Deadliest Catch star Justin Tennison has upheld away. He was 33.

According to reports, military found the physique of the being star and organisation part of of the F/V Time Bandit in a road house room in Homer, Alaska on Tuesday.

His means of genocide is different at this time.

Justin Tennison Picture

During the poke of Justin’s room, authorities reportedly found a small volume of pot and alcohol. Tennison served as an operative and deckhand on the boat, captained by Andy Hillstrand on the strike Discovery series.

An post-mortem is approaching after Wednesday.

Last February, Deadliest Catch captain Phil Harris upheld divided at the age of 53 after pang a large cadence the month before; Harris’ in contact with last moments were prisoner on camera. May he and Justin both rest in peace.

Leslie Nielsen Passes Away at 84

Leslie Nielsen, an actress who starred in a little of the funniest movies ever made, has upheld divided from difficult associated to pneumonia. He was 84.

Best well known for his passionless smoothness of silly lines, Nielsen anchored such drive-in theatre as Airplane! and The Naked Gun. His representative reliable which he died nearby his home in Fort Lauderdale early Sunday evening, in the association of his “lovely mother and friends.”

Leslie Nielsen Picture

Said nephew Doug Nielsen of his uncle, who had been hospitalized for scarcely dual weeks before to his passing:

“Just in this final 48 hours, the infection has gotten as well much. He only fell defunct and upheld away.”

In Nielsen’s honor, we inspire readers to contention their the one preferred movies quotes from the actor. We’ll begin:

Frank: It’s the same old story. Boy finds girl, child loses girl, lady finds boy, child forgets girl, child remembers girl, girls dies in a comfortless airship collision over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day.
Jane: Goodyear?
Frank: No, the worst.

Sad headlines out of Colombia today:

Lina Marulanda, a obvious internal TV celebrity and indication in which country, was found passed in northern Bogota today. She was 29.

Authorities in the area think the means of genocide was suicide, as Marulanda reportedly jumped out the window of her apartment.

Lina proposed displaying when she was 12. Recently, she distant from her second father and insiders contend she was struggling with the unsuccessful relationship. The indication was well known in Colombia for looming in conform magazines and for hosting the headlines on Caracol television.

Lina Marulanda

Marulanda graduated from the University Jorge Tadeo Spirited of Bogota. She done her entrance as a headlines anchor in 2002.

Our thoughts go out to her family and desired ones.

Influential guitarist Alex Chilton, who shunned the spotlight so most notwithstanding his substantial accomplishments which you might not be means to place the name, has died.

The thespian and guitarist was only 59. 

His strain career of some-more than 4 decades and enclosed stints as a teenager thespian in the Box Tops, and afterwards in alt-rock rope Big Star, well known for the strike “In the Street.”

As a pushing force at the back of Big Star, Alex Chilton desirous the likes of R.E.M., Wilco, Jeff Buckley and the Replacements, who even went so far as to coop “Alex Chilton.”

“Children by the millions sing for Alex Chilton when he comes ’round/ They sing, ‘I’m in love, what’s which song?/ I’m in love with which song,” the 1987 strain goes.

Alex Chilton

R.I.P. Alex Chilton (1950-2010).

Not big on publicity, Chilton was happy to never strech luminary status, notwithstanding all 3 Big Star albums ranking among Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest of All Time.

Sadly, Chilton upheld divided in New Orleans on Wednesday after experiencing what appeared to be heart problems. No central means of his genocide has been released.

May he rest in peace.

Tragedy has struck the Osmond family.

Michael Blosil, the son of Marie Osmond, committed self-murder final night. The difficulty teen, who left a self-murder note, jumped from his Los Angeles unit office building around 9 p.m.

Entertainment Tonight reliable the headlines and quoted Donny Osmond as saying: “Please urge for my sister and her family,” whilst Marie not long ago expelled a matter which reads:

“My son Michael is an extraordinary immature man, shown by his bravery in confronting his issues. As his mother, I couldn’t be some-more unapproachable of him. The press and open have regularly been kind and friendly in the past, and I know they will go on to apply oneself the remoteness during this time.”

Marie Osmond Picture

Michael was one of Marie’s 8 kids. He reportedly suffered “severe depression” via his life, insiders say, and entered a rehab trickery in 2007 at age 16.

Marie and Donny have canceled their Las Vegas show tonight, of course, and there’s no word on when they competence lapse to the stage. Our thoughts the with their desired ones.