The second part of Empire’s second deteriorate saw Lucious liberated on bail around an astonishing ally, whilst the Lyon family conflict raged on the outside.

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Entitled “Without a Country,” Empire Season 2 Episode 2 found Cookie, Andre and Hakeem feeling similar to refugees after their unsuccessful association takeover.

Not that Jamal wasn’t struggling in his own right in the penthouse.

Things should unequivocally get engaging right away that the tip dog is eventually out on bail, but that was usually the tail finish of Lucious’ prison storyline final night.

Having brutally dealt with kingpin Frank (Chris Rock) final week, Lucious was faced with an even bigger hazard in prison … from rapper Ludacris.

He wasn’t personification himself, but rsther than a difficult prison ensure who had it out for the song mogul, and darned if Luda didn’t move his A diversion to the role.

Still, we will be referring to him as Ludacris since obviously.

Luda valid an in effect counter in that he let viewers get at the behind of Lucious – not an easy charge – nonetheless apply oneself him as great for vocalization law to power.

The fight in between the dual in unique was one of the most appropriate scenes of the night, and dovetailed with the episode’s alternative overwhelming guest star.

Thirsty the Lawyer from the University of Guam, played by Andre Royo (Bubbles the Vagrant from the Streets of Baltimore on The Wire) was a hoot.

He usually happened to be sitting subsequent to Jamal and Lucious during on vacation hours, seamlessly their approach in to their great graces and subsidy up his talk.

With Luda strong-arming Lucious by self-denial his meds, Thirsty found a approach around that … and afterwards he set up a temporary recording studio.

Lucious was means to lay down a jailhouse lane (highly produced, in one take, but we’ll postpone being since Empire) prior to removing close down.

Thirsty’s biggest hits didn’t stop there. Not usually did he get Lucious a bail conference as promised, but he had photos to extort the decider at his disposal.

One gets the clarity that any one that quick – he additionally had his goons severe up Luda to get behind Lucious’ prohibited swat – is up to no good.

That’s obvious, of course, but we meant in the clarity of changeable allegiances. How prolonged until Thirsty becomes a opposition for Lucious, and not an ally?

We’ll see how that cookie crumbles. As for the the one preferred Cookie?

If you watch Empire online, you know she never crumbles. No make a difference the obstacle, she comes out swinging, rolls with the punches and fights on.

Usually in waggish fashion.

Sure, her takeover unsuccessful and she was booted out of Empire, but that was so 40 mins ago. Now Cookie is gonna begin her own LYON DYNASTY!

As conduct of her fledgling jot down company, she stole each stage as always, either she was honeyed articulate Jamal or shutting down Boo Boo Kitty.

She has her hands full, though, with her second in authority (if you can call him that) and lead artist Hakeem, who leaked his brand brand new manuscript online.

It’s Empire’s property.

“I do not know and I do not care,” Hakeem pronounced in reply to that confidant donkey move, that pits him opposite Jamal once again in potentially epic fashion.

As for his all-girl group, ‘Keem seemed similarly clueless about what to do with that plan as he did per his own future, but authentically so.

Also, Tiana was there and wearing a bare outfit. Seriously, that physique fit was so bare it took us a three times take to comprehend she wasn’t essentially nude.

He is his own man, for improved or worse, and what an haphazard float it is to watch. These days, you could disagree it’s some-more certain than examination Jamal.

By far the the one preferred of the Lyon sons final season, Empire CEO Jamal is hardened, sleepy and kind of a d–k at times … really out of impression for him.

That’s the idea, obviously, and maybe his perspective will shift for the improved – or worse – with Lucious out of jail. One never knows with Empire!

Andre, meanwhile, is a boat but a port.

There’s that attempted murder unresolved over his head, for one. Moreover, his heart is not with the brand brand new Dynasty and Lucious won’t let him behind in to the Empire.

Is Rhonda essentially pregnant, do you think? It feels similar to that label is being played an horrible lot, and ‘Dre will be in need of a intolerable storyline twist.

Just saying. It’s a probability in the minds.

Finally, we were shown a flashback that we hold was of Lucious’ girl with his mom (played by Kelly Rowland). The indicate was really unclear.

The stage was beautiful, though. Beautiful.

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