Justin Bieber was not long ago offering a teenager joining hockey contract, but the luminary is expected gonna hang to this singing thing, appreciate you really much.

In an talk with Ryan Seacrest on The Today Show this morning, Bieber talked about his career to date and where he hopes it will go in the nearby future. Are you listening, haters?

“I do not wanna be an additional teenager heartthrob since which only annoys me… to think that’s what people will think of me,” pronounced the 18-year old. “I only wish to infer people wrong.”

Justin Bieber with Ryan Seacrest

That’s been Bieber’s proclivity on his brand brand new album, which includes such grown up transport as “Boyfriend” and “As Long as You Love Me.” He’s vehement about the feedback he’s perceived so far.

“I think conference comparison people say, ‘Wow, this brand brand new album’s great, I didn’t know which was Justin Bieber,’ or ‘As Long as You Love Me’, that’s Justin Bieber singing?’ I similar to those reactions since I feel similar to they’re judging me on my song and not formed on a crack of my hair since that’s not what I want.”

What DOES Bieber want? He done it really clear: “I haven’t won a Grammy,” he told Seacrest.

Think it’ll never happen, critics? Come on. Hasn’t Justin taught you anything about observant which word.

Yes, Justin Bieber Tweets. A lot. And he’s been well known to post a design or dual dozen on Instagram.

But the thespian essentially values his privacy, he tells the Sep emanate of Vibe, since “there have been a lot of people in this universe which aren’t great people.”

“All they need to do is a small research,” Bieber elaborates, in contact with on past incidents. “People stealing in rubbish cans overnight to catch [pictures] of me. Crazy things happen. You can’t give out as well most personal information.”

Justin Bieber: Vibe Photo Shoot 

Justin Bieber: Vibe Photo Shoot

Despite his huge celebrity and success, Justin adds which he does all he can to sojourn grounded, even when he’s violation YouTube annals and environment silly goals no alternative artist could brave to match.

“In general, celebrity can rip you apart, so you can never unequivocally feel similar to you’re famous,” he says. “When people begin behaving similar to they’re famous, that’s when they begin losing it.”

Like when they only Tweet pointless swim suit photos since they creed the open is failing for an updated beach physique everyday?

In shutting Bieber is over beholden for his multitude of followers, whilst additionally acknowledging their loyalty can be a tad impassioned at times.

“My fans have been crazier than any one else’s fans. I’ve had girls have light-up signs with tangible mechanics involved. Like it takes them 3 months to have which sign. Three months! That’s a prolonged time.”

You’re value it, Justin. You have been value it.

Justin Bieber for VibeJustin Bieber Vibe CoverJustin Bieber in Black/White

Singer, author, movie star… baller?

Justin Bieber combined to his resume and his bequest final night, receiving home MVP honors in the NBA All-Star luminary game, notwithstanding the actuality which his patrol mislaid 54-49. The 16-year old still managed to stir with 8 points and 4 assists.

“I’m only using behind and forth,” Bieber pronounced during an in-game interview. “I’m determining this total team. I’m only kidding.”

Balling Biebs

Justin Bieber was number-six on the court, but number-one in the hearts of screaming fans.

Bieber set up teammates in the half justice offense all night, dishing to Zachary Levi, Jalen Rose, Trey Songz and Rob Kardashian, whose brother-in-law, (Lamar Odom) pronounced after the diversion which Rob “didn’t confuse the family.”

Of course, multiple-time NBA hold up Rick Fox knows the loyal reason Bieber was name MVP. Marveled the former professional: “He has the softest hair.”

Hey, did you listen to which Justin Bieber is entrance out with a 3D movie about his climb to celebrity on Feb 11?

While constant Beliebers have had this date circled for months, any one with a radio set schooled about the premiere over the final couple of days. Seriously, the man was EVERYwhere, from Toronto to Madison Square Garden to an coming with Regis and Kelly yesterday.

Relive the singer’s bustling week which was in the videos below.

Justin Bieber on Today Show

Justin Bieber on The Late Show

Justin Bieber on The Tonight Show

The Situation and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber on Much Music

Justin Bieber at the Knicks Game

Never Say Never Commercial (Featuring Kim and Khloe Kardashian)

Justin Bieber on Regis & Kelly

Justin Bieber Top 10

During an coming on The Today Show this morning, Justin Bieber was strike with tough questions.

For instance, host Matt Lauer asked, does the thespian fright which a becoming different voice will have him reduction renouned with the ladies?

“No, I mean, my voice is really becoming different gradually,” he said. “It’s really reduce than it was the final time I was with you, right? I think which everybody’s voice changes… I have a good outspoken manager that’s assisting me.”

Justin Bieber on Today Show

Bieber additionally calmed worries which he’d be slicing his hair in the nearby future, whilst revelation there were times he only longed for to “go home and relax.”

