Amanda Bynes’ weird function one after another this week as the embattled former teenager star got in to a football practice with a paparazzo … and it’s a lot weirder than you think.

The scuffle held on fasten by ET as Bynes was down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, helmet her face from being photographed. That partial was graceful standard.

Then she not often came over, Amanda she didn’t similar to the approach she looked, and attempted to reason with the guy, graceful him in to deletion the initial print of her.

Amanda Bynes Fights Paparazzi 

Amanda Bynes Fights Paparazzi

Amanda afterwards concluded to poise for a brand new set of photos, nonetheless things incited even uglier after that, and a onslaught over carry out of the camera assumingly ensued.

The mélange shows the camera, still rolling, drifting each which approach as the luminary report photographer yelling at the embattled singer to give him behind the camera.

He asserts which the star harm him; Bynes quietly responds, “I didn’t hold you.”

Bynes’ downward turn has been well-documented of late. The star has been arrested for DUI, indicted to dual hit-and-runs and had her permit suspended.

It’s not only trade accidents which have tormented her in the final 6 months. Amanda’s peculiar function has enclosed pushing around aimlessly smoking out of a pipe.

Bynes has pleaded not guilty to the DUI charges, and has publicly refuted which she has a problem, observant she’s you do AMAZING lately. No one is shopping this.

Amanda Bynes has been warned: Any some-more pushing whilst her permit is dangling will outcome in critical ramifications. Ones prosecutors already wish to impose.

Her counsel was in justice now to quarrel the D.A.’s ask to levy $50,000 bail for her Apr DUI arrest. The singer is now giveaway on her own recognizance.

The D.A. argued Amanda has proven time and again which she’s a risk on the highway (not a big stretch) and wants to strengthen the open (seriously) from her.

Amanda Bynes Shopping

The decider in Bynes’ DUI box pronounced her dual hit-and-run violations took place prior to her permit was suspended, so she did not prison Amanda or levy bail. Yet.

It was done utterly clear: Enough pushing follies.

Any some-more infractions from this day brazen will meant genuine consequences; she isn’t legally authorised expostulate at all at the impulse since her permit is suspended.

Bynes’ downward turn has been good documented in new months, with a little going so far as to contend she should be placed underneath conservatorship a la Britney.

In arrange of associated news, now saw Lindsay Lohan arrested in NYC for a hit-and-run on a walking … only days after she griped about Bynes violence the rap.

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Reports have been swirling which Amanda Bynes will shortly be checking in to rehab, but the former kid star insists which she’s no Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

Bynes tells friends which she really does not need a conservatorship the approach Spears did in 2008, when her yearlong meltdown reached the lowest point.

She feels which notwithstanding her weird function of late, she can take caring of herself. Bynes additionally swears she isn’t crazy. When you have to indicate which out …

Amanda Bynes CleavageBritney Spears Cleavage

Bynes’ new woes have drawn comparisons to Britney … circa 2007-08.

The star insists which the main reason her family has never brought up the conservatorship choice is since she doesn’t have mental problems, period.

Amanda’s uncle Ronald Bynes reportedly spoke to Celebuzz and floated the thought which similar to Britney Spears, she needs legal, monetary and healing guardianship.

“She needs to stop celebration and driving,” Ronald told the site. “She needs help. (Her father) doesn’t wish to speak about her and mostly changes the subject.”

“The complaint is no association (between Amanda and her parents) about any of this … I do not even think they know what’s going on with her.”

“They’re really dissapoint about her new problems, but they’re in the dark.”

A source tells E! which notwithstanding reports, Bynes has not checked in to rehab, nor does she devise to. Cross your fingers which she changes her thoughts prior to it’s as well late.

Amanda Bynes: Should she be placed underneath conservatorship?

Suspending her permit didn’t work. Maybe receiving her car will.

Amanda Bynes’ dangling permit hasn’t essentially stopped her from pushing for over a week – during which she’s been pulled over at slightest twice. No longer.

The singer was pulled over in her black BMW Sunday, and when military ran her license, they gave her a misconduct sheet and impounded the vehicle.

A decider systematic her not to expostulate Friday. She won’t be pleased.

Amanda Bynes' Face

Bynes, meanwhile, is sharpened down concerns which she’s losing her thoughts and is already in the throes of a potentially harmful mental breakdown.

She says stories about her mental state “are being blown out of proportion” and photos of her smoking out of a drug siren and pushing have been misleading.

Bynes says she was only smoking tobacco, notwithstanding what appeared to be pot excess in her car, and the actuality which no one unequivocally smokes tobacco out of a pipe.

Several people who have witnessed Amanda’s function not long ago discuss it TMZ which she has critical mental issues, and has been chatting with unfeeling objects.

Whatever her state is mentally, legally the 26-year-old is still confronting a span of hit-and-run charges, one DUI assign and her permit is still suspended.

