Despite vicious bashing of The Last Song, the initial non-Hannah Montana movie to underline Miley Cyrus burst the tip 5 at the box bureau this weekend.

But the movie usually warranted $16 million, not entrance tighten to the tip mark or even the number-three spot. Since it non-stop on Wednesday, the crack has garnered $25.6 million. See chart, below…

Box Office Results

While feign sources explain Miley thinks she should consequence an Oscar for this role, and which her “ego is out of control,” Cyrus hasn’t essentially responded publicly about her goals for the movie.

Still, it’s protected to pretence she and producers were anticipating for a improved showing. Barely creation half the box bureau as Why Did I Get Married Too? Really?!?

Cyrus has done it transparent which her destiny is on the big screen, as against to radio or in the recording studio. It’s as well early to contend how these formula will start those plans. But at slightest one thing came out of it: she met Liam Hemsworth.

On Set LoveSong WritingRaining on Miley

Click on the photos on top of to increase shots of Miley Cyrus in The Last Song.

Miley Cyrus is implausible in The Last Song … just ask Miley Cyrus!

Critics have at large panned the film, which is the teenager queen’s initial vital behaving purpose outward of Hannah Montana, but which hasn’t done Miley any some-more humble.

On the contrary, so assured is she which this is her big mangle in to behaving superstardom which she’s thrown around the word “Oscar,” according to tighten sources.

And she’s assumingly serious, too.

“Miley unequivocally thinks she is this big time actress,” says a pal. “The broadside is going to her head. She’s gotten churned reviews but usually hears what she wants to.”

Awww Alert

Cute? Absolutely. Award-winning thespians? Hardly.

While the 17-year-old has nonetheless to have such a explain in public, thise tighten to her contend she’s already articulate about autocratic twice the income for her subsequent role.

“Her ego is out of control,” an additional source says. “Experienced actresses she talks to only hurl their eyes when she talks about winning an Oscar … it’s a joke.”

Maybe if she hadn’t deleted her Twitter, she’d comprehend which whilst The Last Song will certainly do good commercially, she’s not only God’s present to acting. But no …

Just kidding. Apr Fools! We only couldn’t conflict an event to write a story about Miley being full of herself … which she unequivocally hasn’t been as most lately!

In truth, she’s done no such claims about her own opening in The Last Song, alternative than which she desired it for bringing her together with BF Liam Hemsworth.

She additionally enjoyed the knowledge in ubiquitous and right away she wants to concentration on behaving going forward, whilst semi-retiring from her music, which she skeleton on quitting.

But she has no delusions about being an award-winning actress. At slightest not yet. Maybe a integrate of underline drive-in theatre down the line, which side will back the nauseous head!

It wouldn’t be all surprising. Anyway, in alternative feign Apr 1 news, did you listen to Kate Gosselin got kicked off Dancing with the Stars?! What a distracted b!tch …

On some-more than one new occasion, Miley Cyrus has pronounced she skeleton on receiving a interregnum from song to concentration on acting.

Let’s goal her destiny efforts on the big shade go improved than The Last Song.

A infancy of movie critics have come down tough on the movie, privately citing Miley’s behaving as “stiff” and “unconvincing.” Here have been excerpts of what they had to contend about the flick, that opens this week…

A some-more credible star could have this a grade some-more tolerable, nonetheless in Cyrus’s invulnerability not many more. Allegedly, this is the movie in that Cyrus gets all, like, dramatic. If by ‘dramatic’ one equates to pouty, sullen, and cute, afterwards OK. — The Boston Globe

Acting, for the impulse at least, seems roughly wholly over her… she pouts, slouches, storms in and out of bedrooms and spasmodic cracks a snaggle-toothed smile, but many of the time she seems to be mugging for the camera, play-acting rsther than than exploring the motives and feelings of her character. — The New York Times

Cute Costars

Miley Cyrus met beloved Liam Hemsworth on the set of The Last Song. That’s about the usually certain thing to come from the movie.

It’s the misfortune of both worlds as Disney money cow Miley Cyrus creates the many indeterminate “dramatic” entrance of any thespian given Britney Spears. — The New York Post

As amiable a actor as she is, Cyrus simply can’t act. Even Sparks’ formulaic element proves as well severe for her. — The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

All the viewable elements mix to try by artful means to get the assembly in to a weepy time at the movies – again. — USA Today

Will you go see The Last Song? If so, write in and share your perspective on the movie… and/or your recommendation as to what margin Miley competence instruct to cruise next.

Looks similar to teenager black Miley Cyrus wasn’t fooling around when she pronounced not long ago how it was time for her to exit the song commercial operation and concentration on acting.

She not long ago suggested on The View which she’s turn a bit sad since “the song attention isn’t as certain as I would similar to it to be.”

Much similar to when she deleted her Twitter and did not lapse to the amicable media site notwithstanding oppressive criticism, Cyrus is adhering to her guns here.

“I’ve got a jot down entrance out in June, afterwards I’m done,” she said. “I only wish to work in movies. That’s what I similar to and what I wish to be doing.”

Miley Live

MILEY CYRUS LIVE: Pay $300 for a sheet whilst you can!

Her brand brand new film The Last Song, opening this week, is Miles’ initial behaving plan outward of Hannah Montana, and co-stars her brand brand new beloved Liam Hemsworth.

Miley and Liam done a dash on the red runner final week, and whilst he might be a tad biased, he says he wasn’t astounded which Cyrus hold her own acting.

“You know how she feels when she’s feeling down and you know how she feels when she is feeling up,” he said. “She’s regularly a unequivocally fluent person.”

