Farrah Abraham comes up with the many appropriate quotes. And by best, we kind of meant worst. It's all subjective, honestly.

Here have been a little of the many noted (no brawl about that), and customarily indeterminate (or that), things she's pronounced …

1. Mom of the Year

Farrah abraham sophia
[On daughter Sophia] I have my own hold up and [I’m] you do [my] own thing. She has her own hold up and she does her own thing.

2. Sex Tape vs. Teen Mom

Farrah selfie
I think carrying a TV show which shows your celebrity and your insinuate life, you know, display your many appropriate friend, and afterwards display having…

3. It Suits Her

Farrah abraham facial
I feel similar to if I can’t show my loyal self, and if I can’t try who I am, afterwards it would be lying to myself and I would attempt my growth….

4. I Work HARD

Farrah and sophia photo
I’m young, I’m 22, and I’m a singular mom. On the flip side, I’m a really great mom. I work really hard. I’m substantially one of the many appropriate parents…

5. Huh?!?

Farrah abraham selfie photo
I think relocating on in my destiny and in my career which is something which I am unapproachable of at the same time I’m regulating it as a certain rather…

6. Plastic Surgery FTW?

Farrah abraham mouth photo
After years of utilizing cosmetic operation for certain changes in my life, I’ve seen it assistance me as a chairman and assistance my hold up thrive.

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