Time to get a little help, Amanda. And a driver.

Judge to Amanda Bynes: Keys. NOW.

Amanda Bynes has finally, strictly been taken off the road.

Well, she’s been systematic to get off it by a decider at least.

The 26-year-old, whose permit was dangling following dual hit-and-runs and a DUI bust this year, but who was seen smoking drug and pushing around aimlessly progressing this week, was systematic by L.A. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel not to drive.

A. Bynes Photo

Sunday, the former kid star was pulled over by L.A. military officers when her headlights weren’t on, but she was not asked to show her (suspended) license.

Police have been not compulsory to ask for it in all situations.

At a conference Wednesday, the District Attorney’s Office asked the decider to residence the emanate of Bynes’ driver’s license, as the cessation hasn’t stopped her.

The D.A. sensitive Bynes’ attorney, who primarily denied which the permit was in actuality suspended, which her permit does come up as such in central DMV records.

Now which her authorised deputy has been entirely informed, there’s 0 forgive for her pushing going brazen and you do so would expected outcome in her arrest.

Maybe Amanda and Lindsay Lohan can go halvsies on a chauffeur?


It was transparent prolonged prior to people saw Amanda Bynes you do drug and pushing around aimlessly this week which she has been on a unfortunate downward spiral.

Friends contend she is “not in hold with reality” … gee, ya think?

The star is indicted of dual apart hit-and-run accidents and was arrested Apr 6 for a DUI after sideswiping a military car. Her permit has been suspended.

Still, she shows no signs of negligence down, and has deserted any overtures to get help. In fact, she seems to be merrymaking and crashing harder than ever.

Bynes Photo

“Amanda is refusing to go to rehab or find any form of psychiatric diagnosis or diagnosis, since it’s transparent something is up with her,” a tighten companion said.

“She has been told by her representative and her father Rick which she has piece abuse issues and needs to get help. She’s a mislaid small lady right now.”

“Amanda’s utterly left off the grid. She won’t verbalise with her manager, her agent, her publicist; she’s not returning anybody’s phone calls.”

“She’s patently great out for help, but isn’t ready to embrace it. She seems to be carrying a little critical mental illness issues and she’s regularly out of it.”

Here’s anticipating she gets assistance for them prior to it’s as well late.


Troubled star and horrible motorist Amanda Bynes was pulled over in L.A. for pushing with no headlights on, but was someway let go with only a warning.

Clearly the patrolman doesn’t review luminary gossip.

Law coercion sources discuss it TMZ which Bynes, who not long ago had her permit suspended, was warned by the military and let go but detain of incident.

Bynes Picture

Had they run Amanda’s license, annals would have expected shown which it had only been dangling due to a span of misconduct hit-and-run charges.

Bynes’ warding off to take a breathalyzer exam after being arrested for DUI in Apr would additionally equate as a red flag, along with all the alternative trade incidents.

It’s misleading if the permit has already been reinstated, but since the list of infractions by Bynes, which seems really doubtful in a short duration of time.

Way to go cops, and Amanda.


Amanda Bynes’ License Suspended!

Greater L.A. residents can right away sit in traffic expostulate with marked down fear.

Amanda Bynes’ permit has been dangling by the California DMV, according to the L.A. Times, following the misconduct hit-and-run charges filed opposite her this week.

DMV officials won’t mention the expect reason or when Amanda’s cessation occurred. Regardless, word companies and pedestrians everywhere can exhale.

Amanda Bynes Pose

Bynes was charged in dual hit-and-run accidents – occurring Apr 10 and Aug 4 – when the uneasy star allegedly crashed in to an additional car and peaced out.

In the box of the former, Bynes was charged with DUI. She’s been concerned at slightest dual alternative separate trade incidents in the past 6 months as well.

Maybe right away the 26-year-old will rely on friends, cabs or car services … a novel thought she and Lindsay Lohan should have deliberate years and years ago.


Los Angeles military have been questioning a teenager trade collision involving really uneasy star Amanda Bynes from progressing this month … try to enclose your shock.

After a chairman reported the singer strike her car and left but on condition which her information, authorities have been seeking in to the actress’ allleged actions.

Amanda Bynes Cleavage

Police Lt. Andy Neiman pronounced Sunday which she stopped after the crash, looked at the alternative vehicle, dynamic there wasn’t any damage, afterwards peaced out.

Police pronounced Bynes, 26, gathering divided but giving her information, which is compulsory by law, and the box will go to the city attorney’s bureau for review.

No one was injured, but the repairs to the alternative person’s car in the Aug 4 situation was some-more than $800. Perhaps Amanda’s eyes longed for that.

Bynes, who has a story of trade problems, has pleaded not guilty to DUI after she was arrested in Apr for extending a sheriff’s unit car progressing this year.