Rihanna Fired as Face of Nivea

Rihanna has been nixed as the face of Nivea products.

No specific reason or movement was cited as the reason, but Stefan Heidenreich, the conduct of the brand, obviously isn’t a big air blower of the argumentative singer.

Heidenreich publicly voiced condemnation with the skin caring line’s preference to have the voluptuous star as the open face, observant “Rihanna is a no-go.”

Topless Rihanna Pic

“I do not assimilate how to move the core code of Nivea in and with Rihanna. Nivea stands for trust, family and reliability,” he added.

Heidenreich told the singer’s ads shot final year – see one of the all-time the one preferred Rihanna cinema on top of – should have never been released.

Ouch. Tell us how you unequivocally feel.

For her part, Rihanna responded by posting a general conduct shot of Heidenreich on her Twitter with the caption, “No heading necessary.”

So, yeah. That about sums it up.

We saw the promotional pics yesterday, how here’s the genuine deal: the vibrant, sexually-charged brand new video for Rihanna’s newest singular “Rude Boy.”

Mad plunder shakin’, come-hither looks and cocktail art in the character of Andy Warhol have been featured. As have been a little sincerely weird images and revealing lyrics.

Rihanna singing “Come here bold boy, boy, is you big enough?” While she’s roving several, um, well-endowed mammals as a lion and a zebra?

Let’s goal Matt Kemp measures up to her expectations…

Rihanna: Rude Boy

What do you think of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video?

Rihanna: W Magazine Cover Girl

In Feb 2009, Rihanna reluctantly acted for a reduction afterwards glamorous print fire down at the Los Angeles military station. She could hardly open her eyes at the time.

What a disproportion a year makes.

Her attribute with Chris Brown is a thing of the past, she’s got a brand brand new manuscript out and rock climbing the charts, and RiRi is flat-out sizzling on the cover of W Magazine.

Matt Kemp is one propitious fella …

Rihanna W CoverBlack and W

Of her brand brand new album, Rated R, she says it’s suitably titled.

“This was a opposite sort of jot down for me. It was unequivocally personal; it was from me in the most accurate way. It’s similar to a movie, as a result the title,” Rihanna explains.

“When I was creation this album, each day I was in a opposite mood. Sometimes I was pissed off, infrequently miserable. Every strain brings out a opposite story.”

As with most Rihanna cinema we’ve come opposite lately, she looks pissed off, a small miserable and utterly vast … but hot! Click to increase …

Tough as NailsR and B StarRiRi ToplessRiRi in WTopless RihannaThumb Sucker

Rihanna was strike by her beloved in 2009. Matt Kemp strike twenty-six home runs for the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to brand brand new rumors, they’re attack it off together!

A brand brand new inform says RiRi rang in the New Year in Dubai with her brand brand new beau, who is some-more than ready and peaceful to assistance her strew her uneasy attribute past.

Hollywood Life cites a source who says Matt Kemp followed Rihanna to Abu Dhabi for a gig in the United Arab Emirates. There, they were seen removing cozy.

“Rihanna and Matt have been starting to get critical – he even followed her to Dubai for New Year’s,” an insider said. “Rihanna likes him since he’s a gentleman.”

“And really voluptuous too!”

Insane Rihanna CleavageMatt Kemp Picture

Is Matt Kemp encircling the bases with Rihanna?

A voluptuous lady he might be, but we can discuss it you for a actuality they were not in Dubai on New Year’s Eve. This is since we know just where Rihanna was:

Times Square. On live television, behaving with Jay-Z.

Not really great intel from this “source,” if Rihanna was seen in the many manifest mark on the planet. Unless we’re ostensible to hold they have been in Dubai now.

We’re gonna go with a resounding no on either we buy this. But hey, it creates for fun Rihanna report when she’s related to a pointless pro contestant each so often.

Right, Rashard Lewis?

Even if this past year has been one she’d rsther than dont think about for most reasons, Rihanna has been declared one of Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year for 2009.

Continuing a array of interviews this week to foster her arriving album, Rated R, Rihanna opens up to the repository about her heartless Feb beating.

As we all know by now, the infamous conflict perpetrated by then-boyfriend and “first love” Chris Brown was one of the greatest celeb headlines stories of the year.

One which she says “taught me so much.”

“I went to nap as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears,” the 21-year-old thespian says. “That was the turn of media disharmony which happened the subsequent day.”

“It was like, wait, what, there have been helicopters encircling my house? There have been 100 people in my cul-de-sac? What do you mean, I can’t only go behind home?”

Rihanna Glamour Cover

Rihanna: Glamour’s brand new cover girl.

Rihanna says she was “humiliated” by vivid photos of her painful face which leaked onto the web in the issue of Brown pummeling her senseless.

“That is not a print you would show to anybody,” she says. “I felt utterly taken value of … as if, like, people were creation it in to this fun topic.”

Of the pic posted by TMZ, she adds, “It’s my life. I was disappointed, generally when I found out the print was [supposedly leaked by] dual women.”

And whilst Rihanna raises the invariable await of friends and family via the ordeal, she’s brief about her state of thoughts in those dim days.

“At a little point,” she admits, observant which after what she went by which night, “you have been there alone. It’s a waste place to be, no one can understand.”

“Domestic assault is a big secret. My story was promote all over the universe for people to see, and they have followed each step of my recovery. The certain thing which has come out of my incident is which people can sense from that.”

One post of support? Her mom, who distant from her father when Rihanna was eight. “My mother gave us all the collection to survive. I helped her lift my [youngest] brother, since my mother was operative all the time. He’s my favorite.”

Rihanna Hairstyle

Rihanna might be a character icon, but what she unequivocally aspires to be is a purpose indication for victims of made at home abuse, something she still thinks is a tip for as well many people.