“But I love what I do,” he said. “I love being means to put smiles on people’s faces.”

As for one chairman in particular, no serve word on Justin and his BFF, presumably with benefits, Selena Gomez.

Just stay focused, everyone. And you’ll get ahead anything.

So states Justin Bieber at the opening of the following brand new trailer for “Never Say Never,” the wildly-anticipated biopic about the teenager idol set to his theaters subsequent month. Yes, subsequent month!

“I knew he could fool around the drums; I never knew he could sing,” a crony says in the clip, whilst an additional adds: “He never had any lessons or anything.”

And nonetheless this shaggy-haired prodigy has sole out Madison Square Garden, a attainment which couple of singers on the world can accomplish. He only believed, readers. You can, too…

Justin Bieber Movie Preview


Is This Really Justin Bieber?

Just a couple of days in to the brand new year, Justin Bieber is creation a pull to repeat as the THG Celebrity of the Year.

Already, the 16-year old has combined a dangerous Internet stir by cuddling up to Selena Gomez on a yacht in the Caribbean.

But he isn’t finished creation headlines. Multiple sources contend the following singular is an unreleased Bieber lane patrician “This Dream Is Too Good.” The vocals receptive to advice similar to him, but Justin isn’t typically bashful about revelation fans when element is accessible online.

Is this unequivocally Bieber singing? Listen and confirm for yourself…

Justin Bieber – This Dream Is Too Good

It’s transparent that Justin Bieber simply owns the complete Internet at this point.

The artist dominated both Google and YouTube in 2010, and right away comes headlines that he’s additionally the many successful part of of Twitter.

J. Biebs Picture

Does Justin Bieber have one of the tip Tweets of 2010? Find out now!

The teenager idol tops Forbes list, that is formed on Klout score. This series cruise one’s series of followers; how fast and how mostly one will be retweeted; one’s magnitude of tweets; and how successful others have been in one’s network.

Bieber warranted a undiluted 100.

Here’s a demeanour at the tip 10 Twitter handles, formed on this singular index:

  1. justinbieber 100
  2. paulocoelho 96
  3. joejonas 92
  4. kanyewest 90.9
  5. DalaiLama 90.6
  6. nickjonas 90.1
  7. ladygaga 89.6
  8. ConanOBrien 89
  9. iamdiddy 88.9
  10. yelyahwilliams 88.8

Justin Bieber Loves CHUCK NORRIS!

There’s a reason because the mall is lined with 15-year old girls today: the almost journal of Justin Bieber went on sale this morning.

Titled “First Step 2 Forever: My Story,” the book is billed as a “a window in to my world” by the cocktail star – and it even folds out in to a poster!

So, what can constant fans sense about Justin from these pages? We’ve excepted a couple of passages below, from entries per his gusto to dairy to his feelings about a former armed forces arts-based movie star…

Justin Bieber Book Cover

How big is his tour? “It takes 8 buses and a total swift of eighteen-wheelers to move all the people and equipment. WOW!”

Does he sup on dairy? “Singers aren’t ostensible to have dairy prior to a show, but we all know I’m a order breaker. Pizza is only so good!”

What does he think of his fans? “Every singular one of you rises me a small bit higher.”

Does he have dating advice? “I hatred being on a date where both people have been operative as well tough to come up with things to say. You know it’s operative when you can only chill – attend to music, watch a movie or whatever – but feeling similar to you have to force the conversation. It should only be natural.”

Is he ever nervous? That’s an additional subject I get all the time: ‘Do you get nervous?’ The law is: I don’t. I don’t meant for which to come off as cocky. I only don’t see what’s to be fearful of.”

Does he similar to anything in reserve from the conflicting sex? “There have been lots of things I unequivocally similar to on top of girls. Like pizza. And pranking. And CHUCK NORRIS.”

How does he unequivocally feel about Chuck Norris? “There was no indicate in perplexing to discuss it any one at propagandize about [meeting Usher and Justin Timberlake]. It would be similar to revelation them I was going to encounter CHUCK NORRIS, and we all know which man is untouchable. I mean, c’mon. It’s CHUCK NORRIS. He doesn’t need Twitter, he’s already following you.”

Okay, ladies, you listened the man: if you wanna date Justin Bieber, action some-more similar to Chuck Norris.

Looks similar to someone needs a cuddle from Caitlin Beadles…

Justin Bieber, who is the one typically causing others to cry in his presence, pennyless down a bit during a unison this week in Cincinnati.

The immature shaggy-haired timber was behaving a delivery of “Down to Earth,” a strain created about his relatives divorce, and couldn’t stop the tears from issuing on stage. It’s distinct when you cruise the lyrics:

So we quarrel (so we fight) by the harm (through the hurt)
And we cry (and cry and cry and cry)
And we live (and we live) and we sense (and we learn)
And we try and try and try and try…

Down to Earth Performance

Hang in there, Justin. We all love you!