It was a week which featured the recover of one sex-crazed star from rehab (Tiger Woods), along with some-more revelations about an additional (John Edwards).

Below, we relate the highs, low and ubiquitous hysterics from the final couple of days in the luminary report world…

  • Tiger Woods is a giveaway man. Hide your bubbly beverage waitresses!
  • Tila Tequila left Twitter, afterwards returned dual days after and pronounced she’s you do her feign baby daddy.
  • Jake had a little difficulty when he strayed from evidence cards on this week’s book of The Bachelor.
  • We met brand new American Idol hopefuls, such as Haeley Vaughn and Didi Benami.

Tiger GrimacesDear John Edwards ...

Two group which were on tip of the world… prior to they got on tip of anything with breasts.

  • Michael Irvin was sued for rape.
  • Jon Stewart supposing a singular voice of reason on Fox News.
  • Note to Mel Gibson: You’re the a$$hole.
  • The Jersey Shore expel needs a place to live.

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