Sugar Bear has been harmed in a sand boggin accident.

The father of six-year old Honey Boo Boo is on crutches currently after spiteful his feet in what the family of this TLC strike describes as a strikebreaker chronicle of mud-racing. Basically, it involves an off-road car and mud.

That’s flattering most the whole of the sport.

Sugar Bear Photograph

Cameras held Sugar Bear withdrawal the doctor’s bureau this week, accompanies by baby mom Jun and a physique guard.

He should be great to go for the rest of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo season, however, as a brand new part front this Wednesday on TLC. Let’s face it: we’ll be watching.

June Shannon might have 4 daughters by 4 opposite men, but the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo mama scoffs at the idea which her family is usually pulling in $4,000 per episode.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Family

TMZ spoke to Shannon not prolonged after reports flush online which she and her kids were earning in the love 4 total any week for their extravagantly renouned TLC being show.

June denied the figure, essentially shouting at the claim. How most has she banked off her embarrassing individualist brood? Jun would merely say:

“We’re creation memories to final a lifetime.”

We disbelief she was being coy. She only substantially can’t equate which high.

Viewers of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo have been informed with the show’s six-year old star and her dad, David Mi­chael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, who is additionally featured on the tragically renouned TLC series.

But what of Honey Boo Boo’s 3 siblings and their biological father? The National Enquirer has schooled which Jun Shannon recognised all of her kids around opposite sex partners – and the 3 she can name all retain rapist records.

Honey Boo Boo and Family

First there’s Thompson, who served 5 years in a Georgia prison in 1998 for a fibre of robberies.

Then there’s David Dunn, the fa­ther of June’s oldest daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Shannon (who only gave bieing born to a baby lady herself). He was condemned to prison in 1995 for hidden a handgun and again 3 years after for swiping multiform cartons of ciga­rettes.

Dunn tells the journal of June: “She took my vir­ginity and I took hers… Anna looks only similar to me. They want­ed me to pointer divided my rights to Anna, but I refused. I don’t know who my own father is, and I regularly wish Anna to know who her father is. But Jun won’t let me see her.”

Then there’s Anthony Ford. A purebred sex delinquent in Georgia who served time in 2005 for passionate exploitation of a kid over the Internet, he’s the father of 15-year old Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon.

He claims to pat $300/month in kid support, but says Jun won’t concede him to see his daughter, either.

Finally, according to the report, no one – Jun enclosed – knows the temperament of of 12-year old Lauryn’s father.

Says a family insider to the tabloid: “There have been all kinds of family stories about who Lau­ryn’s father is. I don’t think Jun even knows who it is….

“We’re assured Jun never got tied together to any of her kids’ fathers since she gets kid await and gratification payments for any of those kids – if she got married, the income would stop.”

It’s a make a difference of open record: Jun Shannon, the… individualist mom of six-year old Alana Thompson (aka “Honey Boo Boo”) was arrested in 2008 on a equate associated to a kid await issue.

She additionally faced a burglary assign around which time, but both cases were dismissed.

In March, meanwhile, kid services looked in to the Thompsons after Honey Boo Boo was featured on an part of Toddlers and Tiaras chugging a reduction of Red Bull and Mountain Dew dubbed by Alana as “Go-Go Juice.”

Mother of Honey Boo Boo

Is which something the family gives the toddler often? No, Jun tells People: “It was a one time usually thing. We do not do it.”

What about when a video flush of Honey Boo Boo dancing on a bar, an additional incident investigated by the the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services?

“It was the misfortune 4 days of my total complete life,” Jun says, explaining which the club coming was “a meet-and-greet at a concert” and: “After I left, I realized, ‘I’m not gonna put Alana in which incident again since it was crazy.'”

Coming from Jun Shannon, that’s unequivocally observant something.

In March, the relatives of Alana “Honey Boo” Thompson, were reportedly visited by Family and Children Services, who someway did NOT find a reason to take to justice Jun Shannon and her father “Sugar Bear.”

Despite, between many alternative reasons, which one of them is declared Sugar Bear.

But we can right away endorse which Jun has a apart rapist history, as she was arrested in 2008 in Henry County, Georgia.

The 33-year old was requisitioned on counts of disregard of justice and theft. Not many report is accessible in reserve from the charges themselves, but her mop shot has been located – and it’s a classic:

June Shannon Mug Shot

“You have to take honour in how you look,” Jun pronounced on a brand new Here Comes Honey Boo episode. “Granted, I ain’t the many beautimous out the box, but a small paint on this barn, gleam it behind to the strange condition. Cause it shines up similar to it’s code new.

“There’s a lot of people which have been bigger than me. They got 5 hundred chins. I usually got about dual or three, but I welcome it.”

We unequivocally can’t supplement anything to which quote. It speaks for itself.

Sorry, but she’s about to come again.

On Wednesday, TLC will air the second night of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the revolting being show which follows around unequivocally immature beauty manifestation contender Alana Thompson and her family.

On this installment, the individualist house will go Extreme Couponing, a try mom Jun labels as “better than sex.” Watch them save a gold at a internal Piggly Wiggly right away and try as tough as you can to get the picture of Mama carrying sex out of your head.

We’re unequivocally contemptible about that…

Honey Boo Boo Goes Extreme Couponing 

Honey Boo Boo Goes Extreme Couponing