We’ve come to the finish of the year, THGers, and with it, The Hollywood Gossip’s epic, prestigious, arbitrary, 8th Annual Celebrity of the Year countdown.

In reflecting on the year which was, we’ve paid reverence to the 10 celebs who supposing us with the most appropriate moments, stories, scandals and altogether entertainment.

What a organisation we’ve been absolved sufficient to cover, too.

Earlier, we kicked off the countdown with Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Princess Elsa, the Selfie, and Kim Kardashian (obvi).

Teresa Giudice warranted the bronze medal, and Justin Bieber’s epic begin to this year, and downward turn in general, was great sufficient for the runner-up spot.

That brings us to a talented, charismatic and pleasing immature lady who went from luminary to even bigger superstar, and was indeed unequaled in 2014.

THG’s Celebrity of the Year leader … Ms. Taylor Swift!

19 Essential Taylor Swift GIFs
Taylor Swift Twerking

1. Taylor Swift Twerking
Taylor Swift Twerking and harsh opposite Taylor Swift in an extraordinary GIF mashup of Taylor Swift photos.

We’d love to contend which this ungainly immature lady is dancing (or twerking, gyrating, or whatever which is) similar to no one is examination in the GIF above, but come on.

EVERYone is examination Taylor Swift these days.

She remained rather out of the headlines in early 2014, but afterwards done the idealisation late-year pull after releasing her initial cocktail album, 1989, in late October.

The manuscript sole one million copies in usually a week.

It resulted in a span of number-one singles, “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” and netted the 25-year-old an additional Billboard Woman of the Year honor.

It additionally placed Swift precisely in the spotlight.

She appeared on mixed repository covers. She achieved on The Voice and at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She strike the American Music Awards stage.

Taylor Swift Magazine Covers: She’s Everywhere!
Taylor Swift on British Cosmopolitan

1. Taylor Swift on British Cosmopolitan
Taylor Swift covers this emanate of British Cosmopolitan. Inside, she talks to the repository about dating, sexism and a lot more.

Swift has been everywhere over the past integrate of months – nonetheless no one appears to be ill of her, which competence be her biggest fulfilment of all.

Chalk it up to her self-deprecating dance moves.

Her smile. Her familiar singles. Her tangible talent.

Whatever the reason(s), Swift is so dear which Lady Gaga would have sex with her and everybody from companionship brothers to Kelly Clarkson seems to venerate her.

In an poliarizing cocktail enlightenment epoch during which air blower bases have been mostly at odds, Swift has managed to mangle all the approach through. Simply put, everybody loves her!

So as we lick 2014 goodbye tonight, lift a potion to the Celebrity of the Year, readers. Dance awkward. Strum your guitar. Write a strain about a neglected ex.

Taylor Swift might have expelled 1989 this year, but no one can repudiate the actuality which she essentially owned 2014. The usually question: What will she do for an encore!?

27 Taylor Swift Dancing Gifs from “Shake It Off”
Bring It On

1. Bring It On
What do you have to contend about cheerleaders NOW, Taylor?

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