Nick Gordon took to Twitter this week for an epic diatribe about bum partner Bobbi Kristina Brown and her father Bobby Brown, who he accuses of “sabotage.”

And being an absentee dad, natch.

Sad Nick Gordon

Nick voiced a operation of emotions as his longtime love remains in a medically prompted deep nap after a setback at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital.

Gordon, who is underneath review after Bobbi Kristina was found face down and nonchalant in a bathtub on Jan 31, has finished this before.

In fact, he says Bobbi Kristina would instruct him to twitter a lot. We can’t suppose she had anything similar to this tide of alertness diatribe in mind, though.

Nick writes which his “only regret” in the complete incident was not removing to Bobbi Kristina earlier to give CPR, and proceeded to rail opposite her family.

As formerly reported, Gordon has been taboo from on vacation Bobbi at the hospital, and has pointed the finger at Bobby Brown on amicable media.

He did so again this week, and afterwards some. Gordon common multiform photos of his tattoos and himself seeking thinking as he unleashed this epic barrage:

  • I love @REALbkBrown so most I confess I’m so frightened if anything happens to her i do not know what to do
  • CPR to & @REALbkBrown for 10 to fifteen min and I can’t nap over it. I love her with all my heart
  • I’m the reason because my baby is ok!!! End of story
  • Whitney told me to strengthen and i did with no help.
  • I quarrel for my baby @REALbkBrown even yet my is full of indignant opposite the world. It’s training me how to be the chairman I need to be
  • I skip her so most I appear so diseased right now
  • Im tatted with Bobbi Kriss and Whit how can you contend the things you say. The tellurian competition should be destroyed
  • My heart is full of indignant after the Browns have tighten me out they do not even know her. Sabotage.
  • My baby is lazy I have healing experts in my fam. She needs it she has been by so much. We where both raging thisyearforFeb11th
  • Its droll how I attempted to the correct the attribute in between constable and Stina and he does me similar to this
  • Everyone keep concentration on @REALbkBrown and pray
  • Bobby if you where in her hold up as a father at slightest a partial time one you could’ve helped out a lot. Thanks for all your help
  • That family has the haughtiness to censure me when I saved her life, I haven’t seen most of them in 8 years afterwards they come when she needs me themost
  • Real speak let her listen to my voice she will arise up

Real talk? Is this man for real?

She hasn’t had the possibility to listen to his voice, and it doesn’t demeanour similar to she will anytime soon, according to Bobby Brown’s counsel Chris Brown (no relation).

The profession pronounced which Gordon was self-denial report which competence assistance the investigation, and which until he talks to Bobby or the military he’s not removing in.

“Due to Mr. Gordon’s disaster to plead in discernible form his bargain of the events which led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina,” Brown says.

“There is no reason for any one some-more contention with him.”

For his part, Gordon says he’s already oral with cops and forsaken a confining sequence which would have serve detained the military you do their jobs.

Nick was never legally tied together to Bobbi Kristina, notwithstanding the actuality which they publicly claimed as most in 2014 and he was mostly referred to as her husband.

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