You never unequivocally know what will come out of Katy Perry’s disruption next, I had income on camel milk, but assumingly I was wrong. Fireworks was the right answer, as can be seen in her code brand brand new video for her feel great strain “Firework”.

This time, though, it’s not only about display skin and rolling around exposed in string sweets clouds. This time it’s about self-empowerment and embracing who you are… or a little pointless crap similar to which given it facilities an overweight lady jumping in to a pool, dual guys kissing and a immature child fighting behind opposite his violent dad.

According to Mrs. Katy Brand herself:

“I am strictly dedicating my brand brand new video to #itgetsbetter, since everybody has the hint to be a FIREWORK,” she posted on her Twitter.

At initial I was agreeably astounded for a couple of moments since it seemed similar to it would be a rather normal and brave I contend it; honeyed video. Then I was unsurprised when overwhelming fireworks detonate onward from her bust similar to a little slut chronicle of the Care Bear Stare. It was substantially ostensible to be viewed as entrance from the heart or whatever.

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