Amidst all the feuds and Twiter tirades, you competence have lost that Iggy Azalea essentially creates music. 

The Aussie rapper debuted the strain video for her newest singular “Trouble” today, and it facilities Jennifer Hudson in a jail yard-collaboration that competence move to thoughts Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” clip:

Iggy Azalea: “Trouble” Feat. Jennifer Hudson

Apparently, the lane is the initial singular from Reclassified, which is not a brand new album, but a “reissuing” of Iggy’s New Classic album. Yeah, we’re not utterly certain what which means, either. 

Anyway, the video facilities J-Hud and Iggy as a clinging partner who breaks her male out of the big house.

The car follow which follows is sufficient to opposition yesterday’s llama drama. 

Despite their adversarial relationship, however, Jennifer’s patrolman and Iggy’s robber still find time for a dance mangle prior to I-G-G-Y gets the cuffs slapped on her.

The video competence not catch on in utterly the same approach as Iggy’s Clueless reverence for “Fancy” (That shave has racked up an startling 480 million views), but the strain itself is each bit as catchy.

And who knows? The total bent and star energy of Iggy and Jennifer competence outcome in an additional juggernaut singular to opposition the success of Iggy’s new thing hit.

Or, it competence spin out which the Igg-Ig’s haters were right about her flash-in-the-pan status. Stay tuned to find out!

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