Miley Cyrus has undergone an impassioned makeover, and she’s perceived a little impassioned recoil in response.

Not prolonged after the thespian debuted a in essence short haircut on Twitter, fans and celebrities comparison common their perspective on the light locks, most of them negative.

Tyler the Creator, for example, Tweeted to Miley “Your coiffeur is an a**hole.” He after deleted the message.

Miley Cyrus Hair

But Miley is receiving the critique really most in stride, essay this afternoon.

“My father Billy Ray Cyrus used to discuss it me, ‘opinions have been have been similar to a**holes –everybody has one.’ LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free.”

We’re essentially on Miley’s side on this one. All the way. Way to mount tall and unapproachable of who you are!

As for any one who can’t keep his/her opinions to themselves? Cyrus is progressing a singular greeting to these haters of her hair: “Giving face all day.”

We’re not certain what which means. But what do you think of Miley’s brand new ‘do?

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