline is over us.