Rapper T-Pain introduced this brand new permanent skin stain he got in Hawaii with a twitter which read:

“I think this ones flattering sweet, unless facebook shuts down shortly 0_o”.

Wait, he used Twitter to speak about his Facebook tattoo? Did he additionally refurbish his Facebook standing with a Twitter tattoo? I’ll only go forward and censure it on his a-a-a-a-atrocious taste. He’s regularly ready to go similar to a silly rubbish jester so this takes zero divided from which image.

T-Pain, have fun spending your 60s and 70s explaining to immature people what which permanent skin stain means, after Facebook is transposed with cranial implants. On the and side, the man who tattooed MySpace’s Tom on his behind in 2002 still gets laid in the Philippines since of it. So you should be means to suffer this permanent skin stain for a decade or so.

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