Take a seat, Milkshake Squirrel.

You've had your fifteen mins in the spotlight, Pizza Rat.

It's time to meet, and wonder at over, #MiracleKitten.

Named Cassidy, this sly was innate but his dual behind legs. Yet somehow, a little way, he managed to tarry for 9 weeks on his own in the timberland until he was discovered only as his physique was starting to give out due to starvation.

Thanks to the group at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, Cassidy was nursed behind to illness – and then, interjection to Andrew at HandicappedPetsCanada.com, he was presented with a tiny wheelchair.

In the video featured here (set, amazingly, to "Eye of the Tiger"), Cassidy takes his initial dual unassisted steps.

Don't be abashed if you strew a couple of tears whilst watching. Lord knows which we did.

Two legged cat walks with wheelchair inspires all

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