Justin Bieber is perplexing to be a code brand brand brand brand new masculine these days.

And, along those lines, he’s right divided rolling in a code brand brand brand brand brand new car!

The artist, who incited the big 2-1 on Sunday and who has been on rather of an design emancipation debate all month, posted a design to Shots currently of his overwhelming code brand brand brand brand new ride.

It’s a 1965 Lincoln Continental and it was means to him by friends a integrate days before to his birthday.

Justin Bieber Car

Witnesses endorse The Biebs took the honeyed car up and down Sunset Strip Thursday night after John and Sammy Shahidi astounded him at the college of music with the all easy classic.

Bieber, meanwhile, has been creation headlines left and right over the past multiform days. To wit:

What do you think of the code brand brand brand brand new Justin Bieber? Has he finished sufficient to erase mistakes from his past? Is he still your hero?

And how do you think he’ll applaud his miracle birthday?!? Probably with a still night in a diversion of cards, right? HA!

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