Lena Dunham would similar to to have dual things clear:

  1. She will be choosing by casting votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.
  2. And it’s not because Hillary Clinton is a woman.

Making her goal transparent with the following Instagram photo, Dunham went behind on amicable media after critics indicted her of usually ancillary Clinton since they have been the same gender.

On Team Hillary

“If I was gonna opinion for someone only since she was womanlike it would be [Lil Kim],” she joked, before to branch array and adding:

“Accusing women of ancillary Hillary only since she’s womanlike is misogynistic BS. Women have been intelligent sufficient to have decisions formed on a series of factors: policy, lane record, debate strategy.”

In the end, Dunham resolved which people should maybe NOT insult women by sanctimonious they opinion “exclusively along vaginal celebration lines.”

Expect copiousness of possibilities to get concerned with celebrities in a little approach or an additional as we conduct toward the arriving Presidential Election.

We’ve already seen Mike Huckabee come out in await of Josh Duggar, while Rick Santorum says he’s disgusted by the scandal.

Oh, and Dan Bilzerian says he’s using for President. God assistance us all.

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