We unequivocally love the jobs.

You’ll never listen to us contend you should review reduction luminary gossip, or which the lives of stars from A-to-Z-listers aren’t forever interesting to follow.

But seriously, the crowds backing up twenty low for a glance of the self-aggrandizing apparatus well known as Jon Gosselin yesterday in L.A. unequivocally need hobbies.

Jon strike up Millions of Milkshakes, where he basked in the heat of stardom done a law milkshake with 8 flavors, one for any Gosselin child.

He after went to Ivy, the many scandalous paparazzi mecca in Hollywood, for lunch, and again found himself swarmed by a sea admirers far and wide.

Think he’s enjoying his luminary standing only a small bit? This arrange of thing certain gives him a lot of credit when he pretends to caring about his kids.

It’s tough to discuss it who’s some-more pathetic, Jon Gosselin, or someone who goes out of their approach only to see and showering regard on Jon Gosselin. Tough call.

Check out the burro obviously amatory each second of it

Jon Swarmed in Hollywood

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