Kim Kardashian premiered her singular “Jam” on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning, and it’s flattering many all you’d suppose it to be. Shit. Obviously she was going to be heavily auto-tuned, but the actuality which this is substantially the many tedious strain in the story of being stars’ attempts at a strain career is somewhat surprising. Didn’t she have similar to a bajillion dollars final year? Couldn’t she means a median decent producer? She sounds utterly apathetic, I can suppose her rolling her eyes in dullness whilst singing. Actually this would be a undiluted strain on the night when you’ve worked 10 hours true and you don’t wish to go out, but your friends draw towards you to a bar and all you can think about is which you have which assembly at 7:45 AM tomorrow.

Her move in to strain creates sum sense, which whiny, nasal-y voice only lends itself to music, doesn’t it?