Justin Bieber was not long ago offering a teenager joining hockey contract, but the luminary is expected gonna hang to this singing thing, appreciate you really much.

In an talk with Ryan Seacrest on The Today Show this morning, Bieber talked about his career to date and where he hopes it will go in the nearby future. Are you listening, haters?

“I do not wanna be an additional teenager heartthrob since which only annoys me… to think that’s what people will think of me,” pronounced the 18-year old. “I only wish to infer people wrong.”

Justin Bieber with Ryan Seacrest

That’s been Bieber’s proclivity on his brand brand new album, which includes such grown up transport as “Boyfriend” and “As Long as You Love Me.” He’s vehement about the feedback he’s perceived so far.

“I think conference comparison people say, ‘Wow, this brand brand new album’s great, I didn’t know which was Justin Bieber,’ or ‘As Long as You Love Me’, that’s Justin Bieber singing?’ I similar to those reactions since I feel similar to they’re judging me on my song and not formed on a crack of my hair since that’s not what I want.”

What DOES Bieber want? He done it really clear: “I haven’t won a Grammy,” he told Seacrest.

Think it’ll never happen, critics? Come on. Hasn’t Justin taught you anything about observant which word.

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