What a disproportion a year makes.

Last summer, you couldn’t set feet in open but conference about how “fancy” Iggy Azalea is. In 2015, however, the Aussie femcee is about as renouned as Crocodile Dundee and alternative ephemeral trends from Down Under.

Talk of Iggy’s debate being canceled due to miss of seductiveness began to disseminate behind in March, and this week, the headlines was confirmed:

Iggy-Ig’s troubled Great Escape Tour has strictly been put out of the misery, and full refunds will be released to the (shockingly few) fans who purchased tickets.

It's Iggy Azalea!

It’s the ultimate in a prolonged line of setbacks for the divisive rapper, who’s endured a year full of feuds, fast disappearing popularity, and being publicly referred to as “Satan in the form of mayonnaise.”

Just final week, thousands sealed a apply to to devaluate Iggy’s Billboard Music Award as a outcome of their belief that the 24-year-old Sydney local is undeserving of such an honor.

Iggy enjoyed a medium recognition progress final week interjection to her Britney Spears partnership “Pretty Girls,” but it looks similar to the renewed air blower seductiveness came as well late to save the debate which was scheduled to flog off Sep eighteen in San Diego.

Azalea apologized to fans on amicable media, tweeting, “I’m so unhappy and contemptible to let my fans down… we’ll be behind out on the highway when the subsequent manuscript is done.”

No central reason was since for the cancelation, but as attention insiders have been stating unsatisfactory sales for months, it’s at large believed which a elementary miss of seductiveness cursed the 21-city journey from the start.

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