Welcome, readers of The Hollywood Gossip, to the Week in Review.

Below, we take a demeanour behind at a little of the LOL moments, outbursts and headlines stories which done this week one of the many appropriate we can recollect … this month.

Some highlights from the past 7 days:

  • In a move which spawned concept critique and some-more than one waggish parody, and will certainly show up him for years, Kanye West hjiacked Taylor Swift’s debate with a martial harangue at the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • West apologized many times and Swift accepted, but you know it’s bad when the President of the United States calls you a burro off the jot down prior to giving an interview, afterwards doesn’t even get any slam for it.
  • In alternative VMA news, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s opening of “Empire State of Mind” was really, unequivocally good. So moving, in fact, which Lil Mama motionless to pile-up it. We have no thought who which is, but it was funny.
  • Also funny? Stephanie Pratt’s cosmetic surgery. Yikes.

Kanye West and Jay Leno

Jay Leno asks what all of America is meditative … WTH, Kanye?!

  • Jon Gosselin’s ex-nanny, Stephanie Santoro, says Jon had sex with her 9 times at his residence during their short fling, afterwards asked her to distortion about it.
  • He denied those claims, as good as accusations from ex-wife Kate Gosselin (a.k.a. Katezilla) which he brought Hailey Glassman to encounter the children.
  • On a certain note, Jon is reportedly entrance out with a brand brand new wardrobe line, called Douchebag Gosselin Gear, whilst Kate’s brand brand new braid is not awful!
  • Khloe Kardashian klaims to be removing tied together soon.
  • Chris Brown picks up trash, afterwards gets called out by Tila.
  • O.J. is all a murderer, partner Christie Prody says.
  • How low can Katie Price go? No clue, but flattering low.
  • Kevin Skinner has the many bent in all of America.
  • A propitious coyote ate Jessica Simpson’s dog for dinner.
  • OMG: An lengthened New Moon trailer was unveiled.
  • Rob and Kristen have been additionally removing tied together … on set.