Dane Cook has not perceived the greeting he was anticipating for following final night’s Boston Strong good eventuality at the TD Garden.

The stand up comic was one of multiform big names to lift supports for victims of final month’s marathon bombings – fasten such acts as Aerosmith and James Taylor – but whilst everybody else concluded to have their sets promote on radio and online… Cook refused to live tide his jokes.

Dane Cook Pic

Tweeted Cook in invulnerability of his actions:

“Hey everybody contemptible my set was not a partial of the live tide or televised! I didn’t wish any of the brand brand new element to strike the airwaves yet!”

But which customarily hurt most Twitter users more, as they understand Cook as fixation his career on top of this critical cause.

“@DaneCook Really?” asked one critic. “Then because do a brand brand new set at a gift show? Couldn’t you only take a little @louisck jokes similar to you customarily do?”

What do you think of Dane Cook refusing to live tide his set?


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