“That unequivocally functions on the screen, and she’s unequivocally good.”

Is she? We’ll find out when we examination The Last Song.

Miley Cyrus to Focus on Acting

Miley Cyrus appeared on The View this week and hyped her arriving movie, The Last Song.

For those which suffer saying this star on the big screen, they can take comfort: there will be copiousness some-more opportunities to do so.

“I have a jot down entrance out in Jun and that’s going to be the final thing I do in song for a while,” Miley told the panel. “I only wish to do drive-in theatre ’cause I similar to being someone else. My song is kind of similar to my diary. I’ll regularly do that… I only feel similar to the song attention isn’t as certain as I’d similar to it to be.”

At the Oscars

As for Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus non-stop up about her brand new man, as well:

“I love him. He is a good person. He’s someone I’m land onto since we really most bond and were both really desirous and have a little of the same goals. My mother loves him and thinks he’s wonderful.”

Watch snippets from the talk next and afterwards carillon in: Are you unhappy to see Miley leave the song business?

Miley on The View

We knew it!

Last week, after Miley Cyrus certified she had never listened a Jay-Z strain and which she doesn’t write her own singles, we speculated which the thespian was zero some-more than a Disney-created robot.

It was meant in jest, but final night’s Family Guy part has proven the speculation correct.

Miley on Family Guy

During the monthly payment patrician “Hannah Banana,” Brian and Stewie mangle in to a Miley concert.

They cater the star, usually to in the future find which she’s essentially an android. The span tries to module her to have sex with Brian, but the examination goes badly and she destroys the town.

Sound far-fetched? Or eerily accurate? Sit back, get gentle and watch the full part after this jump.

Even if you (somehow) do not depreciate Cyrus, there will be non-Miley associated Family Guy quotes for you to giggle over for hours on end.

Hannah Banana

It’s the slightest well-kept tip on the Internet: The Hollywood Gossip is not a big air blower of Miley Cyrus.

For months, we railed opposite the singer’s self-indulgent make use of of Twitter, as good as her ubiquitous ego and inapt clothes for a 16-year old.

But competence the staff need to regulate to a universe in which Cyrus serves as an tangible purpose model?!? She deleted her Twitter comment this month since she came to the grown up fulfilment which it’s not full of health to discuss it the universe about your each suspicion and action.

Over the weekend, meanwhile, Miley achieved at the Concert For Hope, a gift eventuality hold at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. In a giving gesture, she sung “The Climb” on theatre with a immature cancer patient. Check it out:

Concert for Charity

The eventuality benefitted cancer investigate and diagnosis programs at City of Hope, one of the country’s heading cancer centers.

Just similar to final year – when she lifted over dual million dollars – Miley is donating one dollar from each sheet sole during her Wonder World Tour to the organization.

It’s an action of gift even the vicious staff can’t find a singular thing wrong with. Now, if usually Cyrus would do something about her immature sister’s Halloween costume…

As Liam Hemsworth expected knows, Miley Cyrus knows a thing or dual about sex.

Soon, movie fans will find this out for themselves.

Following assorted reports and rumors, it’s right away been reliable which the Disney idol will have a cameo in the Sex and the City sequel.

She won’t verbalise (thank goodness), but the thespian will crop up on the red runner of an event… wearing the same skirt as Samantha Jones, most to the discomfit of the latter character!

Cyrus essentially modeled the skirt in subject for reporters this week. This is what you’ll see her donning on screen:

Miley DressMiley Cyrus Cameo

In reply to the role, Miley Tweeted… nothing.

Sex and the City 2 comes out in May 2010. Will you be some-more expected to see if with Cyrus on board?

Hey, did you listen to which Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account?

For real. It’s gone. History.

While the immature singer’s suggestion is damaged over air blower greeting to this decision, she’s adhering by it – and essentially creation clarity in the process. After all, it’s tough to conclude hold up when you’re all the time Tweeting about it.

In an talk with KISS 103.7 in Milwaukee final night, Cyrus explained her logic again:

“I’m only over tweeting on what I was you do instead of essentially you do it. Like you can being unresolved out with your small sister, but you’re not unequivocally since you’re tweeting about unresolved out with your small sister. I complained which I longed for my in isolation hold up some-more in isolation but I’m the one who is giving the universe entrance to it.”

Watch the talk below:

Miley on the Radio

Dear Miley Cyrus,

We get it. You have been no longer on Twitter. You unequivocally do not need to keep revelation everybody about it.

A day after rapping – yes, rapping – about because she deleted her Twitter account, Cyrus has taken to her central website and posted the following summary to fans:

“You all have been the closest thing to my heart & it breaks my suggestion to listen to which a little of you feel not asked given I deleted my twitter. It was a smashing approach to stay continuous to you… In the finish it is still a commercial operation and I do need a little arrange of a ‘normal’ hold up as well. I mostly protest to the ones closest to me which I do not appear to have many of a in isolation hold up any some-more and partial of which is my fault.”

Respect Me!

Shockingly, Cyrus one after another to take shortcoming about her self-obsessed whining, penning:

“How can I bemoan about my hold up being as well open if I am the one revelation the universe what I am doing? I need to be means to live and sense in private. I never wish to give up interesting it is my life, my love, and my passion but I can’t have my personal hold up be alternative peoples entertainment.”

What about rumored beloved Liam Hemsworth?

“Liam is a smashing crony and he did not try to have me undo my page, he only helped me comprehend how many time I was wasting on which site.”

We frequency contend this, but: great job, Miley! This is the many receptive she has ever sounded.