It's tough to believe, but we're already sketch toward the end of an additional epic deteriorate of Game of Thrones.

Thus far, deteriorate 5 has offering the common brew of astonishing deaths (RIP, Mance Rayder), horrific assault (We frequency knew ye, Barristan Selmy.), and tributary but acquire nudity. (Helooooo, Tyene Sand!)

But this week's part might trump all with a impulse which many fans have been expecting given day one. That's right – Tyrion Lannister and Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen a Million Other Names will tall about how to be badasses together.

It's certain to be the many noted assembly of air blower favorites given Homer Simpson guzzled Duffs with Peter Griffin, and we've got the initial preview pic in the art studio below.

Scroll down to check out which and multiform alternative appealing photos from the part patrician Hardhome:

1. One Hot Wildling

One prohibited wildling
Brigitte Hjort Sorensen plays a “wildling chieftainess” in this week’s episode. We approve.

2. Jon Snow: Ready to Fight

Jon sleet ready to fight
At initial glance, this looks similar to only an additional print of Jon Snow removing his fruit on. But on closer inspection, the city slicker looks similar to he’s ready to grab a long knife and get down. We theory things get genuine north of the Wall.

3. Tormund Giantsbane: Ginger Wildling

Tormund giantsbane ginger wildling
Tormund has left from pointless wildling with an overwhelming brave to vital player at Castle Black. We can’t assistance but consternation about his intentions with Jon Snow.

4. Jon Snow and the Wildlings

Jon sleet and the wildlings
Jon betrothed to hurl with a little Wildlings and right away he’s putting his income where his mouth is. Has any one told this city slicker he knows nothing?

5. Tyrion and Daenerys Meet at Last

Tyrion and daenerys encounter at last
Here it is! Tyrion, encounter Dany. Dany, Tyrion. Now y’all get a little dragons together and go take over Westeros.

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